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Today, I want to talk about a watch that everyone is familiar with but is easily overlooked: the Rolex DATE JUST (DJ for short).

DATEJUST is one of Rolex’s oldest series.

There are always overwhelming articles introducing and analyzing popular sports, such as Submariner, Daytona, GMT, etc. Rolex DJ is relatively ordinary. Although many people buy it, it is rarely mentioned. Even so, DATE JUST is one of the oldest series of Rolex. Although it has no professional direction, it is a watch that can be used in various environments and is the “Taiwan Balm” among Rolex. Just pick it up and go; no matter if it’s formal, casual, or sports, there’s no problem. The Rolex gold-plated diamond DJ 126333G with a 3235 movement is also the watch I wear most now because it is convenient. Swiss replica watches.

From top to bottom, the gold on the dog-tooth ring is made of gold, the gold on the aperture is made of gold, and the gold on the dog-tooth ring is made of rose gold. They are all the new generation 3235 caliber DJ 41.

So, today, I want to talk about how Rolex DATE JUST developed (quartz models still need to be involved).

DATE JUST is one of the oldest series of Rolex. It was born in 1945, earlier than the Rolex Submariner, Daytona, GMT, and other models. Rolex was founded in 1905, and DATE JUST was launched in 1945, which happened to be the 40th anniversary of Rolex.


The first model launched by Rolex DATE JUST in 1945 was 4467. 4467 is the originator of all DJs today. It is the world’s first self-winding watch with an instantaneous calendar (the calendar switches instantaneously at night). 4467 is a three-hand watch with a calendar at 3 o’clock. Note that there was no calendar magnifying glass at that time. 4467 only has a gold case model, size 36mm. 36 mm is the classic size established by Rolex from the beginning.

The originator of Rolex DJ, 4467.

Entering the 1950s

After entering 1950, Rolex launched the follow-up model of 4467, 5030/5031. Starting from 5030 and 5031, steel case and gold models were added. At the same time, with the advent of DATE, there is also the “five-bead chain” that everyone is familiar with today. “Five-bead chain” is a folk name. Rolex’s name is “commemorative bracelet,” which refers to the bracelet launched from 1905 to 1945 to commemorate Rolex’s 40th anniversary. Another feature of the early Rolex DJ was the “bubble back.” Because the early automatic movements were relatively thick, they used a curved bottom cover with a bulge in the middle, like a bulging bubble. Later, as Rolex changed the direction, starting from the 1065 movement, the back of the watch began to become flat.

Rolex 5031


In 1959, Rolex launched a critical model in DATE JUST, 1600/1601. The 160X series is made of steel shell, gold, gold, rose gold, and platinum, with slightly different numbers. 1601 determines the appearance of modern DATE. The dog-tooth ring, hands, hour markers, shell shape, and iconic calendar magnifying glass of 1601 are the same as the current DATE JUST, and the word DATE JUST is also printed on the dial. 1601 uses Rolex 1560/1570 movements, of which 1570 is the primary movement. The 1570 movement adds a stop second. The size of 1601 is also 36 mm. The 1601 was produced from 1959 to 1977.

Rolex 1600

Rolex 1601

Entering the 1970s

In 1970, entering the 1970s, Rolex launched a new DATE JUST, model 16000/16013. That is the 160XX series. The most significant update of the 16000/16013 generation of DJs is the new 3035 movement. The 3035 movement truly has the function of quick calendar adjustment. The crown has independent calendar adjustment gears. You can use the height to adjust the calendar quickly. How did you change the calendar on previous watches? Early calendar watches, including Rolex, Omega, etc., did not have independent calendar quick adjustment gears. You need to move the watch’s minute hand past 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock, then move it back to 12 o’clock to trigger the calendar switch. At this time, the calendar will jump forward one day. Adjusting the calendar requires changing the minute hand back and forth, which is troublesome. The new 3035 movement has an independent calendar quick adjustment with a crown. Changing the calendar is the same as today’s watches, which is very convenient. In terms of appearance, Rolex DATEJUST is finalized. Apart from detailed adjustments, the formation has stayed the same and is still 36 mm. Fake luxury watches for sale.

Rolex 16013

Rolex 16014


In 1988, Rolex launched the new DATE JUST, model 16200/16233. That is the 162XX series. Old players are very familiar with this generation of DJs because many years ago, there were 162XX generation DJs on the secondary market. There must still be many people wearing 162XX generation DJs. The most significant change of 16200/16233 is caliber 3135. The 3135 movement is an upgraded model of the 3035. Its functions have not changed, but the structure of the movement has been optimized. 3135 is also one of the main movements still used by Rolex, and everyone is very familiar with it. In addition to the movement, the mirror of 16200/16233 is replaced by sapphire glass instead of acrylic. Although 16200/16233 is an old watch, it is also one of the DJs currently in circulation. The size is still 36 mm.

