What Are The Ten Most Popular Rolex Models? Best Replica Luxury Watches

Rolex is the most familiar, mysterious, valuable, and challenging to buy among so many watch brands.

If Wuming is a martial arts myth, then Rolex is a watch myth.

Rolex has become stronger through hard work. At a time when some high-end watches are on sale at low prices, not only do the actual retail prices of some of Rolex’s most popular models miraculously exceed the public price, but they are also often sold even if you have a pocket full of money. I can’t buy it.

In the previous article about the big sales data of Japan’s parallel watch sales website Kameyoshi, we analyzed the value preservation of some watches in production based on the price data of Kameyoshi’s website.

For the sake of objectivity, when evaluating the value retention rate of watches, we put aside subjective factors, treat all brands equally, and calculate by dividing the actual retail price of the watch by the public price.

After all, Rolex is still Rolex. Six of the ten watches with the highest premium are from Rolex, again firmly occupying the top spot in value preservation rate. So, regarding the Rolex brand, what are the 10 Rolexes with the highest premium and the best value retention? Why are they so popular? Let’s discuss it with you this time. Best replica luxury watches.

It is still based on the data from Kameji’s website. In order of premium rate from high to low, we see 10 Rolexes like this.

Old Daytona 116520

Rolex’s most valuable models are almost all stainless steel models. The old stainless steel Daytona (116520) watch has the highest premium rate. This Japanese Kamekichi watch is converted into RMB public price, which is about 79,488 yuan, but the actual retail price reaches an astonishing 207,900 yuan, with a value retention rate of 261.66%.

Although 116520 is not considered an antique watch, it can no longer be found on the Rolex official website. The performance of 116500LN is also quite good, ranking third among the ten highest premium Rolexes.

120 million Paul Newman Daytona

As long as we look at the history of Rolex, we will know that most Rolexes with the highest auction prices are Daytonas. Of course, it is not an ordinary Daytona but a style worn by the famous American actor Paul Newman.

Among them, the auction price of the Paul Newman Daytona model 6239 is equivalent to RMB 120 million. This broke the record for the most expensive Rolex and the most expensive watch at auction. Moreover, it is also made of stainless steel.

Daytona is a very pure chronograph with few messy functions. It mainly focuses on chronographs and only chronographs, not even a calendar.

Rolex 116500LN

116500LN also uses a ceramic bezel, which makes the overall performance more eye-catching. But, because it was officially launched in 2016 and has not been around long enough, it is less popular than the old model 116520, which has been around for a long time. It will catch up with the old model sooner or later as time goes by. Given Daytona’s unique status among Rolex watches, it will remain trendy. Swiss fake watches.

The GMT-Master II also performs quite well among the most premium Rolex watches. 126710BLRO ranked second, 116710LN and 126711CHNR ranked fifth and tenth respectively.

It is satisfactory for 116710LN and 126711CHNR to get this ranking in the list, but the 126710BLRO ranking second is beyond my expectations. Its retail price is equivalent to RMB 60,826, while the actual retail price is RMB 144,447, with a value retention rate of 237.48%.

On the Japanese Kameyoshi website, the second highest value retention rate is 126710BLRO.

According to our understanding, the second-ranked model must be the Submariner (Submariner), but it turned out that the GMT-Master II stole the show.

Of course, as the new GMT-Master II launched last year, 126710BLRO can only be said to be with features. It uses a stainless steel case with a ceramic Pepsi ring and a five-bead chain. The Pepsi bezel has been used in the platinum GMT-Master II before, and 126710BLRO is the first to use a stainless steel model with a Pepsi bezel.

To distinguish it from the platinum model, Rolex used a five-bead chain to represent the stainless steel model. The five-bead chain has appeared in the historical Rolex GMT-Master models. This is the first time modern Rolex has equipped the GMT-Master II with a five-bead chain.

Maybe it’s because the previously high-end platinum GMT-Master II suddenly became a stainless steel model that’s more accessible to the people. This watch became popular with the cute Pepsi ring and the new five-bead chain.

I remember that long before the release of 126710BLRO; there were already overwhelming rumors on the Internet. But will this model still be so popular in the future? I have reservations. The GMT-Master II has never been a trendy Rolex watch. Understandably, it occasionally produces a hot model, but becoming an “evergreen tree” is tricky.

