Sotheby’s Auctions Mysterious Rolex Daytona “Red Moon” Watch, Rolex Fake

On October 8, 2019, Sotheby’s auctioned precious watches in Hong Kong. The most watched lot in this auction was undoubtedly No. 2300. This is a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch equipped with Zenith El Primero 400 movement. It is the only chronograph watch with a red dial. The “Luna Rossa” (red Month) nickname comes from this.

The Rolex Daytona “Red Moon” watch caused controversy because this was its first interview, and it had never been seen on the market. Sotheby’s provided little background information on the watch, so it remains a mystery. However, the details of the dial of this watch have been checked, and both the text and numbers are the same as the standard dial design. The back of the dial is engraved with the Jean Singer & Cie logo, which was the Daytona dial manufacturer then. Replica watch.

In short, the dial is manufactured by a Rolex supplier and then assembled into an E-series (case number) Daytona Ref. 16528 18K yellow gold watch. So, how did the deal come about? There are two possibilities.

First, Singer produced a dial and showed it to Rolex as a sample, but it was rejected. Or this was a Singer experiment (using the same equipment as the production dial) and was never even revealed to Rolex. Secondly, Rolex may have wanted a more lively dial color and ordered it from Singer, but for some reason, gave up in the end, just like the Daytona watch nicknamed “The Big Blue” or “Chairman” Metallic blue dial. Rolex fake.

Of course, the above is purely speculation, and the origin of the red dial is still unknown. The final transaction price shows the attitude of the bidder. It is reported that this Rolex Daytona “Red Moon” watch is estimated to be worth 1.6 million to 3 million Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to about 1.45 million to 2.73 million yuan.

Brand: Rolex
Band Color: Silver-tone
Dial Color: Coral Red Dial
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Model: m124300-0007
Series: Oyster Perpetual
Case Size: 41mm
Case Thickness: Around 15mm
Gender: Unisex

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