How Does Rolex Watch Replica Make It So Solid And Durable?

The current watch market is very competitive. The major watchmaking brands can be said to have been “rolled,” constantly pushing new, innovative materials, colorful colors, and dazzling designs. However, among these famous watch brands, there are always one or two brands that are not very “groups.” They still insist on taking their routes and do not follow the flow. Speaking of this, I need to learn how to talk to you today. That’s right; it is Rolex. Although Rolex has been launched yearly in recent years, the overall changes are not significant. Despite this, the watch replica world still recognizes Rolex as the most robust and resistant watch. So how does it do?

Rolex has good quality and is challenging to have problems. Everyone knows. Why are there so many watch brands? Everyone makes tables; only Rolex is of excellent quality and recognized worldwide. Many reasons determine this. Today, we say one by one.

Rolex Oyster Hengmou 126000

  1. Why doesn’t Rolex make complex tables?

Rolex has not made complex tables in the real sense since ancient times. Everyone knows the three primary complex functions of Switzerland’s traditional watchmaking. Three questions, tourbillons, and perpetual calendar, Rolex has never done it. Even if it is superimposed by chasing needles and three types of functions, Rolex does not do it. Although information shows that Rolex is in the field of complex tables, such as tracking needles and constant power devices, it has related patents. Still, it has yet to be put into production.

Rolex yacht candy bean circle full of star 116695

Say one here; you may not know. The most complicated table in Rolex has a history. The Rolex Sale (i.e., Heavenly Walker) sold at the time of the annual calendar is nothing more. In addition, it is a “simple watch.” Only a simple time second hand, or a calendar, timing, etc. The more complicated the table, the easier it is to have problems. Rolex is straightforward. There is a calendar: passion and calendar. Rolex will not give you this opportunity.

Rolex full calendar month phase 6062

Rolex full calendar month phase 8171

Furthermore, each series of Rolex strictly achieves a sequence corresponding to a professional function and absolutely no circle. For example, Ditonga is a professional timing, which is a time-time function, and there is no more calendar; Glinnie is a table of two places, that is, a pointer between the two places and one calendar; Function. The relatively simple function is the basis for Rolex resistance.

Rolex Heaven Walker

  1. Why the Rolex table structure is the same?

Rolex’s watches use the same watch structure (except Chelini) and use an oyster case. Whether it is a diving watch water ghost, a time watch Dicong, or a formal log, a weekly calendar. The main structure of the case is the same.

Rolex Green Ghost 116610LV

Rolex Tongzan 116519

The oyster case is the core structure of Rolex swiss fake watches. It was invented in 1926 (referring to the bezel, crown, and bottom cover technology on the middle point). Modern Rolex’s oyster case shape was established in the 1940s and 1950s. For more than 70 years, there has been no essential change, but it is fine-tuned. The problems that should be solved have been solved. Those who have matured can no longer mature. In addition, all watches are the same structure. It is difficult to make it want to make it wrong.

Rolex oyster case main body

Rolex oyster case

Rolex is industrialized, and most of the procedures are completed. The dial assembly, movement assembly, etc., is done manually. There is no significant number of artificial participants, and there are too many detailed and complex components to polish and assemble, which reduces the chance of problems.

Rolex 4130 automatic timing movement in the assembly.

The calendar dial is installed with the crown.

  1. Whether parts are produced by themselves.

Rolex is a famous watch brand in the renowned watch world. What does it mean? It is Rolex’s raw materials from metallurgy and steelmaking to cases, dials, movements, bracelets, a watch up and down, from the inside to the outside, all produced by themselves. Rolex has a complete set of industrial chains. Like Rolex, they can control the production of all components by themselves and do not rely on outside famous watch brands, which are very small in the world of favorite watches. Most famous watch brands must rely on external suppliers to provide some parts. For example, you must buy a dial from a particular dial factory and the movement from the movement factory.

Rolex produces gold shells.

“From top to bottom integration,” Rolex is all produced. The advantage is that you can control the quality of all links and components without compromise. At the same time, you can propose your own quality control and quality standards. For example, Rolex’s waterproof diving watches test differs from known watch brands. It is reported that Rolex’s waterproof has to conduct stress testing and really launches water testing; it depends on whether there is water and gas infiltration. Among the Rolex of about 1,000 tests, one will be unqualified. For many famous watch brands, there is no test of this intensity.

The Rolex Gold Ride Type of Waterproof Test.

At the same time, Rolex’s supercelestial platform standards are familiar. The bar is daily error+2/-2 seconds. This is the highest time standard in the world of famous watches. There is no time to go to the time to go, exceeding Rolex Super Observatory.

Rolex’s green tag at the supercelestial platform.

  1. Unique business methods.

Rolex is not a listed company. Rolex belongs to the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. The foundation form of the foundation has a positive impact on the quality of the opponent. Most of the famous watch brands are listed companies.

Rolex Rainbow Circle Week Calendar 18058

The operation method of the foundation allows Rolex’s operations to be influenced by shareholders and short-term interests. Like what we see, Rolex will not say that this year, the tourbillon is famous, and Rolex has to build a tourbillon; this year, the hollow and cool is widespread, and we have to make an open and excellent watch. Everyone knows that Rolex’s update is very slow, and it is possible even 10 or 20 years. It only makes minor adjustments and small changes. For example, Rolex’s first self-produced automatic timing movement, 4130, came out in 2000 and launched Ditong Nap 116520. they launched in 2016. The Rolex Di Tong is now on sale. And other functions, there is no change. In contrast, other famous watch brands have even updated new models yearly or launched various unique models and limited editions.

Rolex Tongzan 116520

Rolex Tongzan 116500

Because the famous watches of the new “rollover” are. Indeed, such a brand was replaced with new materials to travel and vigorously publicized. After the listing, the quality problem broke out, and I had to recall. The next watch was replaced with conventional scarves. Rolex’s slower style changes will not have hidden quality hazards due to the application of large-scale new processes and technologies.

Rolex Red and Black Circle 16710

The four major factors above have created Rolex’s “strong resistance.” But one is divided into two; behind the “strong and resistant,” the watch is entirely satisfactory, and there are no outstanding technical and technological characteristics. Therefore, whether to choose Rolex’s “strong resistance” or the complex function and technical process of other famous tables, different players will make different choices.

  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Model: m126000-0004
  • Case Thickness: Around 12mm
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Series: Oyster Perpetual
  • Case Size: 36mm
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Dial Color: Yellow Dial

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