Five Things You May Not Know About The Rolex Daytona: Luxury Of Watches Fake

1. All Daytonas are Cosmographs, but not all Cosmographs are Daytonas.

The Cosmograph was first seen on the Rolex 6062 Oyster Moon Phase watch in the 1950s. It must be admitted that the Cosmograph is more meaningful as a model name. Then, it disappeared until it reappeared in 1963 with 6239.

Modern Daytona in white gold

2. The name Daytona rarely appeared

In our impression, Rolex is a very focused and decisive watchmaking company, but this was different in the 1950s and 1960s when many model names were hesitant. The Submariner was almost named “Skin Diver,” and many watches were named after iconic dials. Similarly, some early Turn-O-Graphs were stamped “Monometer,” the Daytona was initially planned to be named For Le Mans. Luxury of watches fake.

Daytona “Paul Newman”

3. It was a failure at first

Part of the reason hand-wound Daytonas are so rare today is that so few were made. Daytona started as a failure. When a cousin bought a Rolex in the late 1970s and asked about the discount, the salesman responded: “Sorry, sir, Rolex does not sell at a discount, but if you want to buy a Daytona, I can give you a discount of eight.”

4. All gold chronographs are clocks, but not all are marked as such.

The movements of the manual winding Daytona steel and gold models are different. The movement of the stainless steel model has only been adjusted in three directions. In contrast, the gold model is an observatory replica watch officially certified by COSC, but only in recent years. Production of 6263 and 6265 only began to indicate this on the dial.

5. This is the watch model with the most minor original Rolex elements

As we all know, the manual-winding Daytona is equipped with a Valjoux movement, but what is less well-known is that Rolex needs to produce a case, dial, or hands. The case is from Charles-René Spielmann (CRS, who also made many cases for the Omega Speedmaster); the dial is from Singer, Beyeler, and Stern; and the hands are from Universo and other Swiss suppliers. However, the watches are assembled by Rolex and equipped with patented oyster crowns and waterproof gaskets.

Model: 116509-78599
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 40mm
Dial Color: Black Dial
Series: Daytona
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic

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