A Rolex Knockoff Rainbow Di Watch Is Hard To Find. Is There Anyone Who Can Replace It?

In 1963, Rolex launched the first Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch. Special custom Daytona. The famous Hollywood star and racing enthusiast Paul Newman is a loyal fan of Daytona and has aroused fans’ pursuit.

Today, the Daytona with a rainbow ring design has become a fashion item for many stars. For example, Jay Chou bought Daytona 116595 RBOW, a rainbow di, and it is also a diamond-studded version of the starry sky, absolutely shining outstanding. Of course, even the ordinary understanding of the Rainbow Circle watch is hard to find, and the market price is much higher than the public price. Is there no other “affordable” version of the Rainbow Circle watch?

About Rainbow Circle Daytona

Rainbow Di was first released in 2012. The case provides two options: gold and platinum. Daytona’s original digital speed ring is changed to an outer ring inlaid with 36 gemstones of different colors: red on the bottom, blue on the left, and purple on the left. Proper yellow forms the effect of gradient color in the whole circle, called “Rainbow Di.”

At Baselworld 2018, Rolex brought the second-generation Rainbow Di watch. Unlike the first generation, the new Rainbow Di watch case and Oyster strap are made of 18ct eternal rose gold. Compared with the original gold, Platinum models are even more stylish. The dial hour markers are also adjusted from the actual square diamonds to bar-shaped gemstones, and the colors of different hour marker gemstones are also other, echoing the outer ring to form a rainbow gradient effect, undoubtedly increasing the cost of watchmaking again. In addition, the lugs and crown shoulders are inlaid with 56 round-cut diamonds, which is more refined and luxurious. In terms of movement, Rainbow Di uses Rolex’s self-produced Cal.4130 mechanical chronograph movement.

About price quotes

The price is naturally high since the gems and diamonds on Rainbow Di are of the highest level. The public cost of the Cosmograph Daytona Series 116595 RBOW watch is RMB 862,400. However, friends who know Rolex know that it is almost impossible to get the original price of popular looks, not to mention this Rainbow Di, which is very popular inside and outside the circle, and even dealers may need help to order it—this watch.

At present, the lowest secondary market price of the new Rainbow Di is around RMB 2.5 million. And even the second-hand cost dramatically exceeds the public expense. For reference, in April 2019, at a Sotheby’s watch auction, the transaction price of 116595 RBOW Rainbow Di was 237,500 pounds, equivalent to about 2.15 million yuan.

About Back Diamonds

Rainbow di watches are hard to find, which also gave rise to the idea of many people buying ordinary Daytona and modifying the rainbow circle later. Of course, the price of the rainbow di, which is changed after the diamond, is much lower and looks good at first glance. Still, it should be noted that the modified diamond cannot restore the original standard of the gem circle to a high degree, and the color transition will not be so natural. The modification of the heart will even appear more abrupt.

In terms of details, there may be a large gap between the gemstones modified after the diamond and the rocks, and the height of the gems may also be inconsistent, resulting in uneven bezels. In addition, the modified version cannot receive the after-sales service officially recognized by the Labor Service.

About alternatives

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Hublot BIG BANG have launched “Rainbow Circle” products. Zenith launched the Defy Classic Rainbow limited edition watch. After all, the public price of 145,000 yuan can form a sufficient price difference with Rainbow Di. People will give up Rainbow Di and choose a relatively cheap alternative. Otherwise, spending tens of millions to buy Rainbow Circle but not the Rolex knockoff Rainbow Di they are thinking about will be regrettable. Hublot replica.

The rainbow circle on this Zenith Defy Classic Rainbow is the “narrow version” of Daytona’s rainbow circle. The 48 gemstones look more delicate, and the color arrangement is different. Rainbow Di is red on the bottom, blue on the left, purple on the right, and Yellow; this Zenith model is blue on the top, red on the bottom, yellow on the left, and purple on the right. The Zenith Defy Classic Rainbow case is made of titanium, and the design of the hollow disk is very individual. It is equipped with the Elite 670 SK open automatic movement, and the white rubber strap matches the blue alligator leather material. The overall visual experience is lighter and more energetic.

Rolex Rainbow Di is undoubtedly the king of the rainbow circle, with a unique charm and friends with sufficient budgets; of course, there is nothing wrong with choosing it. However, the Zenith Defy Classic Rainbow watch is not impossible to consider. Interested friends may wish to feel it.

Dial Color: Black Dial
Band Length: 18cm
Series: Daytona
Case Size: 40mm
Brand: Rolex
Model: 116595RBOW
Case Color: Rose Gold-tone
Movement: Automatic
Gender: Men’s

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