The Carving Of The Cover That Rolex Fake Watches Once Used

In fact, in the process of watching table selection, we are often attracted by the design of the dial, and we are often ignored by another place, which is the bottom of the table. But the bottom cover of many brand watches keeps many stories about brand history or personal accounts. Today, I will examine which cover carvings have been used in Rolex for years.

Rolex Explorer II Special Aviation Team

SAS (Special Aviation Force) is Britain’s most elite special force, one of the top ten special forces in the world. In 2021, Rolex produced approximately 100 exceptional fake watches based on Rolex Explorer II 216570 alerts, specially provided for active duty members of the 22nd Special Aviation Team.

The back of the 100 watches is engraved with the name of the Corps “22 Special Air Service” and the famous wing dagger badge. At 9 o’clock of the case, there is also an incorrect motto “WHO DARES WINS.”

Rolex Trinch takes the 24-hour endurance champion watch

Di Tong La Beach in 1955

Di Tonga is not just a Rolex watch series name. It is a coastal city with a super track and a temple of racing. The Rolex Tonga series imitation watches are the time for speed. Since its birth in 1936, it has been favored by high value and high performance. Since 1960, Di Tong has attracted the world’s top racers to come to the competition. The “Rolex Di Tong Twenty-hour endurance race,” the same as the “Lemon 24-hour endurance race”, won the international reputation for this track Essence. Following the “Di Tong Mainland Tournament” in 1962, the Rolex Cosmic Type Di Tong La watch was launched only one year later. The event is named after Rolex, while the watch is named after Ditonga, and the story of the two officially begins.

Since the first “Di Tong Mainland Tournament,” in addition to winning the tribe, the champion driver can also win a Rolex watch. When the cosmic gauge watch specially created for racers came out, it naturally became the standard for the winners. To emphasize the relationship between the brand and the track, Rolex named the watch the cosmic Dicoton Tongtong Napa. And this watch, specially provided by the champion, has also become the goal for each racer to work hard.

Although the watch is not much different from Di Tong’s series of watches in appearance, the carve on the back of their case has a year and championship, making them more meaningful.

Rolex Milsub military water ghost

In the world of Rolex retro sports watches, few more highly respected models exist than Milsub. Rolex Milsub watch is a genuine “Holy Grail Watch.” The Milsub watch is a specially modified version of the Liane brand iconic diving watch, Submariner,

The watch was provided to members of the British military from the late 1950s to the late 1970s. In addition to other military-specified additional functions, the case of Rolex Milsub watches is engraved with military numbers and MOD NATO standard numbers. And wear soldiers code/delivery year.

Rolex Submarine Airlines Series COMEX Watch

In the 1960s, the moon landing plan was opened. At the same time, the exploration of human beings for the underwater world was constantly seeking breakthroughs. A French-known deep-sea salvage company COMEX reached in-depth, long-term cooperation and research and development with Rolex. The collaboration between COMEX and Rolex dates from the 1970s to the 1990s. It has been a real-world test platform for Rolex’s various diving watches during this period.

COMEX SUBMARINER is another private brand version of the Rolex Legend Dive watch, and it is also the first choice for the desired list of countless antique collectors. Many Rolex COMEX styles involve antiques to modern techniques, such as Ref.5513, Ref.5514, Ref.1680, Ref.16800, etc. At that time, They are registered in the book. Since these watches are developed for COMEX divers, each watch’s case is carved with COMEX words and numbers belonging to the diver. According to records, each COMEX co-branded model will be recovered, so we need to find out how Rolex COMEX flows into the market today.

Rolex Oyster Hengmou 116000 watch expresses Meile’s cooperation.

There is a sales competition called the Rolex Challenge inside Damile Pizza. When the salesperson can sell $ 25,000 in a row, you can get a Rolex watch with Damide Logo.

The earliest logo of Damide was designed on the disk. Until 2000, Damie’s Domino LOGO changed from printing to a badge on the dial.

This watch is inlaid on the bracelet with a badge of Damile and engraved the logo of Damile on the back of the case. Each manager who gets this watch will receive an official letter from Dami Le Pizza.

Rolex has exceptional significance watches, but without exception, these watches are sought after by collectors, so when we give a product enough meaning, it will become “priceless.” The carving at the bottom of the table can sometimes record those unforgettable stories without destroying the integrity of the disk.

  • Gender: Men’s
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Model: 116523-78593
  • Series: Daytona
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Movement: Automatic

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