A Luxurious Classic, The Cheap Rolex Replica 116528 Watch

Cheap Rolex replica, this watch brand I believe we will not be unfamiliar with; since childhood, cheap Rolex replica has been the object of adults competing to tout, and even now, it still represents the grade of a high-end watch. I first knew about Rolex’s Daytona when I accidentally saw a post saying, “Li Yundi wears a black steel watch!!!!” At that time, the editor didn’t know what a black steel watch was, but These five exclamation marks also aggravated their curiosity of the editor. After watching the whole post immediately, I understood it instantly. Whether it is Black Steel or Jindi, it fully demonstrates people’s love for cheap Rolex replica watches and the classic feelings that these fake rolex watches bring to people.

● Appearance/Material

Today, the editor will introduce a golden Daytona, the official model 116528. It has the classic shape that symbolizes the Daytona series, and the small dial with the inverted triangle shape layout is decent and generous. The dark blue dial, like a canvas, is more classic. At midnight, the crown symbolizing the cheap Rolex replica logo is on it, which is noble and unique. This watch is made of all-gold material, exuding golden color, and its value is self-evident.

● Function

This watch has a timing function. There are timing start and stop buttons on the top and bottom of the crown and a small dial that controls 30-minute and 12-hour timing, which is better for those who need it.

● Summary

Daytona is Rolex’s best-selling series, and the golden Daytona represents nobility and classics. People always say that if you wear a Daytona, you need to wear a steel chain, which can show unjust, and I think the golden Daytona can show domineering more. For a mature man, a gold watch can show his calm, noble temperament, enhance his taste, and symbolize his identity. In addition to the various practical values ​​of the watch, the gold watch is also quite collectible. It is also a good choice for wealthy friends to buy a piece for the collection.

Case_size:40 MM
Case_material:Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material:Yellow Gold (OysterLock)
Dial_type:Blue Arabic
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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