A Symbol Of Nobility A Brief Review Of The Rolex Day-date Fake Watch

The Day-Date II inherits the prominent features of the day-date window and the full-week display. The new luxurious material case has established this watch’s unique distinguished status. The day-date watches are all made of precious metal materials, and the luxury is self-evident. Today, fake watch House brings you a brief review of Rolex daily watches. The watch’s official model number is:218238.

Since its inception, the Day-Date has been the favorite of the most distinguished people. The more significant 41 mm case of the Day-Date II is an improved version of the original Day-Date. This fake watch is the inevitable choice for those seeking innovative technological achievements and classic elegance, made only in platinum and gold.

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The Day-Date II debuted in 2008 and is only cast in precious metals, inheriting all of Rolex’s superb watchmaking craftsmanship and technology, making it the best choice for those who appreciate the ultimate fake watch. The watch is made from an 18-karat gold case and band and is 41mm in diameter.

The sun’s fake watch is an incomparable symbol of status. Its oyster shell is 100 meters waterproof and made of 18-karat gold shell and bracelet material, enough to represent a real identity. The unique middle shell is cast from a single solid metal.

Rolex features the Day-Date II with a President-type strap and a hidden crown clasp. This precious three-row semi-circular link strap is extremely comfortable to wear and fits perfectly with the aesthetics of this collection. With its excellent corrosion resistance and unparalleled noble quality, 18K gold has become the material of choice for making the head fake watch band.

The fake watch has a triangular pit pattern on the outer ring and a polished mirror made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The Day-Date II’s fully sealed Oyster housing provides the most sophisticated movement, preventing water, dust, pressure, and impact.

Except for a small window that displays a calendar, Day-Date II has a curved window at 12 o ‘clock that displays the entire week. At midnight, the day and calendar displayed by the fake watch change instantaneously simultaneously, and the disc system that controls this function shows exquisite mechanical craftsmanship.

The watch’s wind-up crown uses Rolex’s patented double-lock waterproof system, which can firmly screw onto the case. The fake watch mirror is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. A fully sealed oyster shell gives precision Rolex movement the most exceptional protection from water, dust, pressure, and impact.

The fake watch is fully developed by Rolex 3156 automatic chain movement, produced entirely by Rolex. Caliber 3156 also received the official Swiss Certification for Recognized watches, awarded only to precision best replica watches that have successfully passed the Swiss fake watch Testing Center (COSC). Like all Oyster movements, the construction of this movement ensures its unparalleled reliability. The balance-oscillation component is the watch’s heart, equipped with a stable balance wheel, whose inertial oscillation period is highly precisely adjusted by gold MICROSTELLA fine-tuning screws. The balance swing assembly is mounted in the PARAFLEX cushioning unit, firmly supported by height-adjustable parallel-plate bridges.

Summary: Rolex watches have always been closely related to influential people who lead the world, and only enough strength can match this Rolex Day-Date fake watch.

Range:Day-Date II
Case_size:41 MM
Case_material:Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material:Yellow Gold (President)
Dial_type:Gold dial
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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