2023 Geneva Watches And Miracles New “Titanium” Frivolous Replica Luxury Watch

On March 26th, the day before the opening of this year’s watch exhibition, I checked Moments during my layover in Paris, and many friends forwarded a message. After recovering from a severe illness, Mr. Biver left the LVMH watch department and released his brand and the first batch of works in his farm workshop.

Jean-Claude Biver, who has been in the watch industry for 50 years, and his 22-year-old son Pierre Biver founded the JC Biver brand.

JC Biver Minute Repeater Tourbillon Titanium Watch

The other two of the first three works are precious metals, and this one is made of polished titanium alloy. The next day, the replica luxury watch exhibition opened. Although there are no more works made of titanium alloy than before, it is not surprising that it has been recognized and adopted by most brands for so many years. But it has been emphasized by many new products. Does this have something to do with Rolex’s first allocation of titanium to mainstream products?

Tips for Watchmaking in Titanium

Titanium Tips

Titanium was first used as an aerospace material. In the early 1970s, Omega and Citizen introduced this material into the watchmaking industry but only produced a small number of experimental products as conceptual material. In the 1980s, IWC and Breitling began to use titanium as watchmaking material to launch official products.

In 1980, IWC and Porsche Design cooperated to launch the Titan chronograph. It was the first watch to feature an all-titanium case-to-bracelet.

The titanium metals used in the watchmaking industry are generally grade 2 titanium (full titanium) and grade 5 titanium (a titanium alloy composed of 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium). They are typically determined by brand positioning.

Compared with traditional fine steel materials, titanium metal has the advantages of being lightweight (40-50% of steel), high hardness (20-30% higher than steel), skin-friendly, suitable temperature suitability, and corrosion resistance. It is more challenging to make than fine steel, so the price of similar products is slightly higher than that of fine steel. Also, because of these characteristics, some watches that pursue the ultimate will choose titanium to make watches, such as Richard Mille’s UP-01 FERRARI or Rolex’s Deepsea Challenge. Only a few brands have yet to apply titanium to the mainstream product line, including Patek Philippe (which has used titanium to make individual unique products). Swiss replica watches store.

Today we will sort out what popular titanium styles have appeared at the Geneva Watch and Miracle Watch Fair.


Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42

Because Rolex has so many hot topics this year, issues such as the first mainstream titanium works must be placed in the back row. I want to emphasize to junior cousins that it is a yacht master, not a Blackwater ghost. In the past, Rolex used the color of the bezel, the rubber strap, and the dial’s function to distinguish it from the Submariner.

In addition to the mirror polishing of the lugs and crown shoulders, this watch is almost entirely satin polished, with a matte bezel and dial, which gives a relaxed feeling overall.


DEFY series REVIVAL SHADOW replica “shadow” watch

Looking at the name, it is a replica and a “shadow” version. Will it put a little pressure on this watch with a diameter of only 37mm?

The prototype of DEFY Revival was born in 1969. Last year, the revival version was re-released. It is limited to 250 pieces, and the price is not expensive. Collectors will lose one point. Except for the luminous coating material, the movement, and the transparent bottom (the original version is a sealed bottom cover), the sapphire crystal mirror replaces the mineral glass, which differs from the original, and almost all other aspects retain the original design. Zenith’s approach is nothing more than telling everyone who is the pioneer of luxury sports watches, right?

Earlier this year, the DEFY Revival launched a non-limited edition in two other color dials and then came the WWG Titanium Edition. The launch of the titanium version is more like a handshake between the present and the past. In the beginning, the central performance of this watch was sturdiness, and the hardness of the titanium metal made this performance perfect. The octagonal case and the fourteen-sided bezel form a unique geometric structure, and the sandblasted titanium metal presents light and dark lines and a unique texture. Yesterday’s design, today’s material, may become tomorrow’s legend.


Ingenieur Titanium Automatic 40

As a pioneer in applying titanium materials in watchmaking, almost all of IWC’s titanium materials appear in the two series of pilots and engineers.

To match the unique color of titanium metal, this watch has also made corresponding changes in details. In addition to replacing the gray checkered dial, the hands, hour markers, and date metal frame are also plated in black, which differs from the basic model. Silver. I like the change of this detail very much; this change makes the engineer of this titanium metal very different and doubles the texture.

Although titanium models have also appeared in the engineer series, this watch has given engineers a new life in today’s era. Refresh the price of positioning, grade 5 titanium, and meticulous polishing with a strong sense of hierarchy, which is the outstanding performance that iterative works should have.


1858 series Northern and southern hemisphere world time anaerobic watch special edition at 8,000 meters above sea level

The anaerobic watch is a new watchmaking concept launched by Montblanc last year, which means that the watch case is in an anaerobic environment, which can avoid the phenomenon of fogging the watch caused by the huge temperature difference in harsh environments, and can also effectively prevent the movement from oxidizing. Cause travel time errors.

