Watches With Tattoos Are Stylish And Eye-catching; Rolex Copy Watches

If you follow the fighting world, you must know him – Conor McGregor. This “notorious” UFC superstar is both loved and criticized. He is a boxing wizard with excellent results in the boxing ring and countless fans.

Now worth over 100 million U.S. dollars, he also loves to share snippets of his life on social platforms. This includes more watches than he can count. Many celebrities like to show off their watches, but Connor is a little different from them, and that is the gorgeous and charming big flower on his left arm. Perfect muscle lines, sexy and bold flower arm tattoos, and an exquisite and ideal luxury watch are simply walking hormones. Rolex copy watches.

Conor McGregor wears a Rolex Datejust 126333 black-dial diamond watch.

Conor McGregor wears a Patek Philippe Complication Chronograph 5180/1R-001 watch.

Conor McGregor has received mixed reviews from the public. Some people say he is a “talkative” with an arrogant personality who loves to stir up hot topics and scandals. Some people say he is strong and has a distinctive personality and unique style. But no matter what kind of person Connor is, his excellent boxing matches and powerful aura in the Octagon still attract countless boxing fans. Richard mille replica.

Conor McGregor and his family of three

Connor, who is so unruly and unruly, is also a good family man. He was once just a repairman, but he chose boxing because of his love for fighting. During the eight years when Connor was unknown, his wife took on all the burdens of the family and always supported Connor’s dream. A tough guy also has a tender side. Eight years of efforts by Connor’s wife have paid off, and they also have the fruit of love.

Conor McGregor wears a Rolex Day-Date 118238A-83208 watch.

Conor McGregor wears a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116503 watch.

Conor McGregor wears Patek Philippe Sports Series 5980/1AR-001 watch (Nautilus)

Car attacks, racial discrimination, and negative news about Connor have always been there, but why do so many people still like Connor? It’s because of Connor’s perseverance towards his dreams, enthusiasm in the octagonal cage, and confidence in the crowd. Pace. All these make us spectators excited.

Connor posted two boxing photos on Instagram with the caption: “I’m going to launch a rocket in 2019 #KEEP THE BELT.” Various previous events have not yet shown Connor’s passion for fighting, and he is expected to perform well in the new year.

Band Length: 19cm
Gender: Men’s
Model: 116503BKDO
Series: Daytona
Dial Color: Black Dial
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone

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