The Universe In The Dial: Meteorite Face Best Fake Rolex 118235

When it comes to meteorites, you should be familiar with this kind of rock from outer space through tens of millions of years of drifting, eventually only a few of the successful landings on Earth. Almost every year, the Earth receives the “meteorite gift” in space. The number of it, there will be about 50000 tons per year on average of meteorites fall to Earth, most of them in upper air combustion decomposition has no chance to land; there are also many meteorites anchored in the no man’s land, or fall into the ocean, can reach the few on the ground. It’s usually found in the Arctic and Antarctic circles, but today there was a best fake Rolex 118235F.

The magic stone from outer space, its composition is mainly iron and nickel; through contact with nitric acid (or other chemicals), the surface will take on a particular pattern called the Widmanstatten Weidmann pattern; its unique appearance is not a traditional surface plate to give texture.

Best fake Rolex home is also the first meteorite made into a dial brand, first used in 116519, its face disk with IVA grade of “Gibeon” meteorite. Gibeon Meteorite, an iron meteorite found in the Namibian desert in Africa in 1836, fell to Earth about 80,000 years ago. The meteorite is 84% iron, 16% nickel, and cobalt can be detected. It is classified as a nickel-rich, unriven meteorite.

In addition to their rarity, the most attractive thing about meteorite face disks is their unique lines. Result in space, after one million years of slow vacuum cooling, forming the octahedral structure of siderite, so Earth can’t get synthetic the iron-nickel alloy crystallization); through a series of complex process processing manufacturers, first of all, the meteorites layer is cut into slices, and then select the standard manufacturer wafer, again for subsequent chemical pickling treatment process, To become a unique and beautiful meteorite surface disk.

Meteorite can become a unique material used in the hublot replica watch industry on the face plate, not only because of its preciosity, but because every piece of meteorite face plate even has the “Weidmann pattern”, but the same short straight line interlace also forms a unique texture.

Today Xiaobian handed this 118235F, also from the best fake Rolex family meteorite disk, rose gold watch case material day-date week log type; as previously said, each piece of meteorite disk has its unique texture, is matched with precious metal material on the high-grade watch more luxurious.

If you look closely at this meteorite disk, I believe that everyone will be amazed; red 18K rose gold is inset with high-quality flawless white diamond; the small rock candy is lovely and elegant and noble, and exquisite craft will be the beauty of the infinite diamond magnification.

After the meteorite disk is carefully cut open, each opening is decorated with precious metals. The K gold substrate is most likely, which is also the standard for best fake Rolex for a senior gemstone disk, not a senior disk that can be seen from the edge.

Due to the uneven surface of the acid-washed meteorite disk, it is more difficult to print the font. Through the pad printing of black paint font attached to the disk will be slightly deformed and faded, Xiaobian has even seen some fonts blurred and too light color and the hand of this meteorite disk is also a better situation.

The iron and nickel material of the meteorite surface will rust, so the dial has to attach a layer of special anti-oxidation coating to ensure that it will not be oxidized. Here the formula is more critical; coating thickness affects the effect of the plate, and thin can not protect the dial. It is also the key to determining the impact of the meteorite disk.

Short straight lines interlace like weaving, clear texture crisscross, mimeo complete without deformation — just like a modern art abstract painting, the most precise lines express emotions, pure spiritual expression, unrestrained imagination.

Various DAY – the DATE disk for you very much, the choice of material of the high rare stone plate, there are also colorful fritillaria plate and grotesque simple wood plate, various metal plate, with a variety of diamonds, precious metals, let the disk type is wealthy, LaoYou can always find oneself satisfied DD Daikin.

In size selection, or according to my favorite 36MM size, weight control is in the reasonable range of 170g. Although the public price is more than 300 thousand, actually in the hand economy benefit again, the movement of a lot of big popular such design is still very conscience.

  • The early 118235 was also equipped with ear-piercing buckles, which clearly showed the precious metal dog’s head mark (the Swiss National dog St. Bernard’s mark after 95 years). In addition, the standard used in the early best fake Rolex rose gold was 4N (copper content); now it is 5N, so the rose gold is redder.

Finally, to sum up, the rose gold configuration is gorgeous and expensive, and the exceptional meteorite face contrast is conspicuous; it has to be said that wearing this 118235F watch, the actual drop feel, shining jewelry, and particular meteorite disk – it is almost impossible for people to see you.

Model:118235 F
Case_size:36 MM
Case_material:Rose Gold
Bracelet_material:Rose Gold (President)
Dial_type:Rose Gold Diamond (Jubilee)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

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