Interpretation, What Is The “Oyster” In Rolex? Replica Swiss Watches

Today, I want to tell you, what is the “Oyster” that appears in the name of Rolex?

Rolex has an “Oyster” in its official name. For example:

The full name of Daytona is Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona.

The full name of the water ghost is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner.

The full name of DD is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date.

Daytona, full name Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona.

The full name of the water ghost is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner.

All Rolexes except Cellini have the Oyster in their name. Oyster, English Oyster, refers to the oyster case. The word intends that Rolex can be submerged in water for a long time like an oyster, but the parts will not have any damage. Oyster is Rolex’s core technology for waterproofing and dust proofing. It consists of multiple configurations such as a case, crown, mirror, bezel, and helium exhaust valve.

The Rolex Oyster case has essential parts, including a mirror, bezel, middle point, bottom cover, and screw-in crown.

Rolex Oyster case, born in 1926.

The Rolex Oyster case, patented in 1926, was named after Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf. This technology locks the bezel, crown, and bottom cover to the middle point. The Rolex Oyster case is the world’s first practical waterproof and dustproof case. Transforming the watch from a delicate object to a functional and durable look is one of luxury watches’ most essential and most contributed inventions.

In 1926, the earliest Oyster case construction in history. It can be seen that the basic structure continues to this day.

The modern Oyster case has four levels of water resistance: 100 meters, 300 meters, 1220 meters, and 3900 meters. Among them, 100 meters are regular models such as log type, week calendar, Daytona, etc., 300 meters are of water ghost level, 1220 meters are of Sea-Dweller level, and 3900 meters are of DEEPSEA level. Modern Rolex, watch sapphire crystal, mounted on a gasket, fixed to the case. The bottom cover of the watch has teeth, which are screwed in and set on the watch case. The crown is screwed in and fixed on the subject, sporty, with crown shoulder guards. Replica swiss watches.

Rolex Oyster case, molding process.

Rolex Oyster case body, middle case.

The rolex crown is a double waterproof, triple waterproof system.

An essential part of the Rolex Oyster case is the crown’s double and triple waterproof systems. Among them, the dual waterproof system was born in 1953, and the triple waterproof system was born in 1970. Double waterproof system, one rubber ring in the crown casing part, one rubber ring in the crown; triple waterproof system, two rubber rings in the crown casing part, 1 in the height. Rolex Datejust and Day Calendar are double waterproof, and Submariner and Daytona are triple waterproof. Fake watches for sale.

The Rolex Water Ghost uses a triple waterproof system, and the crown has three points.

On the crown of Rolex, there are small dots or horizontal bars, which represent the level of the waterproof system. Two small dots or a flat bar represent the use of a double waterproof system; three small dots represent the use of a triple waterproof system.

Rolex mirror magnifying glass

The calendar magnifying glass on the mirror is the iconic feature of Rolex. Rolex first launched a calendar magnifier in 1953 and applied for a patent. Later, famous watches such as Panerai, TAG Heuer, and Chopard also used the mirror calendar magnifying glass because the patent protection period of Rolex had passed.

Rolex calendar magnifying glass

Originally, Rolex’s mirror was made of acrylic glass, and the calendar magnifier was also made of acrylic. Therefore, it is not resistant to scratches, which is why many antique Rolex and magnifying glasses will be damaged. Since the 1970s, Rolex began to replace the sapphire watch mirror, and the calendar magnifying glass was also replaced with sapphire glass, which has improved hardness and scratch resistance. In 2005, Rolex added an anti-reflective coating to the calendar magnifying glass so that the calendar is more transparent and will not be affected by reflections until today.

The early Rolex magnifying glass was made of acrylic.

Now the Rolex mirror magnifying glass is a sapphire mirror.

Rolex bezel

One of the critical configurations of the Rolex sports model on the Oyster case is the bezel. The first bezel used by Rolex in the 1950s was a resin plastic bezel. It was used in the early GMT, and the plastic bezel needed to be more durable. Soon in 1956, Rolex replaced the plastic bezel with an aluminum ring. Rolex had used aluminum bezels for a very long time until after 2000 when it was replaced with the current ceramic bezel.

Rolex’s current ceramic ring was first launched in 2005 and was used on the GMT 116718 that year. After that, all Rolex sports models were replaced with ceramic coils. The ceramic ring is scratch-resistant, does not fade, and is always bright and new. In 2013, Rolex’s ceramic bezel launched a two-color bezel for the first time. The red and blue bezel was first released, then there were blue and black circles and black and brown circles (Sars circle) until today.

Rolex ceramic ring, production process.

Rolex Oyster case helium escape valve

There is a helium exhaust valve on the diving watch case with a waterproof depth of 1220 meters and 3990 meters, such as the Rolex Sea-Dweller and DEEPSEA (officially called the deep dive model in Chinese). According to Rolex’s description, people engaged in deep-sea infrastructure work will live in a pressurized cabin in the deep sea for a period, and the gas breathed in the house is mixed with helium. Helium will enter the watch to prevent the helium from “breaking” the look and causing the mirror to fall off when the pressure of the helium changes. Rolex developed and patented an automatic helium escape valve in 1967. The helium exhaust valve will automatically release the helium in the case according to the pressure change. It continues to this day.

The Rolex DDPSEA is gradually blue, and the small disc on the side of the case can be seen, which is the helium exhaust valve.

We can see a small disc on the side of the case of Sea-Dweller and DEEPSEA, which is the helium exhaust valve. There is a spring in the helium exhaust valve. When the pressure changes, the spring will push the small disc on the top to open a small gap, and the helium will be discharged.

The structure of the helium exhaust valve, the pressure changes, and the spring will push the small disc on the top to open a small gap.

Finally, what is the Rolex “Oyster”? The above configurations are gathered together; this is the Rolex “Oyster.”

Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Daytona
Band Length: 19cm
Case Thickness: 16mm
Model: m116500ln-0001
Gender: Men’s

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