Fake Rolex Blue-black Circle Wristwatch Still Popular After Production Suspension

I believe no one is unfamiliar with the fake Rolex GMT-Master II blue-black circle. This watch has been a famous market; out-of-stock has been the norm; in 2019, Rolex launched a new version of the blue and black ring with a five-bead band; of course, the old version has been discontinued, but the market is still perfect. The reason is that if you want to buy Rolex stainless steel GMT but want to match the combination of a two-color ceramic ring and oyster chain belt, That is the only choice on the market.

The most prominent feature of the Rolex Blueberry Circle is its blue and black ceramic watch circle. The nickname of Rolex 116710BLNR Blueberry Circle also comes from this. Like in foreign countries, fake Rolex 116710BLNR is also called “Batman” because it is similar to Batman’s clothes. In addition, Rolex has many classic elements, such as oyster shaped case, guest pin, significant luminous dot time mark, and black matte dial. The center is a three-plate belt with polished bright chain link, etc.

Rolex blueberries ring gauge diameter of 40 mm, material use fake Rolex patent 904 l stainless steel, the steel hardness, and durability. The collocation of ceramic material, table circle on the scale, 24 hours can be two-way rotation, number 6 to 18 blue, 18 to 24 said the day black interval is night, collocation can be independent switch GMT pointer, The dual time zone feature is handy for frequent business travelers.

The patek philippe replica watch is equipped with a fake Rolex homemade 3186 movement. It is certified by the Top Observatory Precision clock, meaning the watch’s time difference should not exceed 2/+2 seconds per day. High timing accuracy can provide 48 hours of power reserve. As for the bracelet, the Oyster strap is made of the Rolex patent Easylink extension system. The wearer can adjust the length by pulling the bracelet up to 5mm. Because of the slight adjustment of the hand diameter, it is more comfortable to wear, and waterproof depth can be up to 100 meters.

On the whole, this fake Rolex blue-black bicolor GMT-Master II is a classic and practical choice. If you are excited, remember that it is impossible to start with a price at present, and you must have enough silver.

Range:GMT Master II
Model:116710 BLNR
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type:Black Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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