The famous green water ghost

The extremely popular Green Water Ghost 116610LV ranks fourth on the premium rate list.

The public price of this watch on Japan’s Kameyoshi website is approximately RMB 59,443. The actual retail cost of the watch is 127,807 yuan, and the value retention rate is about 215%. In addition to Green Water Ghost and Black Water Ghost 116610LN, I also made the list, ranking eighth, with a value retention rate of 159.69%.

Submariner uses the classic 3135 movement.

The reputation of Submariner has already spread from the inside to outside the circle, becoming a phenomenal watch.

On 116610LV and 116610LN, you can see many classic Rolex elements—for example, Oyster case, small window convex lens, Mercedes-Benz needle, etc.

Submariner has kept its model the same for many years and still uses the classic 3135 movement. This movement has been used as Rolex’s main three-hand movement since its advent in the late 1980s. It brings Rolex’s precision and durability to the extreme and is one of the best three-hand movements.

With the advent of the 32 series movement in the past few years, power storage, escapement, and other aspects have been completely upgraded. Submariner will use 3235 movements across the board in the future. Among Rolex’s major series, Submariner has always been very attractive. Its most successful feature is that it balances performance and practicality and achieves a good balance, which is trendy. Water ghosts are a “versatile” product suitable for different occasions. Even in a few years, various ghosts will still be very popular.

Sea Ambassador 116600

Sea-Dweller’s “waterproof enhanced version” has two models on the list this time, namely 116600, ranked 6th, and 126600, ranked 9th. 116600 is an old model, while 126600 is a new model. Likewise, older models are ranked higher than new models.

The retail price of 116600 is equivalent to RMB 68,429, the actual retail price is 119,030 yuan, and the value preservation rate reaches 173.95%. The retail price of 126600 is 74,650 yuan, the actual retail price is 116,470 yuan, and the value preservation rate is 156.02%.

The old 116600 still uses the 3135 movement with a diameter of 40 mm. The diameter of the new 126600 has increased to 43 mm, which is more domineering, and the movement has also been upgraded to 3235.

The new Sea-Dweller 126600 has been upgraded in design, movement, etc.

I feel that it may not be suitable for some Asian wrists. Coupled with the positioning of the Seamaster professional diving watch, it is destined that it will not be as popular as the Submariner.

However, the advantage of Sea-Dweller is that it looks very similar to Water Ghost, and it is not as challenging to buy as Water Ghost. Therefore, it may become the second choice for some friends who need help to buy Water Ghost.

Among the ten most expensive Rolex models, the one that surprised me the most was the Sky-dweller model 326934. Its retail price is equivalent to RMB 94,694, and its actual retail price is RMB 149,110. Its value retention rate reaches 157.46%, ranking eighth among the 10 Rolex models.

Sky-dweller has no standard Chinese translation, and many cousins call it Skywalker. It is also Rolex’s most complex watch, equipped with 9001 movements. Rolex rarely makes complicated models, and 326934 is one of the few exceptions. This is an annual calendar watch with a unique mechanism. The calendar must only be manually adjusted annually at the end of February. The watch can automatically identify the big and small months during the rest of the year. Moreover, it also has a dual-time function.

Rolex’s most complex model at present, 326934

Complex functions and high prices are factors that affect its sales. And its dual-time layout may only be liked by some. But it still has its place in the Japanese market. Regarding the future trend of this watch, I think it will be challenging to speculate” whether it will be in the Chinese or Japanese markets. The most popular Rolex is the steel-cased sports model.

Among the top 10 Rolexes with the highest premiums, I think Milgauss is a “potential stock.” The former “green glass” was also highly speculated. Moreover, this series can be considered a more “alternative” Rolex, with few styles and distinctive designs.

Rolex green glass

It is a bit regrettable that Milgauss uses an anti-magnetic soft iron inner cover, which may not be suitable for adding a calendar, so neither the old nor the new Milgauss has a calendar. If we can overcome technical obstacles in the future and equip Milgauss with a calendar, this series will not only take on a new look but also attract more attention.

Dial Color: Green Dial
Model: 116610LV
Band Length: 18cm
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 40mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Series: Submariner
Case Thickness: 15mm
Brand: Rolex

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