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As you all know, Rolex “does not make” complicated watches, and among the Rolexes on sale, there are indeed no too complex watches. The most complex Rolex is the “Skywalker” when the calendar is added to the two places (the official name is Long Voyager, and the folk name is Skywalker). But Rolex still has complex function technology. Today, I want to tell you about the concept technology of Rolex, including the following one:

Rolex ELF 7230 movement

A Rolex “complex movement” that has never been mass-produced.

Rolex has many technical patents, but few “real objects” have been disclosed. This 7230 movement, code-named ELF, is the prototype movement of the Rolex escapement concept technology. ELF is the abbreviation of the three words escapement, lame, and flamage, that is, escapement, blade, and buckling in English. It is a sporadic “experimental prototype movement” released by Rolex. Players do not have to doubt the authenticity of this movement because this movement was sold at an auction in 2018. Quality replica watch.

Rolex ELF 7230 movement.

The Rolex ELF 7230 movement is the prototype movement of the Rolex constant force escapement. In 1998, a total of 20 pieces were produced. We can see an opening similar to “butterfly wings” at the position of the balance wheel under the movement. This is the “constant force” device designed by Rolex. It can be seen that there is a skinny “metal wire” in the opening, passing through the left and right “metal arms.” This “wire” is precisely a “constant force spring.” At the same time, we can see three shock absorbers on the movement, the upper two escape wheel shock absorbers, the ELF 7230 movement has two escape wheels (there is only one in general watches). The bottom is a standard balance wheel shock absorber.

It can be seen that the “wire” constant force spring in the movement is fixed on the metal arm.

When the movement is running, the two escape wheels transmit power, and the “metal arm” will pull the “wire” constant force spring up and down. The constant force spring will divide the power of the mainspring into sections of the same ability to ensure that the movement is always Running under the same and stable control; if the power of the action is insufficient and cannot reach the “force” of pulling the constant force spring, then the movement will stop running. This ensures accurate travel time. Best replica watches.

Rolex ELF 7230 movement, on the side of the balance wheel, you can see that the balance wheel and hairspring are no different from ordinary Rolex.

The Rolex ELF 7230 movement is perfect in theory, but it was not feasible in practice. The reason is that the “wire” constant force spring was made of Nivarox alloy, and experiments proved that Nivarox alloy could not meet the operation requirements of the movement. Rolex eventually terminated it. But it didn’t end there.

The Girard-Perregaux constant force escapement watch is developed from the Rolex ELF 7230 movement.

The inventor of the constant force escapement of the Rolex ELF 7230 movement (the inventor is called Nicolas Déhon) was later hired by Girard-Perregaux to develop this set of stable force devices further. It was later found that the constant force spring can be made of silicon material, and the continual force device can run perfectly and achieve mass production. In 2013, Girard-Perregaux adopted this technology and launched the Girard-Perregaux Constant Force Escapement Watch, which became Girard-Perregaux’s iconic complex watch. The Girard Perregaux constant force escapement watch shows the connection with the Rolex ELF 7230 movement.

Girard-Perregaux’s constant force escapement uses silicon to achieve practicality and mass production.

Rolex has many concept technologies, but only the safest ones will be mass-produced.

As you all know, Rolex sells men’s watches and has popularized the new generation of 32 series (3235, etc.) movements. On the 32 series movement, the new Chronergy escapement is used. The Chronergy escapement is still the structure of the traditional Swiss lever escapement.

On the Rolex 32 series movement, the practical Chronergy escapement is still the form of the Swiss lever escapement.

But Rolex has also developed an escapement similar to Omega’s coaxial and Audemars Piguet’s exclusive escapement. This type of escapement is based on the historical impact of observatory escapement and applied for patents in 2009 and 2014. The prototype machine may already exist. However, it is reported that Rolex finally gave up the impact chronometer escapement, thinking that it was still not good enough. Instead, the free balance escapement developed by German independent watchmaker Christian Klings was used as a prototype to establish a new escapement patented in 2015. Some speculate that it may not be available until 2030.

According to information, Rolex is developing a new escapement based on the free balance escapement developed by German independent watchmaker Christian Klings.

In addition, Rolex also has technical patents for chasing needle timing, including double chasing and triple chasing (similar to Lange’s three chasing needles), which were developed for Daytona. Rolex also has a patent for pointers that can switch between two time zones with one key, which is set for GMT and Taner. After learning this information, we should not be surprised that Rolex will launch any “special and complex functions” in the future. Although Rolex does not make complex watches, it does not mean that Rolex does not have the technology for complicated watches.

Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone
Case Size: 42mm
Brand: Rolex
Series: Sky-dweller
Model: m326934-0003
Case Color: Silver-tone
Band Length: 19.5cm

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