Imitation Rolex Steel Dittona Black And White Male Watch

One of the focuses of attention at every Basel watch Fair is Rolex. In 2016, imitation Rolex lived up to the hype by releasing the new steel Daytona 116500LN with a black Cerachrom ceramic bezel.

Data is legendary. You may have heard of the record for a steel watch sold at auction for $1 million. It was the Paul Newman Daytona Ref.6263 from the 60s. The Hyundai steel model, the Daytona 116520, has been sold out since its launch in 2000, with long dealer waiting lists (said to be four or five years). It’s incredible to think that a steel clock that hasn’t changed much in 16 years is so famous, and you have to acknowledge the success of the Rolex market.

A new version of the Oyster Cosmic Meter Dittona series has been created. The Steel Dittona has a new evolution, the 116500LN, still available in black and white face plates, both equipped with a black Cerachrom ceramic coil, with some slight changes in the dial. In addition, the case, hand, movement, dial, The chain is almost identical to 116520; Could this be the secret to Rolex’s success, choosing evolutionary iteration over revolution?

The first thing the Rolex Steel Dittona Black and White duo will focus on is the new black ceramic bezel. It is not the first time Cerachrom has been used on Dittona fake Rolex watches. Rolex used Cerachrom on the Everest Gold Rose Gold 116515LN in 2011 and the Platinum 50th anniversary limited 116506 in 2013. (For the 50th anniversary, Many people expect Rolex to come out with a steel watch with ceramic bezels, but Rolex is always like this, no matter how the market consumer ogles, it still takes its time to keep the appetite, any new technology is always applied to the gold watch first, it is an iron rule).

116500LN is the first application of the ceramic coil stainless steel version of Ditton! And while the previous 116520 had a silver steel bezel, the new 116500LN now has a black bezel, a throwback to its roots. In the 1960s, Paul Newman wore the Steel 6241 and 6263 bezels in black, while the lunar bezel was only made of black Plexiglas.

Rolex steel Dittona black and white double male ceramic ring is fired as a whole, the number and scale are directly engraved on it, and then deposited on the platinum by PVD process; Its advantages are wear-resistant, no scratch marks (unless you use a diamond ring), compared to the previous generation of steel watch owners must have a deep memory of polished bezels. The actual color change is more exciting. The watch is not so shiny, and the visual effect will be slight, but it brings more contrasting colors and has a more modern cold feeling.

There is also a slight change in the speed scale on the bezel. The bezel numbers are horizontal, while the 116500LN has the same design as the Kindi – the numbers are circularly arranged around the bezel. The rich everywhere represent the future direction.

The Rolex Steel Dittona Black and White 2016 Steel Dittona 116500LN is also available in two versions, white or black, as the old version. The time scale or each indicator is still small warhead style (gold material Ditona often has several Arabic numeral time scales), made of 18 white gold, embedded super luminous material; The hands still use the old design – with a black line in the middle.

The imitation Rolex steel Daytona is black and white, but the white 116500LN chronograph dial is a new design. The old model had a silver-plated outer ring. Now, they have a black cochlear pattern that echoes the black ceramic coil, which is in sharp contrast to the white background, like the Panda face dial of the old 6263. The black face plate is still a cochlear-shaped silver ring around the outer ring of the chronograph sub-dial. Used to be the hottest black steel Di, I see after the market to change, black circle black face where there is a beautiful panda plate eye-catching?

  • The Rolex Steel Dittona black and white double male New Steel DI 116500LN has no change in the case and chain, so it is still a classic Dittona watch at first glance. The same all-in-one 904L stainless steel case (with lugs) is still cast, the same 40mm diameter, the same screw-in timing button, the familiar crown is still triple-locked, the same 100m waterproof, and the same surface (almost entirely polished).

  • The imitation Rolex steel Ditona black and white double male watch chain is the same, with a typical oyster design, satin finish on the outer link, and polished center link. The oyster folding buckle is equipped with an Easylink extension (about 5mm long) for easy adjustment).

  • Rolex steel Dituna black and white duo inside or imitation Rolex self-produced automatic timing movement Cal.4130, guide post wheel structure, vertical clutch, with blue Parachrom, has 72 hours of power reserve, but now because Rolex launched more stringent than COSC of their top observatory certification, The new Ditona achieves an accuracy of -2 — +2 seconds/day and comes with a five-year warranty.

Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (OysterLock)
Dial_type:White Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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