The First Ceramic Ring Platinum Di, The Best Luxury Replica Watches

After fully upgrading the Daytona at the watch exhibition at the end of March, Rolex suddenly released a new Daytona, model 126529LN, positioned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Rolex and the 24 Hours of Le Mans have deep roots. Title sponsorship began in 1992, and in 2001, it was upgraded to become the official timing partner of the event. The event champion will also receive a Daytona with the relevant words engraved on the bottom of the watch.

The new model released this time, 126529LN, the product itself, has a retail price of 49,000 Swiss francs, equivalent to RMB 386,000. Everyone can guess how much the market will go. Best luxury replica watches.

① Diameter 40 mm, thickness 12.2 mm, platinum case, the shell shape is the shell shape of the new Dayton, and the bezel is equipped with a platinum frame.

②The digital scale on the bezel, the red 100, is made of ceramic material, echoing the 100th anniversary of the event. For the rest, PVD Platinum.

③ Compared with the batch that came out at the watch exhibition, the most distinctive feature is the small dial.

The first is the Paul Newman plate. This kind of dial, born in the mid-1960s, was initially called exotic dials, which refers to the small squares at the end of the hour markers inside the small disc. In the beginning, no dogs were needed. At that time, many people went out of their way to change back to the original disk. It was when Hollywood star Paul Newman wore it on a magazine cover that it became popular. Rolex replica watches.

Second, look carefully at the small disc at 9 o’clock on the dial. The regular Daytona is a 12-hour timer, and the new one is a 24-hour timer, which echoes the Le Man’s 24-hour endurance race.

④ Through the bottom, the movement is 4132. To put it bluntly, 4132 is the 24-hour timer version 4131, and there is no other difference. The 4131 can be understood as a transparent version of the 4130.

The more exciting part is that: 126529LN is Rolex’s first Platinum Di with a ceramic ring. Does this mean that after the discontinuation of production, Rolex has no new products to update the green Jindi and will also be equipped with ceramic rings shortly?

Brand: Rolex
Band Width: 20mm
Band Color: Black-tone
Series: Daytona
Model: 116519
Case Thickness: 15mm
Gender: Men’s

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