Oyster Perpetual Five-digit Model With Date, Luxury Of Watches Fake

The Oyster Perpetual with a calendar existed in the 1960s and was not discontinued until 2022. I’m sharing the Oyster Perpetual 34 Ref. 15200 this time. The production period was from about 1990 to 2006. It is equipped with the same 3135 movements as the Datejust and Submariner, so it can be considered enormous. The disguised form further enriches the types of log types. The watch mirror was upgraded from old plastic to sapphire material, and the adoption of the anti-counterfeiting laser crown on the watch mirror also started here. Ref. 15200, like other Rolex series, also experienced changes in luminous paint during production. Tritium bright paint was used in the early stage, the same bright paint used in antiques. Luxury of watches fake.

Since the diameter of this Oyster Perpetual with the calendar is 34mm, it is very suitable for people with thin wrists. The size is ideal for both men and women. The picture below is a blue dial from 1998. It shows different colors under different angles of light, and no scratches or peeling marks were found on the dial. The luminous paint on the hands and scales is also early tritium bright. The bezel is in good condition, and the case does not look like it was a watch from 30 years ago. The strap does not look loose at all. The simple design style allows it to fit. Wear it in any situation.

The Oyster Perpetual should be the most cost-effective series among Rolex. Of course, except for the new color dials that have appeared in the past two years, it is generally a very suitable series as an entry-level model. As the discontinuation time increases, the appearance is good. The number is estimated to decrease gradually and can no longer be seen on Rolex’s official website. Rolex replica watches.

Series: Day-Date
Band Length: 18cm
Dial Color: Blue Dial
Case Color: Silver-tone
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Model: 118239
Case Size: 36mm

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