Oyster Case 50th Anniversary Ref.1530 Fake Luxury Watches

Speaking of Rolex, you must mention the three axes, dog rings, oyster shells, and Mercedes-Benz needles of Rolex, all of which are only classic elements that Rolex has always insisted on using. The antique watch I will talk about today is a unique commemorative model launched by Rolex to commemorate the Oyster case. It is also the predecessor of the quartz movement log. Please invite our protagonist today——-Ref. 1530

If you don’t look carefully at first glance, many people will mistakenly think it is a quartz movement journal Ref.17000. The two are the same in the design of the strap and case, and the function is also three needles plus log, which is very close. Fake luxury watches.

There are two significant differences. One is that the position of the luminous point is different. The part of the bright point of Ref.17000 is the same as that of most Rolex watches on the dial, while the position of the glowing end of Ref.1530 is unique. The work inside the bezel is the most prominent feature of Ref.1530. The second is that the movement used by Ref.17000 is the quartz movement cal.5035 developed by Rolex. The Ref.1530 is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement cal.1570. One is an automatic watch, and the other is a quartz replica watch. There are differences.

The color of the dial is silver, with slight oxidation marks, so the dial surface is slightly whitish, and it uses sapphire glass, which was very rare in that era. After all, acrylic glass was still mainstream in the watch industry in the 1970s.

The shape of this case is reminiscent of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak watch, which has the same effect. From the lugs, it can be seen that this watch has been polished several times so far, and the lugs are thinner.

As for the bracelet, the strap of this watch was replaced during labor maintenance before. It is now equipped with a Ref.17000 bracelet made in the later period. It is a pity that the original bracelet is gone.

Brand: Rolex
Model: m126000-0001
Series: Oyster Perpetual
Case Color: Silver-tone
Gender: Unisex
Dial Color: Silver Dial
Case Thickness: Around 12mm

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