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In the history of Rolex, there is a little-known series: Turn-O-Graph. You can understand that this watch functions like a rotating outer ring from the literal meaning. Previously, Hong Kong, China, called it “Ivy.” Let’s take a closer look at the naming of the Ivy. It is also very creative – the rotating and convex O-ring plus the tiger’s English abbreviation TG form TOG (Turn-O-Graph), which is as vivid as a tiger climbing a circle, called a creeper.

TOG plays a decisive role in history. He is the founder of Rolex Tool Watches. The first creeper was unveiled at the Basel Watch Fair in 1953, model Ref. 6202 (while SUB’s Ref. 6204 was released in 1954, using a similar outer ring). Quality replica watches.

As the first officially released model with a rotatable outer ring, 6202 uses a black aluminum ring with a classic triangular scale at noon and digital scales every ten minutes. A simple rotatable ring can replace complex timing. Function and Rolex call it a “time Recorder.”

Looking back at the history of the Ivy, it is easy to find that the road has been bumpy. There were eight representative works from 1953 to 2010, and the Ivy stopped production and disappeared. The series description of the hidden family of Ivy is borrowed from “Turn,” written by the watch-loving moderator Wu Liang. -O-Graph’s historical heritage and complete model introduction”, the model introduction has been introduced in detail.

Ref: 6202: The first model of Turn-O-Graph (1953—1956) A260, Cal: 620. Steel model: black metal 60-minute scale printed outer ring (looks like Sub); gold model with D letter embossing 60 minutes rotating outer ring. The dial is marked with Turn-O-Graph, has no calendar, and has various strap configurations.

Ref:6305: A chaotic model. Among them, T-O-G (1953—?) A296; inter-gold; total gold. 36mm. Embossed 60-minute rotating outer ring. Red and black calendar disc. The first Turn-O-Graph calendar model.

Ref: 6309: All dials are marked DJ, classified into the Datejust series (1954—1959), Cal; 760 (movement scored 740) Cal; 1065 movement. The shell has been made of all gold, gold between gold, and the steel shell has a platinum outer ring. The appearance and strap configuration could be more precise and more complicated. The calendar window uses two colors, alternating red and black, and has an embossed precious metal outer ring.

Ref: 6609: The most exciting one in the history of Turn-O-Graph (1956—1959) Cal: 1065; 36mm, available with steel plate and platinum ring, gold belt, and all gold band, rose gold, gold room Gold coins. The American version of the Thunderbird made it famous.

Ref: 1625: The unknown generation (1959—1977) Cal: 1565; changed to Cal: 1575 after 1965; this model cancels the red and black calendar wheel, and the calendar is black—gold belt or belt; gold between gold; steel shell and platinum outer ring steel belt.

Ref: 16250; 16253; 16258 The modern Turn-O-Graph (1977—1988) Cal: 3035, the gold model uses a sapphire mirror—gold model; gold between gold; steel shell with platinum outer ring and steel band.

Ref:16263;16264 The increasingly marginalized new generation (1990–2004) Cal:3135, sapphire mirror. In 1994, we began to use a 904L steel shell steel belt, gold between gold and platinum ring steel models.

Ref:116261;116263;116264 The new generation trying to revitalize (2004—2010) Cal:3135, changed the outer ring, new ratchet system outer ring, new SEL strap; new buckle, inner ring engraving, red Second hand, red calendar dial, red Turn-O-Graph mark on the dial: Rose gold, yellow gold and platinum ring steel models.

These two are Ref.1625 and Ref.16253.

It can be seen from the picture that both of them belong to Datejust. Starting from 6309, the disk has been marked Datejust. The easiest way to distinguish between TOG and Datejust is to look at the outer ring. One is a rotatable ring with a scale, and the other is a triangular pit pattern.

Although there are many DJs, there are few DJs. Finding a good quality DJ is undoubtedly more complex than finding DJs all over the street. The soul of TOG is the circle, so the quality of the circle is a top priority for Ivy. Unlike the dog tooth ring, it cannot be processed later. Once worn, it isn’t easy to repair and restore. Swiss replica watches store.

The pits on the side of the tiger tooth ring in the early and middle periods are protruding, and there are also line modifications. The scales are clear and straight. If they are in the best condition, they have rhombus angles. At the same time, there are also subtle differences in different periods. For example, in the early stage, hollow triangular tiger tooth rings with positive carving were used; in the middle period, the tiger tooth rings with negative carving & solid triangular tiger tooth rings with positive carving were used, and in the late period, black lacquer engraved dog tooth rings were used. Except for the earliest ones, which used aluminum sheets and black paint rings, the others were all made of k gold.

Many people will be curious about how this rotating ring is designed. It is different from the water ghost with a separate anti-return device ring. Instead, it uses an inner ring spring to complete the buckling and rotating functions. Therefore, there is no obvious damping or pause when turning.

Except for the outer ring, the other configurations are similar to the DJ’s. Compared with the DJ, the retainer is replaced to make it more sporty. Speaking of DateJust, how can we miss the essential small bubble magnifying glass? The small bubble has also become a classic Rolex element. He seemed to see Lao.

Most watch straps are equipped with five-bead chains, and plate straps are often seen. If the dog teeth of the same period are replaced, it will be a perfect match. Just remove the retaining ring and install the dog teeth.

Case Size: 40mm
Gender: Men’s
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner
Model: 114060-97200
Case Color: Silver-tone

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