Will The Diameter Of The Watch Replica Affect Your Choice Of Eye?

In recent years, the diameter of new wristwatches has continued to expand. Most mainstream men’s watches, especially sports watches, have grown to more than 40mm in diameter, and even 44mm and 45mm are not uncommon. Both manufacturers and consumers prefer I love the large watch diameter but watches under 38mm are mediocre in the market. Even for watches of the same style, people tend to prioritize buying the larger version when purchasing, so how much does the diameter of the eye affect the purchase of an eye?

A small-diameter watch worn by the famous Hollywood actor Gregory Peck

As early as the millennium, a watch diameter of more than 30 millimeters was once the mainstream of mainstream men’s watches, and small and exquisite watches were the popular trend at that time because the original intention of watches was to design and manufacture watches that were smaller than pocket watches. The timing tool that is more convenient to carry around, the thinner, lighter, and smaller the wristwatch in this period, the more popular it is.

The representative of large diameter watch – Panerai

Just as the smartphone screen has been upgraded from the initial mainstream 3.5 inches to more than 6 inches today, as the amount of information carried by mobile phones increases, the required display area is also expanding. Since the wristwatch is separated from the simple time display function with luxury attributes, it also needs “recognition” to show its uniqueness. In addition to changes in the shape and color of the watch replica, the easiest and most intuitive way is to expand the diameter of the eye. At the same time, the change in the diet structure of modern people has led to an increase in the average height and obesity rate. Small-diameter watches are no longer favored. It is easy to understand why the watch diameter is constantly expanding.

The 36 mm Ref.14270 watch worn by Takuya Kimura

Rolex’s famous Ref.14270 Explorer 1 watch also has a diameter of 36mm. This classic size has been used from the end of the 1980s to 2010. During this period, only a version that replaced the 3130 movements was launched in 2001, but it has yet to be changed. The appearance has been adjusted enough to see its classic design. Rolex replica watches.

39 mm and 36 mm surface diameter comparison

Not long ago, Rolex launched a new 36mm explorer watch Ref. 124270 as an iterative model to replace the 39mm predecessor Ref. 214270. In addition to the regular upgrade of the movement, the most controversial point this time is that the diameter of the watch has been changed from 39mm to 36mm. Many people think that this is a tribute to the classic size. The Explorer One is a watch developed for mountaineering and rock climbing. , What is needed is reliable performance and light-wearing experience. The moment when adventurers show their sleeves accidentally is the best interpretation of the spirit of adventure. In addition, the simple three-pin design of the dial does not require too many complicated functions, and The outer ring is embellished, and 36 mm is undoubtedly the ideal size.

36 mm Ref.124270 wearing renderings

However, many people still question that the reduction of the diameter of the watch is a forced adjustment for differentiation because the elements of the classic 3/6/9 Arabic numeral scale hour markers and Mercedes-Benz needles on a series of dials have been fixed. There are few details for upgrade and adjustment, and the diameter is the easiest and safest change, which inevitably makes people question the suspicion of “cutting leeks.”

Whenever Rolex launches an iterative model, the old model can enjoy a short-term suspension of production “bonus,” specifically manifested in rising prices in the secondary market. The 39mm Explorer is no exception. Regarding the current secondary market, its price has approached or even exceeded the public cost. Changes in market conditions also represent the popularity of watches to a certain extent. The 39mm version is more popular. Favor.

Rolex Cal.3230 movement

The diameter of the watch is indeed one of the reference indicators for buying a look, but it is not a decisive factor. Even a tiny diameter does not affect my love for a particular watch. Take the 36mm new Explorer as an example. Compared with the old model, it brings a 3230 movement with a 70-hour power reserve. The improvement in the new movement’s battery life is noticeable, significantly improving the wearing experience. Based on this, it is worth buying Ref.214270, equipped with 3130 trends. On the premise that the watch’s performance has been upgraded, will the diameter of the eye affect your choice of look?

Brand: Rolex
Series: Explorer
Model: m214270-0003
Case Color: Silver-tone
Movement: Automatic
Band Color: Silver-tone
Dial Color: Black Dial
Case Size: 39mm
Gender: Men’s

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