The deal combines two ancient crafts and more than 20 independent manual processes to create the deep texture of the glacier. The time-consuming is three times that of the ordinary dial.

There are 14 peaks over 8,000 meters above sea level in the world. This year, the 8,000-meter special edition launched by Montblanc Watches and Wonders aims to pay tribute to the “spirit of mountain exploration.” The back of this watch is sealed, and Montblanc uses laser engraving technology to engrave the majestic and spectacular K2 peak on the back. Two Montblanc anaerobic 8,000-meter unique models (the other is a world time clock) are made of titanium.


Classic Fusion Orlinski

Full Titanium Chronograph

If you need to know who Orlinski is, you must have an impression of the gorilla that often appears in Hublot, right? It is from the hands of internationally renowned visual art master Richard Orlinski. At the beginning of 2022, his works of art once decorated the entire Champs Elysees in Paris.

visual artist Richard Ollinski, with his artwork on the Rue champ

The cooperation between Hublot and Orlinsky began in 2017, and the titanium version has appeared before. The feature of this year’s new product is that the dial is not hollowed out like before, and Orlinski’s design style is extended to the dial, but a regular black dial. I prefer this treatment method to before. The previous treatment method could have been more organized, but this time the artistic features of Olinsky are only presented on the case and bracelet, which is more distinctive.

This time, the Hublot Orlinski titanium chronograph watch is limited to 500 pieces with rubber straps, and 250 works with titanium chain straps. Orlinski’s multi-faceted and sharp-edged artistic elements present his signature sculptural creation style in watch design. It interprets Hublot’s “Art of Fusion” brand concept and is visually impactful when worn in kind.


Snow Mountain Pride Series Cadence 8HF Watch Titanium

Xueshan Aoyi is a titanium watch with an 8 Hz high-vibration frequency movement. Chopard once launched 250 pieces in a limited edition in 2021. The color of the dial at that time was dark gray. The one that appeared on Watches and Miracles this year is a non-limited edition.

Xueshan Aoyi Series Cadence 8HF Titanium Watch Limited Edition (2021)

The titanium version of Snow Mountain Aoyi has no difference in product specifications from the basic model, and the grade 5 titanium alloy material is the same in detail, such as grinding and polishing. The only difference is that the dial hour markers only retain the Roman numerals 12, and the Roman numerals 3, 6, and 9 are removed. This year’s new version uses a black dial with an orange second hand and a high-vibration frequency logo.

The bottom cover of the sapphire crystal is printed with “Cadence 8HF”, indicating that this Chopard 01.12-C movement will run at twice the average vibration frequency. The escape wheel and the plate pins have the characteristics of reducing friction, so even if the campaign runs at a high vibration frequency, it will not consume too much kinetic energy.

Baume & Mercier watch

Rivera Collection Baumatic Calendar

self-winding watch

This year is the 50th anniversary of Baume & Mercier’s launch of the Rivera series, so Baume & Mercier’s new products in watches and miracles are naturally based on Rivera. At the watch exhibition, a new specification of 39mm was released. One was not a titanium model, but a sandblasted titanium material was used to make the bezel and the outer ring of the bottom cover.

The new specifications are all equipped with Baume & Mercier’s self-produced Baumatic movement. This movement has a long power reserve of 120 hours and meets the travel time error standard of the Observatory. The front is matched with a gray smoked sapphire dial printed with transparent mountain and sea patterns—movement inside the core. At the same time, it has a quick-change strap system.

I needed help figuring out the purpose of the design of the titanium bezel. Is it just for the color to have a more layered sense? In any case, Rivera has taken the first step in contact with titanium. That soon, Baume & Mercier should have pure titanium, Rivera.


H08 Chronograph

Like the Baume & Mercier above, this year’s Hermes H08 chronograph also uses titanium metal on the bezel and bottom cover, and the case is a composite material of graphene powder and carbon fiber. The natural texture of the carbon fiber contrasts with the satin-finished titanium bezel, which is detailed and robust yet lightweight.

Careful friends must have noticed this is a clock, but the button cannot be seen. That’s right, in order not to break the balanced beauty of the pillow shape and the round design, Hermès chose the more difficult single-button timing, and the timing function is also realized through this single titanium crown.

In addition to the optional Hermès iconic orange strap, the watch has an orange logo on the travel time, clock, second hand, and crown. The single-button timing and the digital font specially designed to match the appearance of the case demonstrate Hermès’ insistence on aesthetic design details.

Band Length: 18cm
Gender: Men’s
Case Thickness: 15mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Series: Submariner
Model: 116610LN
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone

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