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Paul Newman wears “Paul Newman” on his wrist.

First, what kind of Daytona qualifies as a “Paul Newman”?

Rolex Daytona will have such a situation. One model has two dials. For example, Rolex Daytona 6241 and 6263 have Paul Newman and non-Paul Newman versions. How to tell the difference? The easiest way is to look directly at the three small chronograph dials. If “small squares” are on the scales in the small chronograph dials, this is “Paul Newman.” It wouldn’t be Paul Newman without little squares. This is the most direct.

The picture above shows Daytona 6263, and the picture below indicates Daytona 6263 Paul Newman Edition. We can see the difference between the two.

Of course, in addition to the “small squares,” we will also see that Paul Newman’s hour markers are tiny, a high-contrast black and white dial, etc. But it would help if you looked at the “little squares,” and you’ll be fine. The “little square” you see in the sub-dial is Paul Newman.

There are only two types of Paul Newman.

Paul Newman is divided into two types: one is that the timing button does not have a lock handle, and the other is that the timing button has a lock handle. It is straightforward to distinguish; you can tell it directly by looking at the timing button. If the timing button does not have a lock handle, it is a “bare” button; if the timing button has a lock handle, the button has a rotating lock handle.

The “Paul Newman” without a lock handle is an early model, and the timing button is not locked, so it is not waterproof; the “Paul Newman” with a lock handle is a later model, but the timing button is locked, so it is waterproof. We see that the current Daytonas all have timing buttons with lock handles. Paul Newman developed the lock of the timing buttons.

Paul Newman 6239, note it has no lock.

A brief explanation of Paul Newman’s model number is straightforward.

Unlocked: 6239 (the earliest model with steel rim); 6241 (replaced the bezel with a black acrylic bezel); 6262 (steel rim, but the movement is upgraded to Valjoux 727)

Locked: 6263 (black acrylic bezel, chronograph button locked, Valjoux 727 movement)

Paul Newman 6263, please note there is a lock.

There is a difference between having a lock and not having a lock.

What is Rolex most famous for? It is an Oyster case. Now, except for Cellini, all other Rolex watches are Oyster watches. The Oyster watch uses Rolex’s patented technology to screw the outer ring, bottom cover, and crown of the watch onto the middle case. If it is locked, it is an Oyster watch. If it is not locked, it is not an Oyster watch. So it is evident that a Paul Newman without a chronograph button lock is not an Oyster watch; a Paul Newman with a chronograph button lock is an Oyster watch. Therefore, there are differences between the two types of Paul Newman. Of course, the Oyster Paul Newman with a timing button lock handle is more powerful and has a higher value. Luxury watches fake.

90% of the value of a Rolex Paul Newman is on the dial.

Why do the Rolex “Paul Newman” dials have so many variations? A fundamental reason is caused by “locked Oyster” and “unlocked non-Oyster.” We all know that the Rolexes (except for Cellini) are all Oyster watches with the word Oyster written on the dials. Rolex Paul Newman’s change from “non-Oyster” to “Oyster” resulted in various changes in the disk surface and the emergence of unique disk surfaces, increasing value.

Note that the Paul Newman without a lock only has two lines of ROLEX COSMOGRAPH on the dial and no OYSTER.

At first, the Rolex Paul Newman was a non-Oyster watch without a lock. Naturally, the two lines of ROLEX COSMOGRAPH were written on the dial (the two lines under the crown). Later, the Rolex Paul Newman added a button lock and became a watch with a lock. Locked Oyster watch, the word “oyster” in English is added to the dial. The dial becomes ROLEX OYSTER COSMOGRAPH (three lines of words under the crown). So Rolex Paul Newman has the difference between “two lines” and “three lines.”

Paul Newman 6263, please note that there are three lines of ROLEX OYSTER COSMOGRAPH on the dial.

At this point, the first problem arises.

We will find that the “three lines” of Paul Newman’s Oyster with a lock differ. The standard one should be ROLEX OYSTER COSMOGRAPH (abbreviation ROC), and the individual ones are ROLEX COSMOGRAPH OYSTER (abbreviation RCO). The order of the words is different. One is ROC, and the other is RCO. Special RCOs are worth more than standard ROCs. How did this special RCO come about?

The particular version of RCO.

