Will Rolex Again Set A New Record For The Most Expensive Watch In History? Luxury Replicas Watches

In 2017, the American “Wall Street Journal” broke a long story about an essential watch. Ever since the global watch media began to boil. This watch is called “Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Ref. 6239”. Before that, it had “disappeared” for more than 30 years.

After nearly half a year of warm-up tours, this watch was finally auctioned at Phillips’ “WINNING ICONS” special event starting at 6 p.m. on October 26, 2017. Ultimately, the price, including commission, was as high as US$17.43 million, or approximately RMB 115.72 million. It also broke many world records, including “the most expensive stainless steel watch in history,” “the most expensive auction watch in history,” and “the most expensive watch in history.” “Rolex,” etc.

But Paul Newman himself has worn more than one Rolex Daytona. According to Orchipalar statistics, there are a total of four that can be found. In addition to Ref.6239, there are also Ref.6263, Ref.16520, and Ref.116519.

Another Daytona Ref. 6263 owned by Paul Newman will also be auctioned.

It is reported that this watch was given to Paul Newman by his wife Joanne on their 25th wedding anniversary in 1983. The bottom cover of the eye is engraved with the words “Drive Slowly, Joanne.”

After Paul Newman passed away, this Ref. 6263 was passed down to his daughter Clea. 2008, Clea also passed away, and her sisters finally decided to sell the watch through Phillips auction. Proceeds will go to charities founded by Paul Newman and his family. Luxury replicas watches.

This Ref.6263 is not as good as Ref.6239 from 2017 regarding product rarity and specialness because it is not an “exotic dial.”

In the mid-1960s, the Rolex Daytona released a variant of the dial called “exotic dials.” The most apparent difference between this kind of dial and ordinary dials is that there are small squares at the end of the small chronograph dial scale.
This unique “exotic dial” Daytona was not popular with the market when it was launched in the 1960s and was a slow-selling item. Consumers then preferred the ordinary version of Daytona found before, with a more straightforward and cleaner dial. Because the market demand is small, the number of unique “exotic dials” Daytonas produced by Rolex is relatively tiny.

The famous foreign Rolex Forum RPR estimates that this generation of Rolex Daytonas produces 44,000 pieces, and the number of Daytonas using “exotic dials” is between 1,200 and 1,800 pieces. At the same time, Rolex updated the design and configuration of simple dials in the early 1970s. Many people even went to Rolex after-sales service to replace the “exotic dials” with new dials. They are leading to a further reduction in the number of “exotic dials” Daytonas. Rolex replicas for sale.

At that time, Paul Newman shot a cover for an Italian magazine. On the surface, the special “exotic dials” Daytona on his wrist occupied a very eye-catching position. Such “exotic dials” Daytona was also called “Paul Newman” by Italian watch dealers. This name was widely spread, and its popularity was higher than the original “exotic dials.”

Band Length: 19cm
Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Band Color: Silver-tone
Series: Daytona
Model: 116520BKSO
Case Size: 40mm

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