116233 – The Most Popular Rolex Knockoff Log Type In Decades

Rolex knockoff is always on the best-seller list of clocks and watches every year. The first two years are “water devils”, and the last two years are Detongna. The previous two series are separated by “great fire” and “endless scenery”, but Xiao Bian still believes that only durable talent can become a model.
Regarding the most exemplary and durable, Rolex’s diary type is the only one. The log type is the most popular, and the most well-known one is 116233.

All friends familiar with Rolex know that the Rolex knockoff numbered 116233 has several characteristics:

  • Belongs to Rolex log type series; (also oyster type constant motion)
  • 36mm surface diameter;
  • Between the gold case and watch chain (five baht chain);
  • Dog tooth ring (triangular pit pattern).

1. The evolutionary history of 116233

In 1945, the Rolex knockoff Constant Log 36mm wristwatch was born. In half of the 20th century, replica watches for sale with smaller diameters were considered more elegant. Therefore, the watch industry’s popular watch diameter of small watches, which to 36mm watch diameter watch is the most popular.

Log wristwatch equipped with five baht chain

It initially matched diary types with Rolex’s unique five-baht chain in 1950.

In 1957, the log type further modified the design style, adding Rolex knockoff patented convex lens calendar display window and dog tooth ring. It can say that the most typical and recognizable Rolex diary type in history was born.

Because Rolex imagined that the team thought the all-gold log type was easy to wear and tear, it was not applicable. The Rolex knockoff of all steel is too simple.

To solve the above problems and capture more middle-class consumers, Rolex initially added the idea of an intermediate fund to the typical diary-type idea. In addition, this kind of log watch is numbered 116233.

Early 116233

2. 116233, one of the best-selling Rolex knockoff watches

Rolex has always been the biggest winner in the clock sales market. Rolex can achieve such great success, not a few hot sales tables can complete. Almost every Rolex series sells well. However, I believe the cornerstone of Rolex products is still a diary-type series (Oyster-type constant motion).

The Rolex knockoff log series has been around for more than 70 years. Over the past half-century, Rolex’s diary-type series envisioned a large number of watches of different models. However, no model can surpass 116233 in sales. It is said that since the birth of 116233, hundreds of thousands of pieces have been sold, making Rolex billions in profits.

116233 can become Rolex’s “profit weapon”, which can not be separated from the following:

  1. A model in a model. It has been said that Oyster type immobility is the cornerstone of Rolex, and 116233 is the model of Oyster type immobility. From all aspects of vision and recognition, many people choose 116233 as their first Rolex knockoff in life.
  2. Outstanding market positioning. For 116233, there is a famous saying: “There is progress, there is win, and there is profit” (there are gold, silver, and diamonds). Because of the beautiful implication of the gold and silver ribbon, it has attracted many business owners.

    However, in the opinion of Xiaobian, 116233 can not obtain such good sales volume without its market positioning. The saying goes, “An annual salary buys a car, and a monthly salary buys a watch.”. The ordinary people who can afford Rolex knockoff are middle class. All steel Rolex costs tens of thousands of yuan, and all gold Rolex is more expensive than power. 116233, as the representative of Jinjin Rolex, the price of 70000-90000 yuan is very cooperative in the market.
  3. Elegance does not lose its elegance. From the perspective of aesthetics and taste, the 116233 is impeccable. Whether you are a big boss who does millions of business, or a high cold insolent president, you can wear the 116233. In the eyes of Xiao Bian, 116233 can be called the “king of all kinds”

3. Update iteration of 116233

With the success of 116233, Rolex has made some fundamental updates from time to time to innovate from time to time based on continuing the tradition. Under this scheme, some derivative iteration models of 116233 were produced, such as 116231, 126303, and 126333.

The difference between 116231 and 116233 is only one number. In Rolex's numbering rule, the number with one at the end usually refers to the intermediate gold between rose gold and steel. A few years ago, rose gold was the most popular "color" among all products, so 116231 only changed gold into rose gold compared with 116233. (Rolex knockoff rose gold is exclusively developed, and the matching formula also makes Rolex rose gold more "pink".)
The change of 116203 is smaller than that of 116233, except that the light watch ring replaced the dog tooth ring. Don't underestimate the light watch ring. It was Rolex's exclusive patent idea in 2000. (However, in Xiao Bian's opinion, there is no such thing as a beautiful and exemplary dog tooth ring.)

The change of 116203 is smaller than that of 116233, except that the light watch ring replaced the dog tooth ring. Don’t underestimate the light watch ring. It was Rolex’s exclusive patent idea in 2000. (However, in Xiao Bian’s opinion, there is no such thing as a beautiful and exemplary dog tooth ring.)

From the number 126333, it can be seen that there is a big difference between this model and 116233, which can be said to be a “big change”.

  • On the one hand, the surface diameter has been changed from 36mm to 41mm, which is also in line with the current trend of large surface diameter. And to tell the truth, the 41mm watch diameter is not big at all.
  • On the other hand, the movement is interrupted to update. The original 116233 uses Rolex 3135 campaign, while the ordinary 126333 uses 3235 movement, which has more extended power storage.

No matter how Rolex knockoffis updated or innovated, its foundation is indispensable. In the future, 116233 will be able to stop production and become the past. However, the only thing to be honored is that 116233 has become a model and will undoubtedly leave a glorious page in Rolex’s history.

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