Rolex Greenwich Ii Diamond-encrusted Unique Replica Watch

Launched in 1955, the Greenwich Model was developed by Rolex replica watch for international airline pilots. Since 2005, the Greenwich II has been equipped with a 24-hour rotating outer ring that can read the time in three time zones, two of which can be synchronized, which is of great practical value to travelers.

Specifically designed for professional use, the Greenwich replica watch is popular among travelers for its unparalleled functionality and design. In addition to displaying the time in different time zones, the Greenwich model’s strong material and easy-to-match appearance make it suitable for traveling worldwide and for any occasion. Today, the House of imitation watches brings you a unique diamond Greenwich II. The official model number is 116769TBR-74779B.

  • The diamond-encrusted Greenwich watch features a 40mm diameter design and 18k white gold. The dial, bezel, case, and chain are all densely encrusted with diamonds, making them look luxurious at first glance. Thanks to its diamond-encrusted bezel, the unique large numbers of the Greenwich collection are lost, but the diamond-encrusted replica watch is a complete work of art with minimal utility.

The sides are still heavily diamond-encrusted, and the crown triple clasp locks the chain crown, a triple waterproof system explicitly designed for diving watches. Developed by Rolex for use in underwater and other specialist watch models, the three-button interlocking height is waterproof to depths of up to 300 meters. The official Greenidge watch is waterproof to 100 meters but can reach 300 meters.

  • Introduced in the late 1930s, the Oyster replica watch band is robust and consists of three rows of comprehensive, flat links. It remains the most widely used watch band in the Oyster series. The bracelet is also diamond-encrusted in 18k white gold, and the band’s side is studded with diamonds, making the watch look gorgeous.

The crown-less side is still heavily diamond-encrusted, which is nothing to say, a word “luxury”.

The ear is still diamond-encrusted. Remember that Rolex attaches great importance to human engineering, ear, and oyster-type watchband; the ear is flush with the first section of the watchband, the two perfect fusion together, worn very comfortably.

  • The buckle adopts the oyster-type insurance discount with a 5mm adjustable chain link extension system. The flexible chain link extension system only needs to be folded easily, and the watchband can be extended by 5mm, making it more comfortable to wear. And after thousands of Rolex opening and closing tests, absolutely safe and reliable.

Scratch-resistant sapphire mirror, three o ‘clock anti-reflection convex perspective enlarged 2.5 times calendar window. The main attraction of this replica watch is the unique design of the dial, bold zebra-print design in the noble luxury of the wild, dazzling diamonds, and 18-karat white gold surface contrast. The 12 o ‘clock spots retain the traditional glow-in-the-dark paint logo of the Greenwich series and are not encrusted with diamonds.

Case_size:29 MM
Case_material:Platinum & Steel
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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