Why The “Green Water Ghost” Fake Rolex Watch Is So Popular

The scientific name of “Green water Ghost” is the fake Rolex Oyster type constant motion underwater man calendar watch. Since its birth in 1953, the watch has become one of the essential equipment for professional divers, becoming a generation of classic watches.

1. Talk about it

  • In 1926, Rolex designed the “Oyster type” richard mille replica watch case based on oyster shells. A torque force of up to 5 Newtons must be applied to open the oyster case. Oyster-type case back cover can be a variety of infringement outside the door, the use of oyster type case “green water ghost”, waterproof can reach 300 meters.

2. Fake Rolex good performance

  • The Green Water Ghost is equipped with Rolex’s homemade ace movement, the 3135, known as the “king of self-winding”, with fewer gears in the gear train, making the signal more robust and reliable. The two-way winding mechanism allows a higher winding effect. The instant calendar is another feature.

3. High recognition

  • Its bezel is made of Rolex’s exclusive green alloying ceramic bezel, which combines the hardness of ceramic with the shiny sheen of alloy, and the “green and gold” dial to make it eye-catching. The nickname “Green Water Ghost” also comes from its green bezel and dial.

The green ghost is expensive and difficult to find (in all domestic and foreign stores, the green spirit is basically out of stock, super value) because the green ghost’s outer ring is the most difficult ceramic ring to make. For every one hundred green spirits produced, nearly two-thirds of the green ghost will burst in the final high-temperature irrigation pressure of the ceramic, and the finished product is less than 30%.

The classic water ghost look, which has stayed the same since it was created in 1953, will not change in the future and will never go out of style. Green is the representative color of fake Rolex; Rolex, for the green ghost, like the color of the forest, makes people look very comfortable, so some say it is a cure.

There is indeed only one green ghost when there are ten black ghosts. Fake Rolex prices the green ghost higher than the black ghost, which indicates that the manufacturing cost of the green spirit is higher than that of the black ghost, which is determined by the production quantity. The less the production, the higher the single cost. But it may also be as the outside legend because the process cost of the green ceramic circles is higher than that of the black ring.

Green water ghost has been on sale for seven years. Generally, there is no explosion to survive the seven-year itch; only it has always been a table challenging to find.

Model:116610 LV
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

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