Look At The Fresh “Venom Supercar Daytona” Imitation Rolex Magic Modification

French modified watch brand SC (from now on referred to as SC) and American muscle car modification manufacturer Hennessey Performance Engineering (from now on referred to as HPE) recently cooperated to create a Venom F5 Concept watch, which is used to echo HPE’s masterpiece – Hennessey Venom F5 extreme speed supercar. Venom F5 uses HPE’s first self-made engine, which has 1817 super crazy horsepower, and the theoretical top speed can reach 311 miles (more than 500 kilometers). The attempt to challenge the fastest commercially available car is self-evident.

To interpret the ferocity of the Venom F5, the two parties decided to use the imitation Rolex Daytona 116520 as the modified prototype. The whole plan began in December 2021. Recently, SC finally succeeded after several breakthroughs in design and production, giving the watch The fastest supercar style ever seen.

The Venom F5 ultra-fast supercar, independently created by HPE, a prominent American muscle car modification factory, intends to challenge the title of the fastest commercially available car. It is the creative muse of the Venom F5 Concept watch.

Every part of the Venom F5 Concept watch has been re-evaluated or modified to reflect the high-end technology, rarity, and luxury of the Venom F5 supercar. Therefore, the choice of material and color combination of the watch has been carefully planned by SC., hoping to show HPE’s fearless (or crazy) spirit of pursuing speed performance. Hence, the modified watch brand also put forward a very bold idea. They want to use a large number of sapphire materials to limit swiss replica watches.

The Venom F5 Concept watch features a sapphire case with a carbon fiber bezel and a white rubber strap.

The Venom F5 Concept watch not only adopts hollow processing and a sapphire dial but also has a transparent effect on the case. For this reason, SC spent 500 person-hours to make a sapphire case with the same shape as Daytona. In addition, the inside of the matter is hollowed out. The 4130 movements, which are processed and plated with anthracite color on the surface, have undergone many revisions in the design and hollowing-out process. Finally, the modified watch brand used 24K gold to make the three-eye small dial frame and the movement automatic disk. The minute and minute hands are also made of black gold to create the aura of a sports car king.

The highly transparent design of the watch shows the exquisite mechanical structure; combined with many super running elements, it exudes a strong performance impression.

SC replaces the sapphire case with a carbon fiber bezel. The complex characteristics of carbon fiber can also provide excellent protection. The watch’s dial and back use many sapphire crystals so the owner can watch the modified 4130 movements almost 360 degrees without dead ends. After the SC modification, the shape of the movement has become more robust and more powerful, and it also makes people want to explore the mystery of the dense structure of the action.

Strongly related to the Venom F5 supercar, this Daytona 116520 has been modified in a very different style from the original factory.

Although the watch’s dial is transparent, SC still remembers its essence as a sports watch. The hands, scales, and speedometer are all coated with a luminous coating so the eye can still be seen clearly in a dark environment. Suppose you look carefully at the scale on the outer edge of the dial. In that case, you will find that it is changed to a star pattern every five minutes, which quietly echoes the headquarters of Hennessey Performance Engineering – the Texas state flag. At the same time, the logo of HPE is also added at noon, which is consistent with the SC brand. The combination of the symbols highlights the unique significance of the cooperation between the two parties.

The back of the watch is also made of sapphire material to reveal the whole movement, including the shape of the automatic disc, and the words printed on the bottom cover are related to the HPE supercar.

The back of the Venom F5 Concept watch is printed with the words Venom F5, the double brand name, and the brand motto of HPE: “The American dream never sleeps.” It is a tribute to the taste of supercar wheels, and it is a modified watch that exudes a strong and peerless supercar flavor.

It takes 500 person-hours to make the watch’s sapphire case alone, highlighting the difficulties faced in the watch modification process.

Band Length: 19cm
Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Band Color: Silver-tone
Series: Daytona
Model: 116520BKSO
Case Size: 40mm

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