Platinum Water Ghost With Blue Plate Ref.116619lb, Luxury Watches Fake

Today I would like to introduce a discontinued modern Rolex water ghost watch—-Ref.116619LB.

The steel model of the Submariner series is considered familiar to everyone as the star of Rolex, but what is unique about the comparison between the platinum model of the Submariner series and the steel model? Let me introduce it to you next. Luxury watches fake.

The old Platinum Water Ghost Ref.116619LB, released in 2008, has been updated with the steel model after 12 years of production, and a new movement has been adopted, and the new Ref.126619LB has been launched.

This time, the most significant change of the Platinum Blue Water Ghost is that the original blue circled blue surface has changed to a blue-circled black surface. The overall feeling of the watch is entirely different. Swiss fake watches.

From the changes in the board, the blue water ghost and the green water ghost of platinum can be said to be the same; they both changed from the original color side to the black side. However, the market price trend of the two series of watches is entirely different. For the green water ghost, the old green disk with a green circle will be more expensive than the new green circle black disk, while the platinum blue water ghost is the opposite; the new blue circle black disk will be more expensive than the blue circle blue disk.

In addition, compare the blue water ghosts of other materials. Platinum blue water ghosts are unique in terms of dial surface. The water ghost adopts a matte design, which aligns with the platinum watch’s low-key style.

Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 18cm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Dial Color: Blue Dial
Model: 116619LB-97209
Series: Submariner
Movement: Automatic

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