What Watch Does World Cup Champion Messi Wear? Imitation Luxury Watches

December 18, 2022, Qatar World Cup Finals. Messi finally won the Hercules Cup and realized his career—individual, club, and national team honor grand slam. Previously, only four football players could win the Champions League, the Ballon d’Or, and the World Cup. Messi, the fifth player, has a lot of gold.

In this event, Messi sent seven goals and three assists and set two World Cup records, namely, the player who scored goals from each group stage and 26 appearances to become the player with the most World Cup appearances. In the four-year World Cup, everyone must pay more attention to the player’s performance on the field, but for the cousins, many people like me like to see what watches they wear on their wrists.

As a top athlete, Messi cooperated with the watch field very early, and he also had two independent cooperation opportunities with watch brands, which is rare among world-class athletes with high exposure.

Audemars Piguet

The watch brand that Messi first cooperated with was Audemars Piguet. According to Audemars Piguet, the first relationship between the two parties was in 2005. That year, Messi and Barcelona won the La Liga championship for the first time. I bought him a piece of Royal Oak as a souvenir. From then on, Messi began collecting imitation luxury watches, especially the Royal Oak.

In the early years of Audemars Piguet’s marketing, finding celebrities to promote took a lot of work. When marketing with celebrities and athletes, most watch friends respond to Hublot, the most football-focused on the watch field, or RM. And AP, around 2010, his lineup of sports star partners peaked.

At that time, AP was involved in the three hottest ball sports in the world. There was James in basketball, Djokovic in tennis men’s singles, Serena Williams in women’s singles, Messi in football, Audemars Piguet, and Schumacher in motorsports. Audemars Piguet also launched special edition watches for several of them.

In 2012, Audemars Piguet launched three styles of Royal Oak Leo Mesi limited editions based on the new 41mm Royal Oak Chronograph released at SIHH that year. As a special edition for athletes, the output of these three watches is not tiny.

Regarding materials, Audemars Piguet is indeed a pioneer in the industry. The brand has long applied the innovative material of forged carbon and integrated it into more sporty offshore models, including ceramics. So far, Royal Oak’s ceramic models are counted as one piece. It is hot, especially the three black, white, and blue perpetual calendars. As for metal, as early as the 1990s, Audemars Piguet tried to use tantalum as a watch case component. The bezels of these three special editions of Messi are also tantalum metal. This metal material, widely used in the industrial field, is uncommon in watches. The most intuitive feeling of making a watch with tantalum is that the material has a blue-gray luster, so the difference between a tantalum and a conventional metal can be seen at a glance. Franck muller replica.

The Tapisserie plaid-decorated dial and octagonal bezel are known as one of the most iconic appearance features of the Royal Oak. Still, the Messi special edition directly abandons this plaid. In the octagonal bezel, you can’t see the checkered disc. Even today, this is entirely novel. The importance of the Tapisserie checkered pattern has led to many versions, such as the Royal Oak of the tourbillon. Make the plaid into a radioactive effect to match the window design. Almost all models in the Royal Oak series have a checkered surface except for the hollowed-out disk style. However, although the Macy special edition has no check pattern, it will not make you feel so abrupt at first glance. Suddenly something is missing, which makes you feel uncomfortable. This shows that this unique design is quite successful.


When the time came in 2019, Jacob&Co. officially cooperated with Leo Messi. Jacob&Co. may be relatively indifferent in the domestic market, but in foreign countries, it is very popular with celebrities. After all, it started as a custom jewelry for private customers and has a good customer base. , but there is one thing to say, Jackpot’s watches are very distinctive, such as the well-known Astronomia celestial series Tourbillon, the Opera series with music boxes stuffed into the eye, the Godfathers and Scarface, and so on. There is a style in which the V16 engine of the partner super sports car manufacturer Bugatti is plugged into the watch. I have seen your watch friends describe the watch design of Jacob & Co., and it has always been entirely unconstrained.

It can be seen from Jacob&Co. ‘s almost non-stop cooperation with football players in recent years, Figo in 18 years, Messi in 19 years, and Ronaldo not long ago; brand founder Jacob Arabo Jacob Arabo likes football and knows the influence of such a world-class player.

The special edition watch launched by Jacob&Co. for Messi uses the brand’s sports watch EPIC X CHRONO as the base, and the design is based on the blue and white colors of the Argentine flag. Also based on different materials, it is divided into five styles, namely, the titanium gold model is limited to 180 pieces, the rose gold model is limited to 180 details, the platinum and titanium metal inlaid baguette diamond model is limited to 36 bits, and the titanium metal platinum model is full of diamond jewelry. Shape.

