Rolex Sky-dweller Annual Calendar Fake Watch

Rolex’s calendar display mechanism has the following advantages.

  1. The action of pushing the calendar ring is decomposed into three days, which reduces the torque to one-third of the original, reducing the impact on the normal movement of the movement;
  2. The calendar ring and the calendar ring move in opposite directions, balancing the torque, further reducing the impact on normal movement, and realizing two-way adjustment of the month and calendar;
  3. The disk design style of Rolex watches is retained to the maximum extent.

Rolex’s novel design, which inherits the brand style and innovates, is worthy of our appreciation, especially its attitude of being very responsible for its users.

Rolex’s third innovative technology-annular calendar instantaneous jump mechanism

The popularity of calendar displays in watches is broad because Rolex and ETA factories widely use annular calendar displays in their products, giving birth to many classic large three-hand calendar movement swiss models and gradually making the large three-hand calendar an industry standard for watches. There are two most common forms of annular calendar display mechanisms: slow, slow climbing type,r is the instantaneous jump type. As the name implies, the former is “slow”; it may take several hours to complete a calendar change, while the latter is “impatient”; it only takes a few seconds to change the calendar, which is just a moment in the eyes of the wearer.

As early as 1945, Rolex developed the earliest watch that displayed the calendar in the calendar window. The Cal. 1560 movement launched in 1960 is equipped with its newly designed noon calendar instantaneous jump structure. At that time, the calendar structure of the watch was mostly slow-climbing. From about 9 p.m., the calendar wheel began to work, and the disk started rotating slowly. The result was that at about 11 o’clock, because the calendar disk rotated to 2 days, the wearer could not read the calendar clearly at that time. The instantaneous jump structure has changed this problem very well. Let us explore the “perfect” instantaneous jump mechanism developed by Rolex for the latest annual calendar watch based on the original technology of the brand. Of course, this mechanism will be more complicated. I hope friends who like Rolex can calm down and taste it slowly.

Technical advantages of Rolex’s instantaneous jump ring calendar mechanism

(Figure 1)

  1. The sliding friction between the original instantaneous jump mechanism lever and the outer edge of the cam is optimized for rolling friction, especially the use of ruby ​​(corundum, second only to diamond in hardness) 8a with a very low friction coefficient and the metal cam six together, which is more conducive to reducing the resistance caused by friction. Its advantage is that the instantaneous jump mechanism is more flexible and fast in the process of fast calendar change (Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

  1. There is common sense that everyone must understand that the instantaneous jump calendar with a lever and cam structure is generally not allowed to reverse the time pointer. Otherwise, it will malfunction or even damage the internal components. With this instantaneous calendar of Rolex, you can adjust the time pointer at will without any worries. The reason is that this structure optimizes the original rigid calendar dial into a flexible dial composed of the dial lever 11, the dial spring 12, and the calendar dial. When you reverse the pointer, it will gently avoid the resistance so that all parts are safe and sound (Figure 2)

(Figure 3)

  1. Let me popularize common sense with you. The rapid adjustment of the calendar mechanism is generally not allowed to reverse at will, especially when the calendar mechanism is in the regular calendar change (usually around noon). At this time, the day-changing dial enters the area of ​​the inner teeth of the calendar ring. If you adjust the calendar quickly at this time, the two calendar change mechanisms will instantly confront each other, and the structure can be imagined sides will suffer. Rolex’s instantaneous jump calendar quick adjustment mechanism avoids this drawback by optimizing the mechanism. When you drive the quick dial wheel 4 to rotate clockwise and quickly drive the calendar ring to rotate clockwise to adjust the calendar display numbers, the calendar ring tooth 1a will encounter the date change dial head 3a that is in the normal process of replacing the calendar ring teeth. I have introduced it to you in the previous article. This dial head has been optimized to become a flexible structure. As a result, the quickly attacking calendar ring teeth are instantly avoided, and the effect of using a little force to move a large object is achieved. (Figure 3)

I have explained the Saros calendar display system in the Rolex Sky Dweller (Angel) Dual Time Annual Calendar fake watch. In addition, this watch has two other highlights that deserve our attention. One is its off-center dual time display, which displays the second time zone by rotating the indicator dial. Its digital conversion also uses Rolex’s patented instantaneous jump technology; the second is the linkage adjustment device between the crown and the bezel. Rolex’s first watch with a manipulable functional bezel – Yacht-Master II rotates the bezel 120° to activate the countdown function. For this Sky-Dweller, the wearer only needs to rotate the outer ring counterclockwise 1, 2, or 3 grids to select the annual calendar, local time, or 24-hour remote time for adjustment. Although the crown has only one gear, it can easily adjust the above three selected functions in both directions at any time. The control feeling is unparalleled and does not damage the watch’s waterproofness.

Movement: Automatic
Model: 326939-72419
Band Length: 19.5cm
Band Width: 21mm
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Series: Sky-dweller
Dial Color: Silver Dial

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