Pure Gold Journal Series Ref.1602/8, The Luxury Of Watches Fake

Speaking of Dajinlao, it is estimated that everyone’s first impression is the DAY-DATE watch of the weekly log series, but in fact, there were also pure gold log watches in the early log series. I will appreciate an exceptionally refined gold watch with you today. Gold Datejust Rolex Ref.1602/8.

Different from the usual styles of the same period, the case of this Ref.1602/8 watch has undergone special processing, the hands also adopt a unique shape, and the dial is also a particular oxidized color-changing dial. The feeling is very classic and elegant. Luxury of watches fake.

There are several types of specially processed case shapes for Rolex antique pure gold fake watches, such as the bark texture processing and moiré processing in the above picture, which are relatively rare compared to ordinary models. This time we introduce this one Among the specially processed cases; it is also a rare Florentine (or Texturn) Finish processed case.

Among them, the word Florentine, translated into Chinese as Florence, is a popular biscuit in Europe and the United States. Because the grain pattern of the watch is similar to the Florentine biscuit, it is named Florentine Finish.

Looking at the dial again, the color of the dial surface has been oxidized from the original black to a light brown, and the color distribution is even. However, this watch does not use the rod-shaped needles that Rolex watches used more often in this era. It uses Alpha hands, also called willow needles. Great atmosphere.

Finally, there is the case. Although the suit of pure gold is not considered as thick as the lugs, it is not exaggeratedly deformed. It can only be entirely satisfactory. But given its specificity, it’s acceptable. After all, because of the age, it is impossible to find a perfect antique watch itself.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Band Color: Brown-tone
Brand: Rolex
Case Thickness: 12mm
Gender: Men’s
Series: Day-Date
Model: 118138

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