Rolex’s Exclusive Superlative Observatory Certification, Best Replica Watches

The Swiss Chronometer is already a very demanding watch precision certification. Even so, there are still many brands that, after their movement has passed the certification of the Observatory, still have to come back and put the move into the case in their factory for some strict testing to complete higher testing standards. Among them, Omega is that the movement that has first passed the certification of the Swiss Observatory will continue to be certified by the Observatory.

Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified printed on the Rolex dial.

The Superlative Chronometer is a Rolex exclusive certification. The words (Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified) printed on the watch’s dial existed as early as 1951. Still, before 2015, after Rolex passed the certification of the Swiss Observatory, it added testing and adjustment in its laboratory. Rolex should have put more emphasis and the disclosure of details, so many people approve that Rolex watches are only certified by the Swiss Observatory. But in 2015, Rolex redefined and announced a new standard for internal testing, the Superlative Chronometer. One of the most critical points is to increase the daily error range to ±2 seconds. Best replica watches.

Rolex independently developed the “Bank of China Logo” shock absorber.

What are the latest test contents of Chaozhuo Observatory?

The Superlative Chronometer tests the entire watch installed in the case, just like Omega. The premise of certification is that the movement must first pass the certification of the Swiss Observatory (C.O.S.C.).

The test content of Chaozhuo Observatory includes 4 points:

  1. Watch the accuracy test.
  2. Waterproof test of the watch.
  3. Comprehensive test of automatic winding and power storage performance.
  4. Simulated wearing test.

Rolex simulated wearing test.

What are the required data for the Chaozhuo Observatory test?

It’s a pity that we couldn’t find specific and detailed data from the Chaozhuo Observatory, but a few points can be determined.

  1. Regarding accuracy, the daily error range is increased to ±2 seconds.
  2. Accuracy test orientation: 7 orientations. This also ensures that it is sufficient for everyday use.
  3. Regarding waterproof level: the test standard for oyster watches is 10% higher than the official maximum waterproof depth; the test standard for diving watches is 25% higher than the official maximum waterproof depth. In other words, the standard waterproof of 100 meters is waterproof to 110 meters. This is also why many watch friends think Rolex watches can be waterproof, even if they are not diving watches.

Rolex water resistance test

In addition, as long as the watch is certified by the Superlative Observatory will have not only the exclusive words of Superlative Chronometer printed on the dial and a Rolex green lacquer seal, commonly known as the small green card. Also, starting in 2015, as long as Rolex watches with a small green card can enjoy a super extended five-year warranty. Although many brands today have a super-long contract. However, in 2015, there were very few brands with super-long warranties, which can be regarded as a new benchmark for super-long assurance. Tag Heuer replica watches.

Rolex small green card

However, it is a pity that I could not find the detailed data of Rolex’s specific excellent observatory test, such as the specific antimagnetic frequency in Hertz, the particular parameters of various tests during this period, etc.

But despite this, among many watch fans, Rolex’s superb Observatory is accurate, durable, and worry-free, or its most prominent labels. According to the daily accuracy error ± 2 seconds, it is also one of the best mechanical watches.

Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Series: Day-Date
Case Color: Gold-tone
Model: m128238-0046
Case Size: 36mm
Gender: Men’s

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