The Dream Of A Worker – Damerel Version Of Rolex fake luxury watches To Open A Store To Send Rolex, Come On!

Rolex has a series Air-King, a series of Rolex imitation luxury watches linked to flight in addition to GMT. As early as 1930, many professional pilots have worn Rolex fake luxury watches for flight missions.

The Air-King (Ref. 5500) was not officially launched until around 1958. The Air-King was similar to the Explorer at the time, as many imitation luxury watches looked similar in that era.
It was also the 369, and it took many years of constant adjustments to the design before it became what we see now.

After the 1990s, Rolex fake luxury watches introduced the new Ref. 14000 to replace the old 5500, upgrade the previous glass crystal to sapphire crystal, and upgrade the internal movement. It lasted until around ’07.
In between, Rolex launched many models, including the one to be introduced this time, a classic with special meaning in the hearts of many Rolex collectors – the Damerel Pisa Bespoke Edition.

  • This fake watch is the exclusive prize for Rolex to reward its branches for meeting the performance standards, which is the welfare of dealers!

Just before the Sotheby’s auction, a ’98 Air-King 14000 “Domino’s Pizza” was bought by a collector for $17,640. The brand’s cursive Air-King can be seen at noon.
The impressive red and blue logo of Rolex’s Domino’s Pizza is printed at 6 o’clock on the dial, and this small change has created a lot of buzz about it. Its price is relatively fixed; before, it was between 1-1.5W USD
The hammer price is slightly higher this time because the watch is relatively well preserved.

Brand :Rolex
Range :Air-King
Model :114210
Gender :Unisex
Movement :Automatic
Case_size :34 MM
Case_material :Steel
Bracelet_material :Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type :White Quarter Arabic Water_resistance :Water resistant
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