DAYTONA Detailed Strategy Luxury Watches Replica

Suppose today’s counter sells you a Panda Di at a public price. In that case, it will prove that your influence or status is very high, and you can exchange the price difference without using various relationship benefits.

The name Daytona comes from Daytona Beach in Florida, USA (at the beginning, Le Mans was also used, but in the end, I chose Daytona when I saw that the US market was more significant), where the long and straight track was on the beach. Changing to an oval pot-shaped curve is convenient for high-speed cornering. It is a paradise for challenging human limits and racing speeds. It can be said that the precise chronograph is born for seconds, competing for every minute and every second.


First of all, before Daytona, Rolex launched the Chronograph (chronograph) model Ref.6238 in the mid-1950s (there was also a Ref.6234 before), and you can see a relatively simple aperture design, noon position. The CHRONOGRAPH (chronograph) logo will be printed below the ROLEX, and there will be a simple speed ring on the outer edge of the dial. It wasn’t until 1963 that Rolex launched the first Daytona (Ref. 6239) based on 6238, and the outer ring was changed to a dedicated racing speed ring, which became the familiar Daytona. And 6238 is also known as Pre-Daytona (quasi-Daytona), and the originator of Daytona generally refers to him.

If the antique hand-rolled movement is strictly disassembled, it can be subdivided into three periods. The activities are 72B (722), 722-1, and 727.


Daytona marks were sometimes absent in the early days, and they were chaotic and irregular. Daytona without effects was often seen. In addition, the speedometer is also engraved on the steel ring, and the three small bezels also have a high-contrast design. Familiar Daytona.


6241, launched one year later than 6239, uses rubber rings (resin material) to become a highlight. This design has the same idea as Greenwich’s GMT ring. Although the texture of the resin is better, and the effect of the black ring is more retro, after decades of Antique Di, not many can be preserved intact, and the craftsmanship of the black rubber ring is also quite particular. For the scale and numbers, note that the hollowed-out font is on the back of the apron, and then fill it with white paint, and then inlay the apron into the outer steel ring so that the color will not fall off.


At the same time as the 6241 was launched, Rolex began to develop the 6240 engineering model with the OYSTER Oyster lock handle. Since it is a test model, it has the smallest output among all hand-rolled luxury watches replica.

This kind of apron with white letters has been used until the end of the hand roll, and the swiss models with black aprons are 6241, 6240, 6263, and 6264. Next, let’s talk about Paul Newman, who everyone is most interested in.


First, it is also mentioned above that there are many disks in the antique Daytona. Among them, the disk with “dice” in the above chart circle can be called a “Paul Newman” disk in a broad sense. Still, in a narrow sense, it is only the same model, 6239. The grid plate with steel ring is considered, but if you can buy one, it is a big boss because buying Paul Newman requires more eyesight than financial resources. It is rare to find a Paul Newman that has not been touched. La.

What is “Paul Newman” Daytona

Paul Newman Paul Newman’s name is resounding all over the world. Anyone who knows about watches must have heard of his name. As a Hollywood movie star, Paul Newman not only participated in racing movies but also appeared on the track because he liked racing. And the 6239 Daytona he wore was particular because of its unique disk surface and the classic poster. Everyone gradually accepted the saying of this “Paul Newman” disk. He is the protagonist of the auction. But, before Paul Newman passed away in September 2008, the price difference between “Paul Newman” and other disks was not that big. Of course, it was very outrageous from the beginning. The 6239 Phillips wore in 2017 was finally hammered at US$17,752,500 (including commission), more than 110 million yuan.

Like a big star in Hong Kong, China, taking it to the auction or being recruited also told everyone how deep the water is here, and everyone can’t grasp it. Due to the long history and the fact that Rolex officials will not say whether they are right or not Yes, this also makes the antique watch have many loopholes to take advantage of. But we can appreciate and discuss it. There are many models of Paul Newman disks, including 6241, 6239, 6264, 6262, 6263, and 6265. These games have too many details, and it is too difficult to explain them quickly. If interested, you can go to the East Coast for advice. He is an expert in this field.

Ref.6265 Tropical dial

In 1971, Handroll Di launched the 6265 with a waterproof OYSTER oyster lock handle design, successfully making Daytona 50 meters waterproof. This version also allowed Daytona to form the final structure. The circle and the styles released later were also improved on this basis. The classics cannot be surpassed.

It wasn’t until 1988 that the mission of the hand-rolled edition was finally over, and the 16520 with the 4030 automatic chronograph movement was put on the stage. The 27-year-old generation of data came to an end. Although the time was long, his number was a little. I also mentioned timing. The price of the stopwatch is relatively high, and the practicability is not strong. From the number of models, it is not very easy to sell.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Daytona
Band Length: 19cm
Case Thickness: 16mm
Model: m116500ln-0001
Gender: Men’s

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