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Phil Mickelson Is Wearing A Rolex Cellini Watch, A Replica Rolex Watch

From May 21 to 24, 2021, the 103rd PGA Championship of Golf will be held at the Ocean Golf Course on Kiawah Island. Rolex spokesperson Phil Mickelson (Phil Mickelson) finished the race with a score of 73 and finally won the championship with a total score of 282 in four rounds, six under par and […]

Will The Diameter Of The Watch Replica Affect Your Choice Of Eye?

In recent years, the diameter of new wristwatches has continued to expand. Most mainstream men’s watches, especially sports watches, have grown to more than 40mm in diameter, and even 44mm and 45mm are not uncommon. Both manufacturers and consumers prefer I love the large watch diameter but watches under 38mm are mediocre in the market. […]

Why Are My Cousins Talking About The Relationship Between Rolex And Panerai? Replica Watch

Many watch friends know that there is a word on the bezel to describe Rolex and Panerai, the Laopei family. Although these two brands of watches are quite different today, they are closely linked in the last century. Founder Giovanni Panerai and the compass made in the early days of the brand Panerai fans know […]

Never Mass-produced, Rolex “Concept Movement.” Quality Replica Watch

As you all know, Rolex “does not make” complicated watches, and among the Rolexes on sale, there are indeed no too complex watches. The most complex Rolex is the “Skywalker” when the calendar is added to the two places (the official name is Long Voyager, and the folk name is Skywalker). But Rolex still has […]

Rolex’s Exclusive Superlative Observatory Certification, Best Replica Watches

The Swiss Chronometer is already a very demanding watch precision certification. Even so, there are still many brands that, after their movement has passed the certification of the Observatory, still have to come back and put the move into the case in their factory for some strict testing to complete higher testing standards. Among them, […]

Platinum Water Ghost With Blue Plate Ref.116619lb, Luxury Watches Fake

Today I would like to introduce a discontinued modern Rolex water ghost watch—-Ref.116619LB. The steel model of the Submariner series is considered familiar to everyone as the star of Rolex, but what is unique about the comparison between the platinum model of the Submariner series and the steel model? Let me introduce it to you […]

Interpretation, What Is The “Oyster” In Rolex? Replica Swiss Watches

Today, I want to tell you, what is the “Oyster” that appears in the name of Rolex? Rolex has an “Oyster” in its official name. For example: The full name of Daytona is Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona. The full name of the water ghost is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. The full name of […]

Famous Watches Replica Cut Production And Raised Prices

When it comes to mainstream watches, do you find it challenging to get them? Price increases, reductions, and distribution of goods, a series of requirements, are still being determined. Of course, some watch friends will say that whether it is a price reduction or price increase, it is the same for rich people; but for […]

Pure Gold Journal Series Ref.1602/8, The Luxury Of Watches Fake

Speaking of Dajinlao, it is estimated that everyone’s first impression is the DAY-DATE watch of the weekly log series, but in fact, there were also pure gold log watches in the early log series. I will appreciate an exceptionally refined gold watch with you today. Gold Datejust Rolex Ref.1602/8. Different from the usual styles of […]

What Is The Difference Between The Rolex Replica Water Ghost And His “Brothers.”

The Rolex Submariner is what we commonly call “Water Ghost.” As the most well-known series in recent years, its popularity has long been out of the circle, and it has even become a cultural phenomenon, so its aura has overshadowed its own brother series. Many new watch friends will encounter confusion about a watch that […]