Rolex 16200

Rolex 16233


After entering the 21st century (2000), Rolex DATE JUST made adjustments, mainly in appearance. The movement is still 3135 unchanged. Launched Rolex 36mm 116200 and 116233 (1162XX series) and 41mm 116300 and 116333 (1163XX series). The 36mm 116200 mainly adjusts the shape of the case and lugs to make the watch look stronger. It also increases the polishing area of the polished case and polishes the lugs.

Rolex 116200

Rolex 116233

In contrast, the appearance of 116300 (1163XX series) has changed a lot, and the 1163XX series is called DATE JUST II. The most significant change is that the watch size has increased to 41 mm. This is also the first time that the Rolex DATE JUST series has grown in size since its launch in 1945. The movement number of the 1163XX series DJ is 3136. To adapt to the large 41mm case, 3135 has been fine-tuned, but the essence of the movement has stayed the same (it is customary to call it 3135). Rolex 116300/116333/116334 DJs of this generation are all equipped with Oyster bracelets, and only Oyster bracelets, not five-bead chains.

Rolex 116333

Whether the 36mm 1162XX or the 41mm 1163XX, production has just been discontinued in the past two years (discontinued in 2017), but a vast stock is still circulating on the market. It is a Rolex DJ that can often be seen and bought now. You can buy both if you care about caliber 3135 or caliber 3235. After all, the prices of 1162XX and 1163XX will be cheaper than the current 1262XX and 1263XX.

Rolex 116334


In 2016, Rolex launched the latest generation of DATE JUST, which is also the DJ model currently sold in specialty stores, model 126200/126300 (i.e., 1262XX, 1263XX series, the steel shell and steel chain version launched in 2017, and the gold version first launched in 2016). Among them, the 1262XX series is 36 mm, and the 1263XX series is 41 mm. As a result, 36mm and 41mm have become the two standard sizes of Rolex DATE JUST. The most prominent feature of Rolex DATE JUST 1262XX/1263XX is replacing the new generation of Rolex 3235 movement. The performance of the movement has been dramatically improved; the power reaches 70 hours, and it has Rolex Super Observatory certification, with an error of +2/-2 seconds per day.

Rolex 126333

Here are a few details:

  1. Although Rolex’s new generation DJ, 1263XX, and the previous generation, 1163XX, are 41 mm, the proportions of the disk and bezel of the new generation 1263XX have been adjusted. If you look carefully, you will find that the appearance proportions of the new and old 41mm DJs are slightly different. The new model has more harmonious proportions.
  2. Rolex’s new generation of watches using the 3235 movement (32 series) has a slight crown in the middle of the SWISS MADE position at 6 o’clock on the dial, which differs from the previous 3135 (31 series) Rolex. It is the identification mark of the 32-movement Rolex. However, some early DJs with the 3235 movement did not have this small crown printed. You cannot judge whether it is a DJ with 3235 activities simply by relying on the small peak. Without the small height, it could also be the 3235 movement DJ.
  3. Rolex’s new generation DJ’s five-bead bracelet model has a unique clasp. They all use a combination of five-bead chain and Oyster clasp and no longer use a hidden clasp.

Rolex 126334

Now, the supply of Rolex’s new DATE JUST is relatively sufficient. Whether it is gold-gold, rose-gold, platinum-gold, or all-steel, it is relatively easy to get. Although Rolex’s new DJ men’s watch comes in two sizes, 36 and 41, overall, more people buy the 41mm. Take the 41mm DJ 1263XX as an example.

The public price of gold-plated diamonds is about RMB 110,000, the general price of gold-plated diamonds is about RMB 100,000, the available price of platinum-plated diamonds is about RMB 90,000, the public cost of platinum-plated gold is more than RMB 70,000, all steel The public expenditure is more than RMB 50,000 (close to RMB 60,000).

Rolex 126300

Considering discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets, and other factors, the actual prices of Rolex’s new generation DJ 41mm models are still relatively strong. In other words, the actual price calculated is a small discount. Although DJ is not a hotly-hyped Rolex, it is still popular. The final cost of a Rolex gold DJ or a gold and diamond-encrusted DJ is more expensive than gold watches from many famous watch brands. Fortunately, there are many versions of Rolex DJ, some with gold and diamonds, some with all steel; it all depends on personal choice.

Model: 126333
Gender: Men’s
Series: Datejust
Case Thickness: 15mm
Movement: Automatic
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 18cm

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