See Fresh “Parrot Green” Water Ghost “Rolex Replica Watch Magic Change

Design an Individual, a Belgian label, has recently been interested in graduate-level replica watch. They have created Submariner Parakeet, a strange green design with green and black graduate-level watches, which combines the typical green color of Rolex with the trendy black color. Incarnate is a more visually attractive and improved version of the original green water ghost masterpiece.

DW took inspiration from Parakeet’s plumage, a bird with colorful colors, and green is the predominant color of its feathers. Dew created a strong visual identity by giving the face a verdure green tone inspired by Parakeet’s feathers.

▲ Based on the active water ghost and inspired by the feather color of parakeets, create a highly recognizable gradual layer of the green face plate.

Watch the appearance of the stainless steel casing and chain belt through DLC black with mist side plating processing; as the bezel is changed into the carbon fiber material, its irregular texture and watchcase chain belt black fog forming natural area is lain between, at the same time modified replica watch brand will ring every 10 minutes on scale coating and surface plate echo emerald, under the dark circle of carbon fiber sheet foil unusually conspicuous.

▲ The case and chain band are treated with DLC to appear all-black. The ring is made of carbon fiber, which has a decorative effect and can reduce the overall weight of the replica watch.

In addition to the excellent black case, chain strap, and carbon fiber bezel, Submariner Persimmon’s face plate color highlights the whole replica watch. DW took the feather pattern of the Parakeet as a reference in the creation; they carefully selected bright green tones to complete the gradual effect of the face plate by hand painting. The change of color control is very test-modified table brand strength; the appearance of the incremental layer from green to black is so natural, but in the production process, to let the color layer by layer by light green is more complex and challenging than imagined.

▲ The layered effect of the replica watch face plate is from the top half down; in addition, including the second hand and the word “SUBMARINER” color is different from the original setting.

The final green gradient effect of the replica watch was very successful. In the past, the shade of the green water phantom 116610LV had to be changed according to the light and Angle. Submariner Persimmon directly “frozen” it on the face plate. DW also enhanced the watch’s personality by painting the secondhand green and changing the word “SUBMARINER” in the six o ‘clock direction to gold.

▲ With a stylish case and eye-catching face color, the Submariner Persimmon is hard to ignore.

Modified after a new green black ghost 15 only limited, DW offered 36990 euros, with green water ghost pricing about three times higher price highlighted swiss models watches in the modification process to overcome the multiple difficulties and scarce features, such as the number of issues that table of the Lord will pay a high price of also can get the same satisfaction and feedback.

Model:116610 LV
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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