Getting Started With Ghosts – Fake Rolex 14060

Today, Xiaobian brings you three 14060 recommendations. Fake Rolex’s introduction and articles have already said that it is the wrong street, and many people must know it. However, I still want to talk about this challenging, handsome, simple, durable, and value-preserving entry-level black water ghost without a calendar – Ref.14060.

Regarding 14060, there are two versions: 14060 and 14060 M; M is the meaning of MODIFIED (bend), so you can see the difference is small; the movement is the most significant difference between the two: 30 stopwatch and 31. 14060 was produced from 1989 to 2000, while 14060M was produced from 2000 to 2011. Since there is almost no difference in appearance between the two, fake rolex only adds an M to distinguish the model, making 14060 have different versions in different periods. The primary way to quickly identify 14060 is to look at the plate; the little makeup of the hands of the three tables is representative of different periods.

The first is the early version of 14060. The most prominent feature is the two-line characters below the dial. Because the observatory certification fee is relatively expensive, fake Rolex secretly saved the money then, so the dial still retains the traditional two-line characters of antique labor.

At the same time, the early use of the replica rolex watch plate T25 disk. The following is some of Xiaobai’s explanation of what a T25 disk is: This means that there is a line of words “SWISS-T<25” at the six o’clock position of the disk, which is the abbreviation of tritium, representing this kind of Noctilucent uses radioactive substances, and its content is within the safe range. The most prominent feature of this T25 disk is that its luminous effect will fail after a long time, and part of the luminous coating on the T25 surface will oxidize and slowly turn yellow. Another prominent feature is that the outer ring scale is designed with a flat head of 4, and the 4 of the 40 number at the 8 o’clock position is a flat head; this is also a quick way to identify new and old circles.

To allow the timepiece to be read in the dark, radioactive, luminescent substances are applied to some models’ dials’ scales and hands. According to the ISO-3157 guidelines of the international certification organization, timepieces can only use radioactive species within the regulations, and tritium is mainly used in watches. SWISS-T<25 means the watch is made in Switzerland, contains tritium, and is less radioactive than 925 MBq (25 mCi)

The 14060 entered a transition period from the U and A prefixes, and the disk and outer ring began to be replaced with new versions. Its luminous material Luminova did not contain radioactive tritium, so the six o’clock position logo was changed to a single SWISS design. After the P prefix, the uniform was replaced by SWISS MADE. The luminous material adopts the new exclusive secret recipe luminous Super Luminova.

The P prefix is ​​exactly the handover period between 14060 and 14060M. In the information found by the editor, 14060M has been replaced with a new type of luminous and a new pointed four outer ring. The disk is a unique feature of this Z prefix in the editor’s hand. The fake Rolex crown is designed to be thinner and more pointed. It is also called the “frog foot” dial. It is an alternative version produced by the factory with the prefix Z2-Z7. This crown is often seen in the early V-head of the original ghost king 116600.

After Z7, the 14060M was launched, and the astronomical observatory logo SCOC, referred to as the four-line dial surface, began to be printed on the bottom of the disk. This disk also established the standard printing plate of modern water ghosts, series name + waterproof depth + Observatory certification, although 14060 and 14060M early. There is no astronomical logo, but the movement strictly follows Rolex’s factory standards. It can be verified by the astronomical Observatory, which is a simple or complex choice for the player. The two lines of words are relatively simple and have a sense of age, which is also fun that many watch fans follow. The last 14060M has garbled characters and G prefixes, and its 31 movements have been upgraded to a blue hairspring, which is anti-magnetic. Higher and more stable, this is also the prefix sought after by many watch friends.

Regarding the difference between 14060 and 16610, the whole series is designed with hollow belt perforations. The later 16610 has been replaced with a solid lead, and the buckle has also been upgraded. The 14060 remained unchanged until it was discontinued.

How to choose your own 14060?

The simple disk surface is the most significant difference between 14060 and 16610, so good products with two lines of words are the best choice. If you can buy a complete set or early T-side fading ring, it is better, of course, and the budget is not much different from 16610.

I have always felt that the taste of antique imitation watches is a tribute to taking time seriously. The careful care of each watch owner has had a beautiful appearance for more than ten years or even decades. It has crossed mountains and seas. Please believe that every SUBMARINE has its own story.

Brand :Rolex
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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