Recommend Three Niches Of Green Pan High Quality Fake Rolex.

Many people have a soft spot for Rolex in the green plate. Green Jindi, Green Water Ghosts, Gambling Table Green, and Rolex replica watches officially released a variety of green watches.

Today we recommend three niches of green high quality fake rolex. It should be noted that they are not officially created by Rolex but are based on Rolex watches for modification customization, mainly to serve those who pursue individualization.

Diw: Sea-Dweller Hunter Arabic

First, the Sea-Dweller Hunter Arabic (Translated: Sea Mids Hunter Arabic) of the well-known watch modification brand DIW. The most prominent feature of their home is carbon fiber material. Carbon fiber is made and has some stainless steel elements, which is very aesthetic.

The dial of the watch uses dark green colors. According to their official statement, green represents growth and breakthroughs and can bring a different experience. The time label design of the dial refers to the Arab-Indian numerals. It has a sense of historical sense. The overall visual perception is quite good with the green northern latitude nylon strap.

It is worth mentioning that artisans usually handmade modified products, so their watches are generally limited. It is reported that this green plate watch is limited to 10 pieces, priced at 43,990 Euros.

AET Remould: Biscay Green

In comparison, the second recommended watch we have selected is a light green look, the Biscay Green (translated: Bisse green) from the German watch modification brand Aet Remould. The watch’s dial fills the color they call “Bisic green.” According to the official introduction, this clear and transparent light green comes from the color of the Bay Bay waters in Spain, which can make people feel comfortable and relaxed. Essence

In addition, the digital scale of the bezel also adopts this color tone, further enlarging the visual appeal. The ceramic case and strap are matched and also have an excellent texture. The watch provides two classic colors white ceramics and black ceramics. Pure white ceramics matching is more refreshing, showing freshness and vitality, and black ceramics and black ceramics Are more mature and stable with intense visual contrast.

It is reported that the watch’s black and white ceramics are limited to 18 each, priced at 5,9600 Euros.

Skeleton Concept: Akonio Brown Concept

Finally, I recommend a hollow submariner, Hulk, and Antonio Brown Concept, a French watch modification brand Skeleton Concept, launched with American professional rugby players. They retain the original green bezel to highlight the volume of the watch to show strength and masculinity.

On the dial, a hollow design is used. The edge is green as the background color. It uses bright orange and fine white lines to highlight the movement, time marks, swinging tubes, and straps to create a strong and lively temperament. In addition to the standard oyster steel tape, the watch also provides an orange rubber strap. The bold color use has a more prominent mechanical sense of the dial. At the same time, it also has a visual contrast with the green bezel, which reflects the athlete’s style.

We have yet to receive official information regarding this watch’s limited situation and pricing.

I wonder if the above recommendation has made you feel excited.

Brand: Rolex
Range: GMT Master II
Model: 116718 LN
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 40 MM
Case_material: Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material: Yellow Gold (OysterLock)
Dial_type: Green Baton
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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