Rolex 2024 New Watch Oyster Perpetual Day-date, Luxury Of Watches Fake

Each face expresses its essence, and each dial has its style. The design of the new Oyster Perpetual Day-Date is entirely in line with the brand’s unremitting pursuit of integrating various precious and rare craftsmanship into fine details. Different elements such as color, material, pattern, and hour markers are cleverly combined to create a harmonious and beautiful combination. Rolex has added new products to the day-date model.

Rolex’sRolex’s unique design

The new day-date 40 uses a gradient dial for the first time. The 18K Everose Gold model adopts a novel gradient slate gray dial, which presents a delicate transition between the colored center part and the deep black edge. At the same time, the gradient dial of the Day-Date 40 is also decorated with 18K pink gold hour markers and combined faceted Roman numerals for the first time. Before this, Rolex gradient dials were equipped with diamond hour markers and were only available in the Day-Date Model 36. This dial was launched in the 1980s and later relaunched in 2019, reflecting the brand’s firm pursuit and continuous efforts for exquisite design. The concentric gradients on the dial showcase the black lacquer process, which is carefully completed under the control of professional artisans to ensure a harmonious transition from tinted effects to dark colors.

The second new day-date model 40 is 18K white gold and has an iridescent white mother-of-pearl dial. This natural material is used for the first time in the Day-Date 40. Iridescent mother-of-pearl is taken from the precious and high-quality parts of the pearl oyster shell, showing an exquisite and delicate structure. Its irregular texture resembles layers of tiny clouds, creating a profound, three-dimensional effect. Each piece of material used to make the mother-of-pearl dial has been carefully selected to ensure a harmonious and beautiful pattern and subtle iridescence effect while optimizing the placement angle of the dial to achieve excellent luster. This watch is decorated with 10 square diamond hour markers, which make the mother-of-pearl dial shine even more brilliantly against it. Luxury of watches fake.

The new day-date type 36 is embellished with faceted Roman numerals and faceted hour markers, previously only available in the day-date type 40. The new day-date model 36 is 18K gold, with a white lacquered dial and smooth and shiny classic geometric hour markers. Each component is created individually in a special workshop and requires at least seven processes under the skillful hands of experts before it is finally installed on the dial. The 18K eternal rose gold day-date 36 adopts a blue-green dial for the first time and is embellished with 10 square diamonds. The blue-green dial will be launched in 2023 and installed on the Sky-Dweller watch. This dial presents a stunning, deep, three-dimensional texture and is equipped with an outer ring set with 60 trapezoidal diamonds, adding to its brilliance. Previously, the trapezoidal diamond outer ring was only available for the 950 platinum model 36 and the 18K gold and 950 platinum day-date model 40. During production, gem setters must devote all their time and patience to carefully adjust and set each gemstone by hand. Day-Date 40 and Day-Date 36 are equipped with watchmaking technology. Swiss replica watches.

The leading 3255 movement accurately displays hours, minutes, seconds, the day of the week, and the date.

The day-date model launched in 1956 was a pioneer. It was the world’s first calendar watch with a curved window at nooo’clocksplay the entire day of the week. Many political dignitaries, leaders, and visionaries worldwide have worn day-date models. This watch is very well known, especially its iconic head-shaped strap, which highlights the supreme style of the watch. The name of the strap is reminiscent of the prominent figure who wore it, making the Day-Date a veritable “head “of state’s” with” ut equal.

Oyster case, a symbol of water resistance

Day-Date 40 and Day-Date 36 use 40mm and 36mm Oyster cases, respectively.

Caliber 3255

The Day-Date 40 and the Day-Date 36 are equipped with the 3255 movement. This movement was launched in 2015 and was fully developed and manufactured by Rolex. It was installed on the Day-Date 40 in the same year and later on the Day-Date 36 in 2019. This self-winding mechanical movement embodies Rolex’sRolex’ssite technology and has outstanding accuracy, reliability, power reserve, and ease of use. The 3255 movement is equipped with Rolex’sRolex’sted Chronergy escapement system, which is efficient and reliable. This escapement is made of nickel-phosphorus alloy and is unaffected by strong magnetic fields. The movement’smovement’spring balance assembly is fitted with a high-performance Paraflex cushioning device designed amovement’solex to improve the movement’smovement’s resistance. Starting from 2023, the automatic rotor will be equipped with enhanced ball bearings. The 3255 movement is equipped with a perpetual motion automatic winding system, which uses a perpetual oscillating weight to wind the movement.

Head of State strap

Both the day-date 40 and the day-date 36 are equipped with a head-shaped strap. It is a day-date and precious metal Datejust ( Datejust) exclusive strap. In the day-date model 40, the gradient slate gray dial is paired with an 18K eternal rose gold President-shaped strap, and the iridescent white mother-of-pearl dial is paired with an 18K white gold President-shaped strap. In the day-date model 36, the blue-green dial is paired with an 18K eternal rose gold President-shaped strap, and the white lacquered dial is paired with an 18K gold President-shaped strap. The strap is embedded with Rolex-designed and patented ceramic components, making it more flexible and durable.

The accuracy that Rolex pursues is much higher than the standard for Swiss official chronometer certification. The green seal, a symbol of superior chronometer precision, is included with every Rolex watch and has a five-year global guarantee.

Model: 218235
Series: Day-Date
Band Length: 18cm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Gender: Men’s

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