The 2024 Rolex New Model Prediction Is Here! Best Replica Watches

Every April, the watch industry will usher in a grand event – the Geneva Watches and Wonders Fair. This exhibition brings together the world’s top watch brands, bringing countless expectations and surprises to watch enthusiasts. However, on the eve of the exhibition, Rolex’s new predictions were one of the topics of most interest to the media. Although every prediction every year is full of speculation and expectations, as an industry leader, Rolex’s new watches always attract much attention and are full of unknown mystery and suspense.

Whenever we talk about predictions, we always look back to the past and recall all the previous speculations and results. We must lament Rolex’s strong confidentiality ability and the elusiveness of the brand’s research and development strategy. However, although reality is often far from predictions, this does not prevent the media from guessing and speculating about new models every year. After all, prediction itself is full of adventure and fun. Even if the guess is occasionally correct, it adds a touch of mystery before the watch exhibition. Best replica watches.

Looking back at the new models launched by Rolex in the past, we will find some unexpected innovations and designs. For example, the left-crown version of the GMT-Master II, the Oyster Perpetual with a colored bubble dial, and the Day-Date 36 with a colored puzzle dial made of enamel craftsmanship demonstrate Rolex’s eclectic style. The brand constantly introduces new products, giving people a refreshing feeling, which is different from its usual conservative image.

Here are some recent predictions for 2024 Rolex models released by Time+Tide Watches:

Prediction 1: Titanium Water Ghost

Considering that Rolex has recently been exploring the production of titanium cases, the brand is predicted to launch a titanium case Submariner. When commemorating the 70th anniversary of Submariner in 2023, the brand behaved relatively low-key and only slightly adjusted the green bezel of Green Submariner. However, if Rolex launches the titanium Submariner in 2024, it will trigger a new craze and can also be used as a continuation of the 70th anniversary of the Submariner. Rolex replica watches.

Prediction 2: Coke Circle GMT-Master II

In response to rumors about the discontinuation of the Pepsi Circle GMT-Master II, the brand is predicted to launch a new red and black ceramic “Cola Circle” GMT-Master II. Although there have been problems with the supply of red and blue two-color ceramic rings on the market, Rolex will likely launch such a highly anticipated new model on the series’ anniversary to maintain its market appeal.

Prediction 3: Milgauss returns

The Milgauss magnetic series has gradually declined due to poor performance in the past and was eventually discontinued in 2023. However, the brand is predicted to re-adjust the shape and launch a new Milgauss magnetic watch in 2024. Considering Rolex’s relationship with CERN and the historical significance of the Milgauss lattice magnetic series, such a prediction is not impossible.

Prediction 4: Three-Color Gold Day-Date

It is predicted that the brand may re-launch the three-color gold Day-Date series. As early as 1988, the Day-Date had used the Tridor three-color gold design, but not in large quantities. In 2024, Rolex may re-launch such a classic design to enrich the selection of the Day-Date series.

Prediction 5: Full Calendar Moon Phase 1908

With the initial success of the 1908 series, the brand may continue to develop this series and launch a full calendar.

Band Width: 20mm
Model: M126720VTNR-0001
Brand: Rolex
Dial Color: Black Dial
Case Size: 40mm
Series: GMT-Master
Gender: Men’s
Movement: Automatic

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