According to research, this special RCO (ROLEX COSMOGRAPH OYSTER) is because after Rolex upgraded the unlocked Paul Newman to the locked Oyster Paul Newman, it found that there were many pre-made dials before. It may be too late to make a new version of the dial. Just under the Paul Newman “two lines” dial without lock, the word OYSTER is added to tell people that this is the Oyster Paul Newman with lock. The old dial is added with one line of words and used directly. When the new dial version is mass-produced, the RCO (ROLEX COSMOGRAPH OYSTER) that directly adds the letters OYSTER to the old dial will no longer be needed. This temporary transitional dial version has a small quantity in existence, so it is of high value.

In addition to alphabetical order, a second problem arises.

We will find that the dials of Paul Newman watch without locks generally come in three colors: black, white, and red. It’s easy to see in black and white, and the red is the red scale on the edge of the dial that everyone can see. The general locked Oyster Paul Newman dial has black and white colors. The scales on the edge of the dial are also black and white, without red. So, Paul Newman was divided into three colors and two colors. In the early stage, the unlocked Paul Newman had three colors; in the later stage, the locked Oyster Paul Newman had two colors. Then, the problem arises again. A 3-color locked Oyster Paul Newman appeared. The locked Oyster style originally came in 2 colors, so why did it appear in 3?

Three colors, Paul Newman with lock.

After research, this kind of 3-color locked Paul Newman is scarce. Because of its rarity, it has high value. It is said that this special three-color locked Paul Newman is also because, in the evolution process from unlocked to locked, Rolex reprinted new characters on the early three-color dial and used locked Oyster. Styled Paul Newman. So there is this “mix and match” situation.

I rank the value of Paul Newman.

The several Paul Newman and letter and color changes mentioned earlier are what Rolex Daytona Paul Newman usually encounters. Based on the situations I mentioned earlier, I will first help you line up a queue to give you a rough idea of which are of high value and which are of low value.

Daytona without lock<Daytona with lock<Ordinary Paul Newman without lock<Ordinary Paul Newman with lock<Special Paul Newman.

The approximate ranking according to value is as follows; you can refer to it.

Next, I want to talk about three very special Paul Newmans.

First up is “Paul Newman” by Paul Newman himself.

“Paul Newman” by Paul Newman himself.

Paul Newman’s own Paul Newman is a 3-color, unlocked version of 6239. Paul Newman himself gave this watch gave this watch to his daughter’s boyfriend at the time (of course, he later broke up with his daughter). Now, the owner of this watch, the daughter’s “boyfriend,” has taken out the watch and put it up for auction at Phillips Auction House. Paul Newman’s “Paul Newman” was given to him by his wife. The remarkable thing is that an engraving on the back of the watch reads “DRIVE CAREFULLY ME.” It is now sold at a high price of US$17.43 million, including commission (approximately RMB 117.84 million). Becoming the most expensive watch in the world. Replica watches for sale.

The second one is Paul Newman, nicknamed “Black Ghost”.

Paul Newman’s “Black Ghost” is the only black-locked Oyster Paul Newman without DAYTONA letters.

There is a famous special, Paul Newman, with a black plate, three colors, lock, ROC, and no English word DAYTONA on the dial. So what’s going on with this Paul Newman? How did it come out? At first, many people suspected this “Black Ghost” was a fake watch with a modified disk. However, later research proved that this “Black Phantom” was an actual watch, and there was no problem. The conclusion drawn after the research is. At that time, someone was at a Rolex dealer to order a black dial, locked Paul Newman. After this problem was reported to Rolex, Rolex found that it did not have a black disk for the locked Paul Newman. I only have the old black dial in hand. The old black dial only had “two lines of characters.” Rolex didn’t want to change the “two lines of characters” directly by adding “OYSTER” to “three lines of characters,” so they erased all the characters on the dial and reprinted them. This “Black Ghost” became the only black-locked Oyster Paul Newman without the letters DAYTONA.

The third one is the most famous fake, Paul Newman.

Red Paul Newman is fake.

Red dial Paul Newman, yes, a genuine fake watch. The story goes that a Singaporean collector once exchanged his Philippe Dufour for two red Paul Newmans. As a result, when he sent the red Paul Newman to Rolex’s official customer service, it was identified as a fake watch. Red Paul Newman is the most notorious case of forgery. Although red Paul Newman has been controversial for many years, it can be determined that the vast majority of red Paul Newman is fake. I don’t say that all red Paul Newman watches are fake because there are many variables in the particular version of Rolex watches. If a real one comes out one day, don’t say it to death.

There are so many variables in Paul Newman, mainly due to the mixing of parts during the transitional stage. This problem often occurs with Rolex.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Daytona
Band Length: 19cm
Case Thickness: 16mm
Model: m116500ln-0001
Gender: Men’s

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