A Detailed Explanation Of Antique Fake Watch Chain

Regarding the rivet strap of Gay Freres, it was produced from 1954 to 1971, and steel watches after 1972 were not equipped with their belts. However, American rivet straps were made until around 1979. There are some exceptions for Gay Freres straps. The all-gold rivet straps were still produced until 1990, and the appearance changed slightly.

Headless straight tube straps (as shown above) have existed since the 1940s. From the 1930s to the 1940s, leather straps were the mainstream of Rolex replica watches.

It is said that the first sports fake watch with a steel strap on the head was the Greenwich of Ref.6542, released in 1954 (pictured above). Rivets fix the two sides of the folded hollow watch section. Its shape is a beautiful design for antique labor fans, and it is said that it was made at a considerable cost.

As shown in the picture above, two grooves are on both sides of the buckle, and the crown logo is a superior design. The processing of this beautiful crown logo, the adjustment of the hook to the position that fits, and the energy spent on making it at that time must be something we can’t imagine now, and this must be the reason for its popularity.

The clasp was canceled in 1971, the superior crown design was canceled, and the crown was designed in the central position. The metal strap of the watch is believed to have existed since the 1910s, and due to the low material and quality of the time, only some original straps survive. Even if there is, it is estimated that it has become something of no practical value. Only the Gay Freres rivet strap is an antique strap that can be used with peace of mind, which should be why it is famous worldwide.

It comes in two types, scalable (upper image above) and non-scalable.

In addition, there are three sizes, 13mm women’s straps, 19mm and 20mm straps; there is a 17mm strap here, which seems to be a BOYS strap; the buckle and model are the same as the 19mm, just the head The rivet section of the grain part is narrowed a bit, the model has specific rules, and the last number represents different sizes. In addition, from 1954 to 1961, models such as 7206 and 7205 were not engraved on the strap.

There are also three types of designs on the inside of the clasp. From 1954 to 58, it was a relatively small engraving (the leftmost in the picture above); from 1958 to 1960, it was a BIG LOGO, and after 60 years, it became a standard logo (the most in the picture above). Right) is still in use today. When it comes to the most famous watch strap is the 20mm 7206, which is assembled on sports models other than DAYTONA and the 20mm log series. The market price is about RMB 25,000 to 50,000. If it is a strap with a BIG LOGO buckle, it will cost about RMB 50,000, but the highest transaction price is a part of the 19mm 7205 belts. The watch models are also different, and the 7205 with 71 engravings suitable for hand-rolled di is the highest transaction price. The price of the watch strap has risen with the tide of the watch. The current market price list is that the transaction price of the watch strap is RMB 40,000 to 60,000. In addition, the year of production is engraved on the middle plate of the clasp of most rivet straps, so the year alignment of the belt and the watch is also critical. The market price of the most popular looks is engraved with the age (the belt). Its market price is relatively high, so whether to match the head grain of the famous watch of the age will change the market price (the strap), such as the one mentioned just now. If the 7205 is not marked with 71, the price will be reduced to RMB 7,000-10,000 if its head is changed to 57 or 60, which is only one-fifth of what it was just now. I hope everyone will pay attention. Only the part of the top grain is different, and everything else is the same, which is about RMB 50,000 cheaper. The watches that match the 57 and 60 whole grains were produced before 1971. OYSTER’s Ref.6694 with manual winding, AIR-KING’s Ref.5500, or OYSTER PERPETUAL DATE Ref.1500 are still easy to buy, and you can experience the beauty of 7205 rivet strap through them, which is highly recommended.

Series: GMT-Master
Brand: Rolex
Model: 6542
Movement: Automatic
Case Color: Silver-tone
Case Size: 40mm
Gender: Men’s
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836

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