Seven Things That Rolex And Lv Have In Common: Rolex Knockoff

Rolex and LV are the two “kings” in the world of luxury jewelry. They have “dominated” the luxury jewelry market for a long time and will remain in a “dominant position” in the foreseeable future. Although some luxury brands and emerging brands at the same level as Rolex and LV are constantly proving their strength and challenging Rolex and LV, the fact is that Rolex and LV remain unchanged. Although some people like it and some don’t, no matter what, the popularity of Rolex and LV has remained strong.

Two of the most important members of the luxury world.

Rolex 5513 and LV presbyopia

Common point 1: The price is high, but not very high.

I remember someone saying something: talking about the watch without talking about the price is hooliganism. It makes sense that buying things means spending money; regardless of the price, it is all in vain. Rolex and LV’s prices are higher than many brands of the same level. If we look at the price of Rolex, we will find that the price of Rolex, whether it is a steel watch or a gold watch, is higher than that of the same level of brand. Rolex’s gold-cased Skywalker Annual Calendar is more expensive than Lange’s annual calendar. Because Rolex does not make complicated watches, the brand quality could be higher than that of some brands that make complex watches. However, when we take a closer look at the price of each watch, we will find that there are few mainstream brands among similar watches. The price is higher than Rolex knockoff. However, we know that although the prices of Rolex and LV are higher, they are not so high that ordinary people cannot afford them. Many Rolex and LV models are affordable as long as we work hard. This allows Rolex and LV to establish a mass base among a large part of the population (thus enhancing their ability to store value), unlike Hermès bags, which most people cannot afford.

Common point 2: No discount

High wages don’t mean anything. Because the price is set high, as long as the discount is substantial, it will still be cheap. I am a person who writes watches for a living, and I want to protect the interests of watch brands, so I give the example of bags. Many bag stores have very high discounts even if you don’t buy bags from the secondary market. I went to a Prada shop, and the discounted bags were 50% off. Specialty stores all offer a 50% discount. If this bag later enters the secondary market and the price shrinks again, someone may eventually buy this bag at a 30% discount. This has resulted in a significant decline in brand value. The labor prices of many Rolex and LV styles are low, but because there are no discounts, an LV bag with a labor price of 6,000 will be more valuable than a bag from some other brands with a labor price of 10,000. This stabilizes the brand value and increases the brand’s gold content step by step. The result is that Rolex and LV do not have the highest prices, but their brand status is very high.

LV small box PetiteMalle

The most common LV speedy

Common point 3: strong ability to store value

Since there is no discount on the primary market price, Rolex and LV entering the secondary market have very high prices. Let’s talk about the bag example again. Buying a brand new LV bag from the secondary market or overseas is cheaper by an exchange rate. There are no other discounts. At the same time, the price of second-hand LV bags is also very high, and the price reduction is minimal. Only those bags with wear and water stains will have some price reductions. The same goes for Rolex. The previous generation Submariner 14060/16610 is sold for more than 30,000 yuan today. The watch’s price ten years ago or more than ten years ago can still be sold for more than 30,000 yuan; the previous generation Daytona using the Zenith movement can still be sold for 60,000 to 70,000 yuan. The price (the last generation of Daytona was from 1988 to 2000), sometimes I need help understanding. However, Rolex and LV have a solid ability to store and maintain value.

Common point 4: high recognition

Judging from the current fashion trends of this era, luxury goods need to be highly identifiable so that people can tell what brand they are at a glance. Both Rolex and LV have a very high degree of recognition. Let’s not talk about LV’s old flower, checkerboard pattern, and new big V. It can be recognized from 10 meters away. For those familiar with Rolex, it is also straightforward to identify. Because Rolex’s Oyster case and three bracelets (Oyster bracelet, five-bead bracelet, and Head of State bracelet) are identifying features, they can be seen at a glance. The recognition is very high with the bezels of Submariner, Daytona, and Greenwich, Milgauss’s green glass, and DJ and DD’s magnifying glasses.

There is little difference in appearance between the Rolex 1680 (top) in the 1970s and the 114060 (bottom) currently in production. The continuation and consistency of Rolex’s appearance increase people’s confidence in buying.

Common point 5: Appearance remains unchanged

There was once an interview where the boss of Rolls-Royce was asked why Rolls-Royce never replaced its models. The boss of Rolls-Royce said that if a young man were fascinated by this car, he would make money and save money in the future, and finally be able to buy a Rolls-Royce one day; he would find that the current Rolls-Royce It was precisely the same as when he was young, unchanged as if this car was waiting for him. I have always believed that a large part of the reason for Rolex’s success is that its appearance has stayed the same (only the details have been modified). The appearance of today’s DAY DATE is still almost the same as that of 10, 20, or 30 years ago. This dramatically increases people’s purchasing confidence. Many watch brands change their watches’ appearance every year, resulting in watches needing more stable appearance recognition. As soon as a new model comes out, the old model becomes obsolete instantly, and the value of the old model drops rapidly, and the brand value will also be affected (sometimes excessively). Newness and change are not a good thing). Let’s take a look at LV. Several classic bags, such as shopping, speedy, shell, etc., always stay the same. They change the color. At the same time, the classic presbyopia and checkerboard colors are always there, increasing the number of people who want them at any time. Buy with confidence. Replica Rolex watches.

Common point 6: clear hierarchy

Another great thing about Rolex and LV is that they create class distinctions. Clear product-level division lets people distinguish ordinary from high-end users. Just like buying a Mercedes-Benz A-Class or buying a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, although they are both Mercedes-Benz, the user level is precise at a glance. Therefore, ordinary and rich people can wear Rolex, but we can distinguish ordinary users from rich people at once through the wristwatch. This allows Rolex and LV to have an extensive range of user groups. Ordinary people wear Steel Lao, but wealthy people can wear Gold Lao or Gypsophila. Ordinary users may carry a speedy, while high-end users may carry a small box. Many luxury brands are either only affordable or unattainable, which significantly limits the user base. As a result, high-priced products may fall sharply because they are priced but have yet to be available.

Similarly, there is no significant difference in appearance between Rolex’s 1803 in the 1970s and the 118238 currently in production.

Common point 7: Average

Many people initially think that Rolex and LV are tacky or even old-fashioned. The reason is that most Rolex and LV don’t have any exaggerated, fashionable, trendy, or rebellious elements. For example, FENDI’s Little Monster is very stylish, exaggerated, chic, and young, and it was trendy for a while. However, on the one hand, overly exaggerated elements will limit the purchasing crowd (only young people buy them); on the other hand, once new popular elements appear, they will quickly become outdated. Many designs of Rolex and LV are very standard, which allows almost everyone to wear them, and they will always stay in style. Although only some people like this approach, it satisfies most people. Allowing watches and bags to have strong circulation capabilities will slow the decline in value over a long period, enhancing people’s confidence in purchasing.

Because of these, Rolex and LV turned me into their loyal users step by step.

Case Size: 40mm
Gender: Men’s
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner
Model: 114060-97200
Case Color: Silver-tone

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