After The 1990s, The Submariner-type Infinity Water Ghost Luxury Watches Fake

After experiencing a 30-year production of the submarine-type Ref.5513, the fifth-generation Ref.14060 appeared in 1989, achieving a comprehensive improvement in performance. The tablet has changed from the plastic of Ref.5513 to sapphire, which improves the waterproof performance to 300m. The internal movement was upgraded from Cal.1520 to Cal.3000, achieving a vibration of 28,800. To prevent the bezel from rotating during the diving, the bezel has changed from the original two-way spin to one-way, significantly improving diving safety. In addition, there is no [Superlative Chronometer] on the dial of Ref.14060. The luminous coating of Ref.14060 uses the discontinued Tritium bright (now it will not glow). In 1999, the radiant luminous, brilliant light that was about to be finished in Ref.14060 became Luminova. By the way, Rolex swiss replica website, which contains Tritium luminous, has now become a quasi-antique watch. It is a very popular second-hand Rolex recently. Friends who want to start with antique clocks feel they can be created. In addition, Tritium changes to Luminova luminous. The specific manifestation on the dial is the label of the 6 o’clock direction from [SWISS-T <25] to [SWISS], and eventually, it becomes [SWISS MADE].

The next model was Ref.14060m after the production was discontinued in 2000. It is no different from the old model in appearance. The most significant difference is that the movement has evolved from Cal.3000 to CAL.3130, but the dial did not add the word [Superlative Chronometer] until 2007. The two lines of the model became four lines. At 6 o’clock in the mirror, the laser crown of the Rolex Anti-counterfeiting Sign was added. Rolex almost added anti-counterfeit laser crowns to all styles except green glass after 2003. The outer wall of the dial was carved around 2007, and the serial number was engraved at 6 o’clock. If the Rolex before that, if Rolex wanted to confirm the watch serial number, it needed to remove the bracelet to view it. Ref.14060M was discontinued in 2012. In terms of collecting value alone, the year of Ref.14060M has a sequence number in the 2012 serial number garbled.

Next is the 6 -digit -type model Wushui Ghost REF.114060. It was released in 2012. It was two years later than the calendar water ghost Ref.116610ln. Although the movement is the same as the old REF.14060M model, the scarf uses a more magnetic blue Parachrom hood, and at the same time, the shock-absorbing performance has also greatly improved. The specific changes are as follows:

  • Case: The surface’s thickness has changed from 2.7mm to 4mm, and the shoulder guards have become more prominent, making the subject look bigger.
  • Neutron: The folding oyster insurance buckle that can adjust the length without tools with a tool is equipped with a Rolex Glidelock extension system. The middle part of the bracelet also changes from hollow to solid. The head grains also changed from the old separation type.
  • Bezian: The scale-plated platinum number is from an aluminum bezel to a scratch-resistant Cerachrom ceramic bezel.
  • Dial: The pointer and the luminous scale have also become thicker, significantly improving visibility; the watch’s brilliant coatings have become a long-acting, long-acting blue, bright light with a long glowing time.
  • Movement: Replaced with a cashmere blue Parachrom to make the luxury watches fake more resistant to earthquake resistance.

Rolex launched a new water ghost with a diameter of 41mm in 2020. The production of the old Ref.114060 was also concluded. The new Wuli Water Ghost Ref.124060 has changed from the inside out. The case has adjusted from a standard 40mm diameter to 41mm, one of the biggest highlights. And as the diameter becomes more extensive, pointers, luminous scale, and bracelets are also more significant, but the number of bracelets is reduced by one section. The internal movement uses the latest CAL.3230 movement. The kinetic energy reserve is improved to 70 hours, consistent with the new green water ghost, and the performance has been dramatically improved. In addition, a small crown is added in the middle of 6 o’clock in the dial in the center of the dial in the middle of the word [SWISS MADE] to show differences.

I wonder if everyone likes new or old.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Submariner
Model: 114060
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 40 MM
Case_material: Steel
Bracelet_material: Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type: Black
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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