Let’s Talk About Materials Instead Of Craftsmanship, Best Replica Watches

There are endless topics to talk about watches, from the fantastic craftsmanship to the complex and diverse watch functions, from the various watch shapes to the ever-changing material selection, all of which have contained the essence of watchmaking over the years. Magical watchmakers transform the beauty of nature into elegant wristwatches. Each watch is the crystallization of the artisans’s wisdom, and hundreds of small parts have evolved into the best testimony of the fleeting time. Watch craftsmanship is a topic worth exploring and has condensed hundreds of years of history. Still, today, we will put aside the watchmaking craftsmanship for the time being and talk about the materials used to make watches.

Stainless steel material

Stainless steel is the most common watch case material we see. It has the unique toughness of metal and is comfortable to wear. There is no “fine steel” in academia and engineering. Generally speaking, fine steel refers to carbon tool steel and carbon alloy steel. In the early 1990s, it became the mainstream material for processing mid-to-high-end fashion accessories in Europe and the United States. Now, it has become the preferred material for many fashion brands. Usually, the delicate steel we refer to can be divided into 316L steel and 904L steel, which are different in composition and toughness. Both steels are austenitic non-magnetic steel bodies. 904L contains nickel, chromium, and copper, but 316L does not. Compared with 904, it is more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and the price is also three times that of 316.

316L fine steel is stainless steel with good texture, strong corrosion resistance, and density close to iron. 904L fine steel is a super heat-resistant stainless steel alloy with a chromium alloy content of up to 21%, and its corrosion resistance is comparable to that of precious metal materials. In 1988, Rolex took the lead in introducing 904L stainless steel into the watchmaking field. So far, the only company in the industry has widely and systematically applied this material to manufacture watch cases, crowns, and straps. The manufacturing process of 904L stainless steel is quite rigorous. After the first casting, the metal will be melted in a vacuum container and purified to remove impurities. The quality can be confirmed by scanning with an electron microscope before it can be used to make watches. Therefore, watches made of 904L steel have a firm metallic texture, dazzling luster, and strong toughness and wear resistance. Watches that can use this material are more expensive than ordinary 306L steel. Best replica watches.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss watch is a model of sturdiness and reliability. The unique middle case is made of a solid block of 904L steel with extreme corrosion resistance. Rolex watchmakers tighten the triangular grooved bottom cover with special tools exclusive to the brand to seal the case entirely. The Milgauss escapement assembly is equipped with a paramagnetic escapement wheel made of nickel-phosphorus alloy made of UV-LiGA, a micro-parts production technology developed by Rolex. It is equipped with Rolex’s patented blue Parachrom hairspring, made of a unique niobium-zirconium alloy. The watch’s dial is distinctive, and the orange lightning needle is typical. The watch not only continues the classic design of Rolex but also incorporates fashionable modern elements.


In recent years, more and more watch brands have chosen precious metal materials to create replica watches, such as platinum, platinum, rose gold, etc. The full name of platinum we usually refer to should be “white K gold,” a white alloy without platinum made by melting gold and other white metals, in which the percentage of gold is up to 75%. Because this alloy is white, it is called platinum and divided into 18K and 14K types. The K platinum jewelry sold on the market is not platinum, and many consumers must know the truth. As you know, white K gold does not contain platinum at all. Its main component is gold, an alloy of gold and other metals. So what we usually call platinum is white K gold. This material often needs strong hardness and corrosion resistance. It will wear out after wearing for a long time, but the dazzling white metallic luster will make us fall in love with it.

This Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series watch uses 18K white gold to create the case, lugs, and crown, highlighting the texture of precious metals everywhere. The diameter of 38 mm is entirely consistent with men’s wrists. The traditional design of the watch, the noble and solemn shape, and the milestone movement all integrate the spirit represented by the Maltese cross, symbolizing the inheritance of Vacheron Constantin’s more than 200 years of history. The platinum Maltese cross at the core position fully reflects the theme of this watch. The exquisite craftsmanship and perfect shape are combined to create one solemn and gorgeous classic work after another. In the long history of watchmaking, it has become a symbol of enduring elegance. With a long history, traditional functions, noble temperament, and bright breath, this men’s watch is more suitable for formal and grand occasions, and the solemnity and nobility will add a lot of color to the wearer. The watch has a cal.2455 automatic winding movement with 194 precision parts and 27 jewel bearings.


