Notice! In 2023, Fake Watch Rolex Will Discontinue The Production Of These Models

Tingu Naixin is the consistent tradition of Rolex, and it is no exception in 2023. At the high-end watch exhibition of Geneva’s “watch and miracle” this year, Rolex launched a series of new masterpieces. At the same time, multiple models have also announced discontinued production.

Di Tong take Ref.116500LN, 116503, 116508, 116518ln, 116509, 116519LN, 116505, 116515LN, 116506

Ref.116506, Ref.116508, and Ref.116518LN (from left to right)

This year, a series of Ditong models are about to be discontinued. Of course, this is because Rolex issued a new Tong Tong watch. Hyundai Di Tong has returned to its original heart, and there will still be broad development space in the next few years.

The vertical type REF.326933, 326934, 326938, 326238, 326932, 326235

Ref.326934, Ref.326235, and Ref.326938 (from left to right)

The situation of the vertical airline type is similar to Di Tong. Before the new series boarded, the old model retreated behind the scenes. However, unlike Di Tong, most old-fashioned color-matching models need help finding alternatives in the new series. The blue disk style, gold style, and multiple black disk styles will disappear.

Chelini Moon phase Ref.50535

The discontinuation of Chelini Moon Ref.50535 is not surprising. It was unexpected that it did not discontinue production last year and only discontinued production this year. Last year, most Chelini best replica watches were no longer produced, and the Ref.50535 May phase fake watch was the only existing model. Although Chelini was discontinued, Rolex released the 1908 type 1908 this year. Golden cases with elegant tables present a similar format style.

Magnetic Ref.116400GV

The discontinuation of the production of a magnetic Ref.116400GV is not unexpected. The news has circulated in the watchmaking industry and communities for many years. However, there will be a replacement model whenever there are such rumors. But this is not the case. Rolex did not launch a new style of FF.116400GV.

  • Series: Milgauss
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 2813
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Model: m116400gv-0002
  • Band Width: 20mm

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