Epic X is the representative sports watch model of Jacob&Co. In terms of the grade 5 titanium model in the picture, the titanium metal of the case has been polished, and combined with the white ceramic bezel, the warm and translucent effect is entirely taken. The X design across the patient and the dial is very recognizable. The entire X-shaped design extends from the case to the bezel and enters the dial. The transparent sapphire crystal dial lets you intuitively appreciate the movement’s movement.

Epic X is a sea and land all-round watch. The chronograph dial adopts a binocular layout. It is operated through the crown at 10 o’clock and the 10-minute mark. Also specially marked red; 10 is Messi’s jersey number.

However, in terms of the movement hardware of the watch, that is, this JCAA05, the performance is average because Jackbao modified it from Concepto with Valjoux 7750. It is a change of the cam to a column wheel. Although the 7750 is good, it needs to be corrected with the watch’s starting price and appearance design.

Patek Philippe

When I introduced Figo’s collection, I told everyone that cooperation with Jacob & Co. would allow them to wear other brands of watches. For example, Messi also loves Patek Philippe very much. He attended the press conference in Qatar. He got his hands on the 5740 Nautilus perpetual calendar at the press conference.

Launched at Baselworld 2018, 5740 is the first large complication watch in the Nautilus series and the thinnest perpetual PP calendar so far, only 8.42 mm thick. As a significant complication, it is only three. The 5811 needle is 8.2 mm thick and produces two sheets of A4 printing paper. At the same time, 5740 is a platinum case with a size of 40 mm, but because of the unique design of the shell shape of the Nautilus, that is, the small ears on both sides, the actual effect of the watch is more like a watch with a size of about 42 mm, but it is not tiny.

Many watch friends will describe the hands-on experience of 5740 as a surprise. Indeed, regardless of the weight or thickness of the watch, the one-piece design fits smoothly with the wrist. Its comfortable wearing feeling cannot be faulted in all aspects. Excellent.

Turn over the watch, and the classic 240 Q movement directly meets the eye. This is representative of PP’s top-level movement production technology. The movement finishing is naturally only 3.88 mm thick and consists of 275 pieces. Composed of parts, an entire chain can provide a 48-hour power reserve.

It is worth mentioning that the 5740 adopts a folding buckle design that is more convenient to open and close and is extremely firm. Like the previous regular Nautilus 5711, it uses a buckle with a small flap, and now the new 5811 also uses it. Folding buckle design, and also added a comprehensive micro-adjustment system.


In addition to Patek Philippe, Messi now also loves Rolex. He wore a platinum ice blue disc aperture Day-Date when he got off the plane at the World Cup in Qatar. Judging from the blue Roman characters and hour and minute hands, it should be m228206-0001. Many brands have launched ice blue plates, but you must be Rolex to find the most authentic ice blue. After all, Rolex was the first to use it, and it was incredibly time-consuming. On the hand, compared with other brands, many of them can’t get the cold feeling of ice blue.

The new dog tooth ring platinum DD, left 40 mm, right 36 mm
Do cousins prefer aperture rings or dog tooth rings?

This year, Rolex broke through the manufacturing technology of the platinum triangular pit pattern for the first time and replaced the current platinum DD with dog rings. The original Rolex people always say it can’t make platinum dog rings. Because platinum has a high melting point and hardness, it isn’t easy to process, so a polished ring has replaced it. But how to put it, I like the aperture platinum DD.

On the other hand, the gap is more distinctive and recognizable. Just by raising their hands, people can know that it is a platinum DD. But unfortunately, Rolex has wholly stopped producing platinum DDs with polished rings.

Boss Mei prefers classic and comfortable Rolex works. In addition to the above 126231-0013, the 36mm gold and gray plate log model, when he moved to Paris last year, he also wore a yacht name in the eternal rose gold tape style. Official. Rolex’s adhesive tape, the Oysterflex strap, uses a flexible titanium-nickel alloy lining and is covered with high-performance black rubber injection molding. The flexibility and comfort of the rubber strap and the firmness of the metal strap are combined. All over.

Summary: The cooperation between Messi and the watch field and several representative watches in his collection are all introduced to you. Audemars Piguet and Jacob & Co., as athletes, their two cooperations have been very successful. Cross-border joint names have become a popular trend in the field of watches, but in the final analysis, the cooperation works must be good enough. Messi and others The cooperation styles are exceptional, especially Audemars Piguet, which has exciting features after removing the check pattern, not simply stamped and signed. Judging from the above-listed watches in Messi’s collection, such as the 5740 and platinum DD with ice blue aperture, it is not difficult to see Messi’s love for blue dial watches, presumably because blue is the same color as Argentina. The best color.

Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Model: m228236-0006
Band Length: 18cm
Case Size: 40mm
Series: Day-Date
Case Color: Silver-tone

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