Only platinum can be called white gold. The purity of platinum can usually reach 95%. Platinum has durability and dazzling white light. Pure platinum is silvery white, and its color and luster are natural and lasting. Platinum can generally be divided into pure platinum, iridium platinum, and K white gold. Platinum has a beautiful color, muscular flexibility, melting resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, and chemical stability at high temperatures. Platinum watches will not be corroded or discolored during daily wear or even in an environment with acid vapor. At the same time, the strength and toughness of platinum are much higher than other precious metals.

The Lange Datograph watch has always been a classic chronograph watch in people’s hearts. It not only has outstanding technical innovation but also has a symmetrical dial design. It is made of platinum and is paired with a blue-gray crocodile leather strap and a platinum pin buckle, making it more eye-catching on the wrist. The watch inherits the characteristic dial design of ATOGRAPH. The chronograph minute dial and the small second-hand dial are located at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock, respectively. The large calendar window is situated at nooo’clocklarge calendar, minute hand, and small second dial form an equilateral triangle, contrasting sharply with the black dial, making the entire watch layout symmetrical, beautiful, clear, and easy to read. The L951.6 manual winding movement on the watch consists of 451 parts, 46 jewel bearings, a vibration frequency of 18000vph/2.5Hz, a diameter of 30.6mm, and a thickness of 7.9mm.


It is no longer uncommon to use it in watchmaking. Gold is soft and rigid and has been used to make decorations since ancient times. Because gold is very smooth, watch cases and straps are mainly in the form of alloys, usually 18K. This ratio is verified, ensuring that the color of gold will never disappear, hardness will be assured, and wear marks will be reduced. Among many watch brands, Rolex is a particular case. The gold content of “Gold “Olex” is u”usually higher than that of regular 18K, so Rolex gold watches are often sold at a higher price and can be exchanged for cash instantly in pawnshops or casinos.

Rose gold

Rose gold has a very fashionable and beautiful rose red color. Many watch brands use this material in the design and processing of watches. Rose gold watch cases have a long history and have been used in antique and pocket watches. This material has the characteristics of solid ductility, high hardness, and changeable colors. It is difficult to deform or scratch and can give full play to complex and exquisite design creativity. Compared with traditional gold and platinum, rose gold not only makes the color of colored gemstones more intense but also reflects the exquisiteness and delicacy of metal materials. The warm color brings people a sense of warmth and romance. The watch made of rose gold is dazzling and can set off women’s elegant temperament.

Cartier started with jewelry and has a profound attainment in handicraft aesthetics. Therefore, its watch design is also known for its innovative design. This Tortue series perpetual calendar watch is said to have borrowed the shape of turtle turtles. The frosted barrel-shaped case is made of 18K rose gold and has a diameter of 45.6 mm, a larger size for men. The 18K rose gold crown is octagonal in design and inlaid with a sapphire, highlighting the watch’s elegance. The dial is made of silver-plated material with micro-carved water ripples. The hour and minute hands are traditional blue steel Breguet designs, while the week, month, leap year, and date hands are also made of blue steel. The style is more straightforward, and the brown crocodile leather strap is also very thick. Overall, it is a stable, elegant, and luxurious wristwatch. Functionally, this watch has a perpetual calendar function. It uses CartieCartier’s self-winding perpetual calendar movement 9422 MC. The six o’clock dial is an instantaneous and retrograde week display pointer, and the noon position year and month display disk. The month is an instantaneous pointer, and the leap year is a slowly moving small needle. The date display uses a large blue steel peach-shaped needle coaxial with the hour and minute hands, which also has the function of the instantaneous display. Under the “enchanting” col”r of rose “old, the watch contains the essence of the brand’s many yeabrand’satchmaking, which shows the ingenuity of Cartier watchmakers.

