Rolex Replica Greenwich Ref.1675 Red And Blue Ring Analysis 1

Today, I would like to introduce the ring of vintage Greenwich stainless steel Rolex Replica Ref.1675. This time I mainly talk about the red and blue two-color bezel; in addition, Ref.1675 also has a black bezel. The different fonts and colors of these rings, combined with fading and other factors, give them a unique charm, which can be called a so-called orphan.

Because of these factors above, the ring of Rolex Replica Ref.1675 affects the atmosphere of the watch more than the ring of the water ghost, and it is an essential accessory. With more and more attention to the original replica swiss watches of the antique watch industry, for the red and blue ring, confused table friends are very many, and wanting to grasp their year is tough. , by the way, in fact, 20 years ago, the black circle was more popular, a big part of people could patek philippe replica watch a ring with a black process on the counters and is still red and blue circle back even though people don’t throw it to the store, it sounds unbelievable in now, so now see the collocation of the original table circle of Ref. 1675, almost half of all have no. This article uses the quark video data to analyze the REF.1675 table circle. Although it is not 100% correct information, the data accuracy made by trading volume should be relatively high and has a specific reference value.

Phase 1 ring of Ref.1675 (original round)

First of all, when the previous generation of Ref.6542 became Rolex Replica Ref.1675, the initial feature of the bezel was that the logo at noon was an equilateral triangle, and the overall font was not a serif, which was relatively small. These features were summarized as MK1 (Phase 1)bezel. These characteristics were summarized as MK1 (phase 1) ring. Some might say, “Isn’t it FAT in the beginning?” It’s not a FAT font.

It was probably made between 1959 and 1968, so the paint plate comes with this MK1 bezel.

There will be individual differences in the thickness of the font compared to the initial (the left is the initial, the right is later) will be slightly thicker.

The colors can be roughly divided into two colors, a two-color ring of sky blue and red with a bright orange tint (early phase 1 ring on the left) and a purplish type of red known as Fuchsia (late stage 1 call on the right). The MK1 ring with the purple and blue Ref.1675 is often paired with the original dummy disc face.

Depending on the degree of discoloration, there are many rings in which the initial blue is relatively light, and the red also takes on an incredible brown tone.

The purple and blue circle is the same, light blue feeling is very much; many table friends like this gradient or blurred can not see the surface. Xiaobian saw this kind of ring for the first time; they could not read even the word clearly; at that time did not understand why it would be so expensive and may need a senior player to appreciate its atmosphere. However, you can gradually see its charm after playing for a long time. After years of use, the color change precipitated by the sense of precipitation feels very handsome. In 50 years, the ring created by experiencing various environments is not replicable. On the red and blue circle before there are artificial deliberately faded things, the use of bleach to slowly make the ring color fade effect of the lousy existence; of course, this is impossible, and natural fade has the same atmosphere, senior people can see at a glance, this will make the table very ugly, so do not do. In addition, as for its market price, although the ring with bright color and no sense of use has a high evaluation, after 50 years of precipitation, the faded watch is also scarce and attractive. Next time, we will continue to share the “FAT” MK2 to MK4 rings and introduce various rings’ market prices.

Range:GMT Master
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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