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DAYTONA Detailed Strategy Luxury Watches Replica

Suppose today’s counter sells you a Panda Di at a public price. In that case, it will prove that your influence or status is very high, and you can exchange the price difference without using various relationship benefits. The name Daytona comes from Daytona Beach in Florida, USA (at the beginning, Le Mans was also […]

Bonhams Auctions 11 Rolex Fake Aquarius Watches At Once

From August 12th to 22nd, 2022, Bonhams will present 11 Rolex Submariner Calendar watches with green rings and green plates (model: 116610LV) at one time through online auctions. Released in 2010, the “Green Water Ghost” (second generation) is an all-steel Submariner-Date watch with a diameter of 40mm, which is in many ways similar to its […]

What Unique Material Dial Does Fake Rolex Have?

Rolex Day-Date 18038 ‘Onyx’ special stone During the early 1960s, Piaget pioneered the use of gemstones and decorative stones as dials, which aroused popularity as soon as it was launched. Various watch brands also agreed after seeing it and then found their own gemstones and stone dials one after another. The unique stone plate is […]

A Detailed Explanation Of Antique Fake Watch Chain

Regarding the rivet strap of Gay Freres, it was produced from 1954 to 1971, and steel watches after 1972 were not equipped with their belts. However, American rivet straps were made until around 1979. There are some exceptions for Gay Freres straps. The all-gold rivet straps were still produced until 1990, and the appearance changed […]

Replica Luxury Watches The Fresh “Parrot Green” Water Ghost” Rolex Magic Change

The Belgian-modified watch brand Designated Individual has recently been interested in the gradient dial. They have created the Submariner Parakeet, a strange green water ghost work with a green and black gradient dial, which combines Rolex’s representative green and trendy black. Perfectly blended, it turns into an improved masterpiece with more visual charm than the […]

Look At The Fresh “Venom Supercar Daytona” Imitation Rolex Magic Modification

French modified watch brand SC (from now on referred to as SC) and American muscle car modification manufacturer Hennessey Performance Engineering (from now on referred to as HPE) recently cooperated to create a Venom F5 Concept watch, which is used to echo HPE’s masterpiece – Hennessey Venom F5 extreme speed supercar. Venom F5 uses HPE’s […]

What Replica Watches Are Featured In The Fashion Feast Of The Met Gala?

The Met Gala, known as the Oscars of the fashion industry, is held in New York every year in early May. In essence, Met Gala is to watch various celebrities compete for beauty, follow a different theme every year, and see who looks good on the red carpet. Jared Leto COS becomes Karl Lagerfeld’s pet […]

Choose A Formal Stainless Steel Replica Watch, And There Is No Pressure To Attend Formal Occasions!

Generally speaking, male watch friends constantly fluctuate between formal and sports watches. Traditional looks are not as exaggerated as sports watches, nor are they as casual as casual watches. This strict and severe design style, which interprets a sense of luxury, fits men. I recommend a formal look for men to wear on business occasions. […]

Fake Rolex “Titanium Ghost King”

In early November 2022, Rolex launched a new deep-sea challenge model, the Deepsea Challenge, model 126067, which broke the record with a waterproof depth of 11,000 meters and became the diving watch with the most profound waterproof depth in the world of famous watches. Coupled with a titanium shell, it was named “Titanium Ghost King” […]

The Carving Of The Cover That Rolex Fake Watches Once Used

In fact, in the process of watching table selection, we are often attracted by the design of the dial, and we are often ignored by another place, which is the bottom of the table. But the bottom cover of many brand watches keeps many stories about brand history or personal accounts. Today, I will examine […]