Let’s Set Sail, Rolex Knockoff Oyster Perpetual Yacht-master II.

Rolex knockoff Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II. Model 116681/oyster type steel with a diameter of 44mm and 18ct eternal rose gold watch case, blue Cerachrom ceramic rotating outer ring/time indicator and countdown ten-minute timing function/4161 type constant movement, top astronomical observatory chronometer certification, high seismic and diamagnetic patent blue Parachrom hairspring/blue crystal glass surface/waterproof 100m.

Yacht-Master II, launched in 2007, is a professional yacht race clock with a mechanical memory preset countdown function. After ten years, Rolex Rolex knockoff introduced a modified Yacht-Master II watch, whose specifications and procedures have maintained a consistently high standard and have fine-tuned the face plate and finger pin design.

Rolex has supported sailing for over 50 years and is an essential promoter behind top sailing events, athletes, and organizations. In the first ten years, Rolex knockoff cooperated with world-renowned yacht clubs to support pioneer navigators to explore new channels and set new records. Sir Francis Chichester, Bernard Moitessier, and Sir Robin Knox Johnston are the most famous. They are the first group of navigators who completed a single personal round-world voyage within one year and are world-renowned. At the same time, they used to wear Rolex Observatory chronometers to sail.

Rolex TP52 World Championships. The Rolex TP52 World Championship, founded in 2008, is held annually in different places. It is the critical project of the annual TP52 Super Series, and Rolex knockoff also serves as the designated timekeeper for the Super Series conference.

Sir Francis Christ. He was the first man in the world to sail solo from west to east, a nine-month journey of more than 25,700 nautical miles, from August 1966 to May 1967; He made a brief stop in Australia before returning home to a hero’s welcome.

Sir Francis Chidrost. He was the first person to independently complete a single round the world voyage from west to east, which lasted nine months and more than 25700 nautical miles, from August 1966 to May 1967; He only stopped by Australia on his way and finally returned to England in triumph, where he was treated like a hero.

In addition, Rolex has become a sponsor of several major sailing events and has developed close relationships with the elite of the sailing world. For example, the Rolex knockoff Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and the biennial Rolex Fast Knight Yacht Race is the world’s leading offshore races. Competitors face severe challenges and highly harsh natural conditions in the two races, often compared to Mount Everest sailing. One of the highlights of the Mediterranean yachting season is the Rolex Superyacht Cup, a massive fleet that gathers in Porto Cervo, Italy, every September to compete fiercely.

The Rolex knockoff Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II. Model 116680/44mm diameter of the steel case, a blue Cerachrom ceramic rotating outer ring/time indicator and inverted tens of minutes timing function/Model 4161 constant movement, Top Observatory precision chronometer certification, high seismic and diamagnetic patent blue Parachrom spring/blue crystal glass surface/waterproof 100 meters.

Rolex launched the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II (Oyster Type II) in 2007. This yacht timepiece is designed for yacht enthusiasts and sailors. The most prominent feature is that it has the function of self-setting a 10-minute countdown. It was also the most complex replica watch developed by Rolex at that time. Ten years after Yacht-Master II watch came out, Rolex equipped this watch with a new pointer and faceplate in 2017, which not only keeps the style of the Rolex knockoff professional watch but also has a more precise and faster reading time.

Brand new face disc pointer design, The 12 o ‘clock position of the new face plate is equipped with a triangular hour mark, while the six o ‘clock position is fitted with a rectangular hour mark. Meanwhile, the long hand is changed into the standard luminous Bentse hand so people can read the watch at any Angle. In the past, Yacht-Master II used 12 square hour marks of the same size.

Yacht-master II’s countdown function, developed exclusively by Rolex knockoff, can also be called the mechanical memory preset countdown function, which is specially designed for the precise timing of sailing races. The wearer can set and lock the countdown time by rotating the outer Ring of the Ring Command. Users can put the countdown from 1 to 10 minutes. Set the countdown for 6 minutes; for example, the outer ring can be 90 degrees counterclockwise, according to a zero position at four o ‘clock, the watch case according to the latter, and then pull the crown, the countdown pointer type (red triangle) to “6”, and the outer ring back in situ, lock the crown, can be in 6 minutes countdown function.

4161 constant type movement. This movement is based on the 4130 type constant motion movement, and the countdown function component is added. In addition, the blue Parachrom hairspring and inertial delicate adjustment balance cycloid can be used to fine adjust the speed through the gold screw inside the cycloid, with a precise adjustment function.

The 4161 type constant motion movement carried by the watch comes from the 4130 type timing movement of Cosmograph Daytona, composed of more than 360 parts with countdown function components. The 4161 type constant motion movement development took 35000 hours of research time and obtained an exclusive patent. Some of the delicate parts are made by the UV Liga technology developed by Rolex knockoff. The size and shape of the parts produced with this new technology are beyond the reach of traditional cutting technology.

The 4161 type of constant movement has the structure of a guide post wheel and a vertical clutch wheel, which can instantly start the timing second-hand and is more accurate than the traditional horizontal timing clutch wheel. At the same time, the movement is also matched with Rolex’s patented blue Parachrom hairspring, which is made of Rolex’s unique alloy. It is free from magnetic field interference and temperature changes, and its seismic resistance is ten times higher than the traditional hairspring.

Range:Yacht-Master II
Case_size:44 MM
Dial_type:White Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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