What Replica Watches Are Featured In The Fashion Feast Of The Met Gala?

The Met Gala, known as the Oscars of the fashion industry, is held in New York every year in early May. In essence, Met Gala is to watch various celebrities compete for beauty, follow a different theme every year, and see who looks good on the red carpet.

Jared Leto COS becomes Karl Lagerfeld’s pet Choupette.

PVD all-black Audemars Piguet Oak 5402ST from Karl Lagerfeld’s collection, Rolex star mark 6062

So many people think the watch elements on this year’s Met Gala are more interesting than before, especially since this needs to catch up. Met Gala is the first dinner event after the end of this year’s Watch and Miracle Watch Fair. , there will be some stars wearing this year’s new watch. Then let me introduce to my watch friends today what replica watches the stars wear to participate in this fashion feast.

Roger Federer

Since Federer officially retired from the Laver Cup last year, he still enjoys his retirement life. He can be seen in every primary fashion week, and it was said that On Angpao, which Federer invested in and endorsed, is also on the rise. It has brought him rich rewards. As the co-chairman of this year’s Met Gala, he chose a DIOR tuxedo with a brand new Rolex Perpetual 1908 platinum and black dial.

Natural shooting effect of white gold plate

Perpetual 1908, as a new formal series launched by Rolex this year on Watches and Miracles, officially replaced the original Cellini series, those slightly neglected works. Although it is a pity that Cellini was directly cut off from 1908 and Cellini was not able to continue the inheritance, the excellence of the 1908 model cannot be denied.

Ref.8171, Ref.6062, Ref.50535

The new watch has a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of 9.5 mm. On the appearance of the look, there is also a striking triangular pitted outer ring, which undoubtedly adds to the recognition of the eye. The design of the 1908 dial borrows from the small three-pin layout of the antique 6512 to a certain extent. I saw that Mr. Yan had a guess about the series of formal models before, and I agree with it. Rolex will likely borrow 1908 to superimpose each. This functional module revives the original complex fake Rolex watches, such as the 6062 complete calendar moon phase collected by Galeries Lafayette just mentioned. After all, the small three-pin layout is used to realize the double-opening display window in the upper half, and the small second dial adds a moon phase. It seems very suitable.

In terms of movement, Rolex adopts the new 7140 automatic trends. This is the brand’s first use of Syloxi hairsprings for men’s watches. The silicon hairsprings specially developed by Rolex before were only used on women’s watches to make the movement stable and sensitive to temperature. The anti-magnetic ability has been improved, which has made it more worry-free and durable for ladies to wear. And 1908 adopts, there was a purpose for it to be thin, and interested cousins could read the detailed introduction of Mr. Yan. The movement has a power reserve of 66 hours. Like the new Ice Landi, it has a transparent back design and a polished decoration. However, it has caused less discussion than Platinum Di, so it is still the public price of 181,900. Here, it’s not like Platinum Di raised the expectations of too many cousins to a certain extent.

Kim Jones

After watching the new Rolex, let’s look at an antique piece. Kim Jones, the British fashion designer currently the art director of FENDI women’s and DIOR men’s wear, chose a Rolex 6238 clock from the 1960s at the Met Gala.

6238 is known as the previous generation of Daytona and has the title of Pre-Daytona. Version 6239 after 6238 is the first Daytona. 6239 continues the design of 6238. We see that 6238 has a lot of modern design aesthetics of Rolex clocks, from the pump chronograph button to the oyster case. But the most significant difference between the two is that 6238 uses the speedometer Graduated inner circle.

Left: 6238 Right: 6239

However, some watch friends will have a slight misconception about 6238; that is, they think it is much earlier than Daytona 6239, but in fact, the two came out at about the same time, and the production cycle of 6238 is about 1962 to 1962. In 1968, 6239 was from 1963 to 1968, so the two years overlap; they are sold in parallel, and the movements are also Valjoux 72. I understand that the sales situation at that time belonged to that if you wanted more sporty, then choose Daytona 6239, and if you wanted more traditional classics, 6238 is waiting for you.

In the eyes of watch collectors, 6238 is valued because, unlike 6239 and other styles, it is blessed by Paul Newman, but 6238 is even rarer. After all, its output is low. The estimated production of all versions is just over 2,000. But for 2,500 yuan, many people also think it is more low-key. Judging from the actual auction price, the gold model auctioned by Christie’s in 2022 was sold for HK$1,134,000, while the Paul Newman 6239 sold for HK$1,953,000 in the same year in Hong Kong dollars.