Titanium alloy

Titanium alloy is a new material that has recently appeared in watches. It looks like steel and has a silver-gray luster. It is a transition metal with high strength, good corrosion resistance, and high heat resistance. Pure titanium is silvery white, and its chemical properties are highly active, so the titanium metal we usually talk about is titanium alloy. Titanium alloy has advantages in weight and hardness.

This unparalleled Excalibur Quatuor watch embodies all the professional skills of Roger Dubuis. The case is made of black DLC-coated titanium alloy. This material is known for its strong sense of modernity, noble elegance, and durability. It is light and solid, giving this groundbreaking watch equipped with four balance springs, five differentials, and two crescent-shaped power reserve display mechanisms a new look with a strong sense of technology. This watch has a unique design integrating four balance wheels, a novel power reserve display, and five differentials. Three of them are connected to the balance wheel in the watch’s gear trawatches; one is on the central gear, and the other two are on the third wheel, ensuring that the balance wheel is balanced and achieves impeccable accuracy. The fourth differential ensures the power reserve display and the fifth is connected to the winding rod and two parallel barrels. The ultimate quality is Roger Dubuis’ unswerviDubuis’uit. The movement and the entire Excalibur Quatuor watch are engraved with the Geneva Seal, just like all Roger Dubuis timepieces, which are unique in high-end watchmaking.


Regarding ceramic watch cases, Rado is the first. With the continuous innovation and development of the watch industry, more and more brands are starting to use ceramics to make watches. Ceramic watch cases are wear-resistant, acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-discoloration, and light in weight and are the new favorites of many fashionistas.

Rado is synonymous with ceramic watches. The case and strap of this Rado Isa series Fibonacci watch are made of ultra-light, non-wearable, and extremely shiny polished high-tech ceramics. The warm touch material is exceptionally comfortable, and the low sensitivity is more closely fitted to the skin. The oval case with a diameter of 33 mm is more in line with women’s elegant temperament. The case is 8.4 mm thick and is equipped with a quartz movement inside to provide accurate timing for the watch. The warm curved lines of the case exude a feminine, solid atmosphere. The watch uses a pressed-in double-sided anti-glare curved sapphire watch mirror engraved with the metal “RADO” logo. You”can “ee the natural gems regularly arranged between the dials through the watch mirror. The dial design is very in line with the aesthetics of women. There is no time scale display on the entire dial. The dial is inlaid with 534 natural tsavorites, perfectly arranged in the Fibonacci way. This pattern is commonly seen in plants and flowers, making the entire dial design proportion perfectly harmonious. The inside of the dial is decorated with beautiful gems. These gems are beautiful, crystal clear, and have the characteristics of hardness, durability, and wear resistance. They project an innate bright luster under the light. In general, the warm ceramic material of the watch is more comfortable to wear, and the low-sensitivity characteristics also fit the skin more closely, making people can’t help but touch it can’t.

Gold plating

Gold-plated watch cases are not particularly common in Swiss watches and are often used in watches of some fashion brands. Gold plating is divided into two categories: gold plating of homogeneous materials and gold plating of heterogeneous materials. Homogeneous material gold plating refers to the gold plating of gold jewelry’s surface to improve the watch case’s brightness and color. The thickness of gold-plated watches is usually 10 microns. Swiss watches have a regulation that a mark must be stamped on the watch case as long as the gold plating thickness reaches 10 microns. If the strap is also gold-plated, the thickness of the gold plating of the strap will generally be thinner, basically not exceeding 10 microns. The process of gold plating of the watch case is relatively complicated. If the watch case is cut open for metallographic examination, it will be found that the gold plating of the watch case is layered, first a layer of nickel and then a layer of gold. Only in this way can the plating be solid and reliable. However, the problem with gold-plated watches is that they need to be more wear-resistant and fade quickly.

High-end watches not only have excellent craftsmanship but also require effort in materials. Diverse materials enrich the watch world, but they also enrich profound knowledge. How to choose has become a topic for watchmakers to study. From ordinary stainless steel to high-tech ceramics, while continuing the classics, more innovations are incorporated, giving wearers more choices when purchasing.

Series: Milgauss
Movement: Automatic
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2813
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Model: m116400gv-0002
Band Width: 20mm

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