Interpretation Of 5 Classic Luminous Technologies In Replica Watches

Looking at the development history of luminous watches and the creative competition between major watchmakers, I suddenly felt that so many mysteries are hidden in this small luminous watch. As everyone knows, several major watch brands have used various methods to illuminate the large dials to please those looking down at the watch in the dark.

Ball watch, the king of luminous watches

Luminous technology: self-luminous micro gas lamp

Products need to be distinctive. Ball has gained increasing popularity in mainland China in recent years. The watches are indeed good, with anti-magnetic and super-hard coatings. Of course, the most attractive thing is the Gas Light technology. This self-luminous micro gas lamp is embedded in the dial scale and hands. This cutting-edge Swiss technology makes the self-luminous micro gas lamp brighter than ordinary without relying on external light or energy. Traditional luminous paint is 100 times more colorful and can continue to glow for up to 25 years.

Luminous patent owner Panerai

Luminous technology: Radiomir, Luminor

Panerai is an old brand, established in 1860, and one of the three patents it is proud of is reserved for the luminous technology Radiomir. Panerai’s technology is called Radiomir because radium is a radioactive, luminescent material. Radium is a pure white alkaline earth metal that oxidizes to black when exposed to air. All radium compounds are radioactive, and the Latin name Radium means radioactive. Radium is not stable and will decay into radon in about 1600 years. Because of its continuous decay, it will emit light blue light. In 1949, Panerai also applied for a patent for Luminor, another important luminous technology, which used another radioactive material, tritium, as a luminous material. This technique is more secure but still has time constraints. The half-life of tritium is 12.5 years, which means that the practical life of the night light made of tritium is about ten years. After more than ten years, tritium began to age, turn yellow, and gradually lose its luminous effect. Current replica watches mostly use materials with longer afterglow, such as the current mainstream Super-LumiNova, which can continue to emit green light for 8 hours after only 30 minutes of exposure. This material appeared in the 1980s. Its main component is strontium aluminate salt, plus rare earth dysprosium. It can continue to glow for several hours if exposed to light for a few minutes.

Blu-ray Yingying Rolex

Luminous technology: fluorescent material Chromalight

Rolex’s luminous dial display uses Chromalight, an innovative fluorescent material. The so-called “Chroma” stands for “chroma and saturation.” This material emits blue light and is used on the hands and hours of a series of Rolex Professional Oyster models. Chromalight’s light-emitting time is almost doubled compared with general standard fluorescent materials. Its luminous intensity can remain stable during a complete dive and last for more than 8 hours. In 2008, Rolex used Chromalight fluorescent material for the first time on its Oyster Perpetual DEEPSEA, a professional diver’s watch with a waterproof depth of 3,900 meters, which has become the signature color of Rolex diving watches. Rolex replicas for sale.

German innovation Lange

Glow-in-the-dark technology: UV-excited phosphor phosphors emit light

All roads lead to Rome, and there are always different ways to solve the same technical problem. The same is true for the realization of luminous. We have already introduced several cases where great efforts have been made on the radiant body. Now, let’s look at the ingenious ways to achieve the glowing effect through the dial. This is about Lange’s German patent DE102010000749, which was applied for on January 8, 2010; the inventor is WENZELJAN. This design is used for Lange’s famous “Owl” ZEITWERK luminous version. Lange’s luminous design makes the dial of sapphire and then coated on the sapphire.

The coating consists of two layers. The first layer is a metallic silver coating, and the second is a titanium oxide coating. This design has only one purpose: not to transmit visible light but only to transmit ultraviolet light. The transmitted ultraviolet light excites the phosphorus phosphor to emit light. After comparing many designs, I found that Germany’s technological innovation ideas are unique enough. For example, in the design to improve the efficiency of automatic winding introduced before, only the Germans considered designing the reduction ratio of the two-way winding to be different so that the mainspring could be wound more efficiently. Tighter.

Luminous Blancpain that sticks on

Luminous technology: luminous scale bonding

Now that luminous technology is so mature, how to present it has become the focus of various brands, which are waterproof to 300 meters. In 2003, Blancpain launched a new limited edition watch to commemorate this legendary model. This watch has a black arc-shaped scratch-resistant sapphire crystal bezel and combines different materials and hardnesses. The technology of bonding differently heated steel bezels, fluorescent scales, and sapphire crystals has also been patented.

Case Size: 40mm
Gender: Men’s
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner
Model: 114060-97200
Case Color: Silver-tone

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