However, the silver-gray dial of Kim Jones is only available in stainless steel, and the number is even rarer. I read reports on the Internet that this 6238 is a watch he bought in Milan during the Milan Fashion Week in February at the beginning of the year. It is estimated that the new look is still hot, so he will wear it to the dinner party…

Pusha T

Rapper Pusha T chose a day-date 18K white gold diamond ring with 69 sapphire scales, model 228349RBR. The sky is full of stars, that is, the surface of pavé-set diamonds; Rolex is very strict about the inlay of jewelry and diamonds. The diamonds used in the image only use the highest-grade diamonds closest to colorless and integrate the prong-setting process to highlight the brilliance of the diamonds. Color.

However, I personally still like the gold 69 red treasure, but 69 sapphires, compared with 69 red catch, I think it may be true it will bring some freshness to some collectors, and the black and white pattern of Pusha T From the perspective of the dress, this platinum suits his clothes better. Last year, since Rolex announced that it could make dog teeth rings for platinum day dates, it immediately launched a platinum starry 69 Sapphire with pitted rings.


After watching Rolex, let’s look at two Patek Philippe watches that impressed me more. British rapper Stormzy wore a blue suit with camellia elements specially designed to pay tribute to Lafayette that night, with a piece of a nautilus on his hand, model 5711/110P-001 is PP’s VIP jewelry-inlaid model, and the watch is made of platinum—shell and drill engraving with a drill ring.


And another Patek Philippe, also a Nautilus, is the diamond-filled sapphire bezel of NBA star Westbrook, but according to foreign media reports, it is a back-drilled watch. I have nothing to say about the back-drilled eye—just one understanding, as long as you like it. But I am more curious because I have seen the 10G version of Westbrook wearing the 5719, which is the big ladder diamond bezel, so I don’t know if it is made by dismantling the ladder diamond bezel directly from the 5719 or if I repurchased it After purchasing a block of 5711, it is set with diamonds.

Rami Malek

Cartier jewelry and watches are often used in events such as dinner parties and awards ceremonies, as does Met Gala. Oscar winner Rami Malek, because he just shot the promotional film of Cartier French tank at the beginning of this year, I thought he would continue to wear TANK FRANÇAISE. Still, he chose a Tank Louis Cartier, TANK LC, to extend the Tank watch. A sub-series came out, the case was stretched and expanded, and the lugs became more slender and refined.

Rami Malek was also a new product last year. The TANK inspires its central monochrome disc MUST design in the 1980s in the world. This black and gold color is a timeless classic with a higher luxury attribute. Regarding movement, it is equipped with the brand’s self-produced 1917MC manual training, specially developed for square and rectangular watches such as tanks. The trend is not only barrel-shaped but also has excellent thickness control, only 3 mm, so The thickness of the new TANK LC is only 6.6mm.

The action is also specially designed, not only touching the Panthère de Cartier cheetah series ring but also revealing the Tank Cintrée Skeleton on the hand

Wang Jiaer

The performance of our domestic stars at the Met Gala is also awe-inspiring. LV immediately customized a set of all-black for him. The suit, with a court style and a bit of military uniform style, incorporates LV’s iconic floral patterns, giving people the first impression of the whole body, especially Michael Jackson. And also, as a spokesperson for Cartier, he wore a Tank Cintrée Skeleton watch. This is a watch launched by Cartier in 2017 to celebrate the centenary of the tank.

Cintrée is also Cartier’s TANK sub-series. It is characterized by emphasizing curved lines, and a slender and slender case design with a slightly curved arc, making it fit the wrist better. The Tank Cintrée Skeleton, as an anniversary limited edition, once again incorporates a concave disk surface, reflecting Cartier’s mature watchmaking technology and control over design aesthetics. This watch is a masterpiece of hollowed-out watches in recent years. The skinny mechanical structure and blank space combination are just right, but the most admirable thing is this watch’s 9917 MC manual movement. Cartier The movement is also specially designed with a curved arc to adapt to the eye’s curvature. However, platinum and rose gold are each limited to 100 pieces, and the platinum model in Wang Jiaer’s hand has a public price of 620,000 RMB, which is a high threshold. It is only prepared for watch collectors who love Cartier.

Gu Ailing

Gu Ailing, the brand ambassador of IWC, brought two watches to the Met Gala. The day and night display on her left-hand shows Portofino. I won’t say much. Since last year’s wave of updates, Portofino has added much functionality. Style, this day and night model is the most brilliant one among the sizes of women’s watches. And carrying this Pallweber pocket watch has a lot of background. It is a unique series recreated on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the brand in 2018, inspired by the Pallweber digital time-hopping pocket watch made by IWC in the 19th century. Among them, the blue plate steel model is the IWC formal watch model I like very much, and Gu Ailing is still holding the pocket watch version this time.

Poweber has a specific position in the entire history of Swiss watchmaking, including the Lange Owl, which is very popular in the watch market. When it was launched in 2009, it was called IWC Poweber. Of course, Lange did not follow this design in the end. Another area for improvement in making a jumping watch is its power consumption needs to be more significant. IWC worked hard on the 94200 self-produced movements that year and adopted a double barrel structure, equivalent to adding more time to the movement. A set of gear trains, the travel time, and the jumping characters display each power support.

Nicole Kidman

The appearance of Omega watches this year is also quite impressive. At the Met Gala, Nicole Kidman re-worn the feathered gown designed by Karl Lagerfeld in her classic Chanel n°5 perfume ad in 2004. As a celebrity ambassador who has cooperated with Omega for many years, she wore a “Saphette” antique jewelry watch launched by Omega in 1955 that night. A three-dimensional cut surface similar to the diamond cutting effect allows the clock to reflect bright and gorgeous light at different angles. Combined with the unique lug design of the eye, it can be said that it is an antique that plays decorative art to the extreme. Surface.

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh and her lover Jean Todt are both close friends of the RM brand and good friends of Richard Mille himself. RM has launched many special editions watches for the two of them, but I have always felt that Michelle Yeoh’s hands-on effect is Even better. The watches RM made for her are more enjoyable, such as two women’s tourbillon watches designed in cooperation with Michelle Yeoh, RM 051 Phoenix Tourbillon and RM 51-01, which I think RM has the most vital traditional elements The eye, Enter the Dragon and the Tiger Tourbillon.

Left: 07-01 Pavé Inlay Right: 037 Snowflake Inlay

Michelle Yeoh wore the RM 07 series just like when she won Best Actress at the Oscars. I read that many media on the Internet said that what she wore at the dinner looked like the 07-01 baggy style, but I think The two gold hands on the watch look more like pavé-set diamonds or snowflake-set models. If you choose a diamond-style RM lady’s eye, the snowflake inlay is better expressively than the claw-set process.

People often say the RM 07 and RM 037 series are red lips. The difference is that the 037 has two more buttons than the 07, adding the functions of quick adjustment of date and time and gear selection.

Jeremy Strong

We saw the one wearing RM that night and Jeremy Strong, the actor in “Battle of Inheritance.” Interestingly, he chose a piece of RM 07-04, the brand’s first women’s sports watch series just released in February. When these watches were first released, they should be suitable for men.

RM 07-04 is simple to understand; its benchmark is the ultra-light RM 67-02. In the way of publicity, it also selects the partners of various sports athletes in the brand as endorsements. The 07-04 weighs only 36 grams, including the Velcro elastic strap, and the weight of the 67-02, which we have photographed for you before, is only 32 grams, but the 07-04 also needs to be considered that this is the RM equipped The new self-produced CRMA8 movement has one more gear selection function than the 67-02.

James McAvoy

At the end of the article, let us end with a new piece of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s watch exhibition this year. I talked to you about the new works at this year’s watch exhibition. The timing function is a significant trend, and Zhan Yimei’s new flip chronograph is also my favorite work at this year’s watch exhibition.

The physical effect of stainless steel

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new flip chronograph, Mr. Yan described it as a thug in a suit. Indeed, its physical effect is to maintain Jaeger-LeCoultre’s consistent, elegant style on the front, integrating button-type hour markers, dauphine-style hands, and track-type Iconic elements such as the minute scale; the dial surface has undergone Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new electroplating process, which makes the color tone more textured. And when you turn it over, you can immediately feel that Jaeger-LeCoultre is “showing muscles.” The chronograph function of the second dial is the main body, integrated hour and second-hand disc, chronograph minute fan-shaped retrograde function, completely hollowed out, mainly decorated with Geneva pattern; when you are operating the chronograph function, you can also see the column wheel running, everything is only designed to show the beauty of the movement. It is worth mentioning that the new canvas strap equipped by Jaeger-LeCoultre is exciting. The combination of leather and canvas on the lugs will highlight a style that combines leisure and sports, which aligns with the origin of the inverted polo sport.

Rolex’s new Perpetual 1908 watch, Federer’s hands-on effect

We have finished watching the selection of Met Gala watches. I will introduce you to the choice of exciting looks. Rolex and Cartier are still playing steadily, making the dinner a small watch exhibition. I like Federer’s new 1908. For Rolex, the official spokesperson depends on Roger and Tiger. The appearance of antique watches like Kim Jones’ 6238 and Nicole Kidman’s Omega Saphette is also surprising. Then I need to find out which watch friends like the most among the wearing choices and collocations of the above list.

Gender: Men’s
Model: m50529-0007
Series: Cellini
Band Length: 20cm
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone
Movement: Automatic

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